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Biographies of the main contributors to Philofaxy.

Nan - Nan purchased her first Filofax in 1983 at Ann Taylor, using a gift certificate that was supposed to have been used for clothes. Since then, she has used a variety of ring bound planners, including DayRunner and Franklin Covey, to capture her ideas and juggle her various jobs, hobbies, and volunteer work. In 1998, she typed the contents of her planner into a Palm Pilot, but made the inevitable return to paper six years later. She still remembers the "Fatal Error" message that was the last straw.

Nan was born and still lives in the U.S. When not writing for Philofaxy, she is a technology editor, sings in a choir, and can often be found at the gym.

Laurie - Laurie started using a Filofax-like planner in 1995, and graduated to her first actual Filofax in 2001.  Since then she has acquired several Filofaxes in Personal and A5 sizes, which she uses for a variety of purposes.

Laurie loves planners/ diaries of all kinds, and writes about them in great detail on her blog Plannerisms (www.plannerisms.com).

Laurie is a vertebrate paleontologist by education, specializing in the earliest birds. She now uses those comparative anatomy skills to analyze planner features!

Steve - A fifty something retired radio engineer from UK, but now living in France with his wife Alison. 

Steve has been a Filofax user on and off since about 1985 (his yuppie era!). After flirting with various electronic organisers (Casio, Psion, HP iPaq) he returned to Filofax in 2005 and hasn't looked back since.  I enjoy contributing my knowledge and experience to Philofaxy and creating Filofax templates.

His hobbies include radio (naturally), internet technology, photography. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or his own blog

Anita - Anita purchased her first Filofax back in 2009 after reading David Allen's book Getting Things Done. Since then, she has enjoyed experimenting with different models and sizes, finally settling down with her black personal Ascot.

She does the accounts for a small company, and in her spare time helps teach martial arts and loves running and yoga.