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  • A6 Size - A6 is a size between Personal size and Pocket size. A summary of information here
  • Brands - Filofax isn't the only brand of ring bound organsier, there are plenty of others
  • Care - for your leather Filofax, our friends over at LTT Leather care have lots of good advice and products to deal with most types of leather.  
  • Catalogues - Where can I find old Filofax Catalogues? We have an index of ones we have scanned in here. 
  • Changing the ring mechanism - This applies to older style and more expensive Filofax organisers. 
  • Cotton cream - A different shade of paper, slightly thicker and takes fountain pen ink better than the thinner white Filofax paper
  • Diary - You will find a comprehensive list of our Diary Inserts that are available to download and print for your own use on the Diary Inserts page. 
  • Day Timer Portable size is the same as Filofax Personal size. Their Desk size is similar to A5, but the ring spacing is not the same as Filofax
  • Facebook - There is a growing number of Facebook groups, take a look here
  • Flat ability, - The ability for an organiser to lay flat on a desk or similar flat surface. 
  • Four Ring Pocket Organisers - an explanation of the differences in ring spacing between 4 ring and 6 ring Pocket Filofax organisers can be found here. Four ring compatible inserts are no longer sold by Filofax. 
  • Franklin Covey Compact size is similar in size to Filofax Personal size but the pages are wider, so can stick out slightly in Filofax organisers. Their classic size is similar to A5, but the ring spacing is not the same as Filofax
  • Gillio Firenze - A family based company based in Belgium that specialise in high quality Italian leather organisers and other leather goods and writing instruments. 
  • Guest Post - We do accept guest posts on Philofaxy, it's not easy coming up with a new post for every day of the week. But please read our guidelines for Guest Posting first. 
  • Hole spacing - There are a variety of hole spacings used by different ring bound organiser manufacturers, this post should help you work out the differences!
  • How Many - People often ask keen Philofaxers how many Filofax organisers they own... he's a neat way of calculating the total.  
  • Krause rings - The best rings available see this post on where to obtain them from. 
  • Leather - Natural Characteristics of Leather
  • Locations - Have you ever wondered where all the places are that Filofax models are named after? Take a look here.
  • Mini - Mini size pages will slot in to a Pocket size organiser. They will also fit an A5 as well with out overlapping
  • Mulberry sell a range of organisers that are designated Planner, Agenda, Pocket, their sizes are as follows:  
  • Parameter(Filofax/Mulberry)FilofaxMulberry
    Paper size (Pocket)120x81 mm120x76mm
    Paper size (Personal/Agenda)171x95 mm149x105mm(A6)
    Paper size (A5/Planner)210x148mm209x147mm
    '3 ring spacing'19mm (3/4")19mm
    Ring Spacing between rings 3 & 4 (Pocket)19mm19mm
    Ring Spacing between rings 3 & 4 (Personal/Agenda)50mm38mm
    Ring Spacing between rings 3 & 4 (A5/Planner)70mm50mm
  • Note pad
  • Opening & Closing the rings 
    To ensure that you don't damage the ring mechanism on your Filofax personal organiser, always use the tabs at the ends of the ring mechanism to open the rings. Place your organiser on a firm surface and press evenly on both tabs at the same time. Full description here.
  • Organisers
  • Other Brands - there are other brands of organisers available. 
  • Overseas Orders - If you want to order from overseas,  not all sites offer this facility. There is a post on this topic here
  • Packing - If you are sending an organiser to someone please follow these instructions
  • Page Sizes
    SizeH x W (mm)Rings
    A4297 x 2104
    Deskfax250 x 1763 x 3
    A5210 x 1482 x 3
    Slimline/Compact171 x 952 x 3
    Personal171 x 952 x 3
    A6148 x 1052 x 3
    Pocket120 x 812 x 3
    Pocket Slimline120 x 812 x 3
    Mini105 x 675
    M264 x 1033

