16 February 2008

Thanks for the input!

I just want to thank everyone who answered our recent poll on "How do you Filo?" I urge everyone with an interest in Filofaxes to read the responses.

The responses prove that there are as many unique ways to use a Philofax as there are people. At the same time, there are some things in common. Most of us have used another ring-bound system -- like Day Runner or DayTimer -- in the past. Many (myself included) have also used an electronic organizer.

But we've all come back to Filofax, and somehow it feels like coming home.

06 February 2008

How do you Filo?

This week, at a reader's suggestion, I'm trying something new -- a Roll Call!

In the comments for this post, tell us the following (or any that apply):

- How long have you been using Filofax?

- What size(s)/model(s) do you use?

- What calendar format works for you

- What's behind your tabs?

I'll go first:

- Have been using Filofax, or DayRunner, or FranklinCovey on and off since the mid-80's.

- A Black A5 Finsbury for work, a Red Personal Finsbury for personal, and another A5 for household.

- Mostly, the week-per-2-pages, horizontal format. My least favorite is the vertical format week-per-2-pages, although that's what I'm using in my work A5 now; it's the easiest to get for A5. In my Personal, I'm experimenting with 2-days per page, and I think my dream format would be 2-days per page in A5!

- I've talked about my tabs frequently in my posts, but I'll sum it up here. In my Personal, I have Projects, Maybe, Ideas, Lists, Life (my code for health and fitness), and Tel. In my work A5, I have a tab for each of 3 major projects, plus To Do, Projects, and Notes, plus I use the A-Z tabs for contacts and reference info.

03 February 2008

Filofax for the home

I've just been away for a week, in a place where I, surprisingly, didn't have much Internet access. That's why there were no new posts last week. But I sincerely appreciate all of the recent comments -- check out the previous post if you haven't read them!

One of our readers asked me to explain how I use my household Filofax, so I'll report on that now.

It's an A5 Filo, with a week-per-2-pages calendar. I prefer the horizontal format for this book, but all my local store had was vertical.

Basically, the book is supposed to be a Filofax version of the Flylady "Control Journal," but it's still a work-in-progress. On the calendar pages, I record each day's routine tasks (:15 paperwork, :15 decluttering, and so on), as well as both my husband's and my appointments, and the dinner menu. I update it once a week, on Sunday.

The rest of the book is supposed to hold emergency numbers and other contact info, evacuation instructions, and so on. Flylady.net has instructions for preparing all of this, but I just haven't done it yet.

And most nights, do I collapse into bed before doing all of the day's tasks?