04 September 2006


In a comment to the previous post, a faithful and thoughtful reader advised being "merciless" in culling outdated pages, as well as those of marginal or dubious usefulness, from one's Filofax. I've been complaining about the bulk and stagnation of my 'faxes recently, so I decided to rise to the challenge. This photograph illustrates, at bottom, the amount of extraneous material I've extracted, and, at top, the lean result.

If I can do it, you can do it. Just doing my part for Philofaxers everywhere.


  1. Nan, I have come to the conclusion that my Filo (Belgravia Red A5) will at some point have to do without the notepad to make way for additional papers that need to occupy the rings. So wish that it was 30mm.

  2. Welcome, O Esteemed One! (love the name)

    Thanks for reminding me about the thickness of the rear notepad. If you look closely at this picture, you'll see that I have a pad in the back with just a few sheets left. I've recently refilled it with a new pad, and you're right, it does take space away from the rings.

    Mine's a Red A5 Belgravia, too. Beautiful binder (alas, I know, not made in Britain, Kevin), but a bit limited in capacity.


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