    They are all 'portrait' format with the exception of the M2 which is 'landscape' format. 
  • Personal - Personal page will fit 5 of the 6 rings on an A5 organiser, but you have to fold the bottom corner of the page.
  • Philofaxy - Read our quick guide to finding your way around
  • Photographs - Where can I display my collection of digital pictures of my collection of Filofax organisers? Philofaxy has a Flickr Group and also a discussion group attached to this group. 
  • Pocket  
  • Did you also know that Filofax Pocket pages will fit in to a Filofax Personal organiser and an A5 organiser. The holes in the page have to be the slotted variety to fit. 
  • Podcast: You can find an index of all previous podcast episodes here
  • Printing: Printing your own inserts isn't difficult but I'm sure you will find the instructions here useful for A5 and Personal size pages. If you want to print on A6 size paper then these instructions will help
  • Punch - What punch should I buy for my Filofax. See our detailed post on punches. Note you can use a personal punch for A5 but you need to punch it twice with the top or the bottom of the paper 32mm above the centre line of the highest hole. The paper will be just beyond the centre of the punch.
  • Quo Vadis make a range of loose leaf refills.  Their Timer 14 range fits Pocket Filofax and has the correct hole-spacing. Timer 17 fits Personal Filofax and has the correct hole-spacing. Timer 21 fits A5 Filofax, but the hole spacing is different and needs to be re-punched to fit.
  • RUTS - Philofaxy Readers Under The Spotlight a full list is here of past appearances on the growing roll of honour
  • Rings - The ring size of a Filofax organiser is the internal diameter in millimetres. Although the USA site converts this in to inches but not that accurately. The amount of paper only (no dividers has been tested with just Filofax plain white thin paper (70gsm) and the results are shown below just as an indication.
  •  Ring Size  
     Organiser SizeCapacity (Sheets)
    30 mm
    A5, Personal Zip  
    25 mm
    A5 Clasp270
    23 mm
    Personal Clasp250
    19 mm
    15 mm
    13 mm
    Slimline, Mini120
    11 mm
    Slimline, Mini105
  • Ring Gaps - This happens to even the most expensive of organisers. There is a fix but it depends on the type of rings and the nature or the gap. Check out this comprehensive guide for fixing and looking after your rings
  • Registration - Make sure you register your Filofax, so if you lose it, Filofax can return it to you. 
  • Returns of any products purchased are subject to the Filofax returns policy as set out below.

    At Filofax we would like to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. We have therefore made our returns policy very simple. If you are unhappy with any item you have purchased from Filofax, simply return it to us in its original condition with your Order Reference Number within 28 days of despatch and we will issue a refund for the price of the item. This does not affect your statutory rights. Simply cut out the return address label provided and affix it to the parcel. We ask that you wrap the parcel carefully to prevent damage. If you are returning the product because it is damaged or faulty please also complete the panel below.

    We recommend that you obtain proof of posting. If you have paid by cheque we will refund you by cheque. If you have paid by credit card we will refund your credit card but please allow time for the credit to appear on your statement. Website orders cannot be returned to any of our Filofax stores.

    Send your return to:
    FILOFAX UK - Returns
    c/o Charles Letts & Co Ltd
    EH22 2NE

    For more details of our returns and refunds policy please see our Terms & Conditions
  • Slimline - How many pages can you fit in to a 11mm diameter ring Slimline? I tried this out myself, 100 pages will go in comfortably, 120 pages I would think is the limit, above that and the pages become difficult to turn. This was tried using diary insert pages, no dividers or other pages.  
  • Van der Spek - a small company in the Netherlands that make custom organisers to a very high quality. Find out more here.
  • Vintage Models,  Not all old models had names, the following will help you decode older model designations, e.g. 4CLF7/8  
    • First digit(s): The number of internal pockets
    • Next two Letters: Type of Leather:
    • C - Canvas
    • L Leather cloth 
    • KL - Kid Leather
    • CL - Calf Leather
    • PL - Pigskin Leather 
    • HL - Hide Leather 
    • ML - Morocco Leather
    • BCL - Box Calf Leather
    • RH - Reindeer Hide
    • BL - Bridle Leather 
    • SH - Saddle Hide Leather
    • CC - Crocodile Calf LeatherV or VR for Vinyl or Vinyl Rubber 
    • Next position: F for fasterner, J for Jotter, omitted for neither
    • Ring size in inches
  • Wallet -  Want to use a Filofax as a Wallet, check out these posts, or this one for which ones have a rear wallet pocket
  • Yuppie - Yuppie (short for "young urban professional" or "young upwardly-mobile professional" Seen by many as the users of Filofax organisers in the 1980's 
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