16 February 2008

Thanks for the input!

I just want to thank everyone who answered our recent poll on "How do you Filo?" I urge everyone with an interest in Filofaxes to read the responses.

The responses prove that there are as many unique ways to use a Philofax as there are people. At the same time, there are some things in common. Most of us have used another ring-bound system -- like Day Runner or DayTimer -- in the past. Many (myself included) have also used an electronic organizer.

But we've all come back to Filofax, and somehow it feels like coming home.


  1. I loved reading how others used their Philofaxes (and others). I now use my Succes. The Palm is no longer in use (except using Handyshopper for the weekly shopping) but I still have to discover what's the best way to use it for me.
    Do I miss the Palm now? I don't!

  2. Hi Inky,

    I just dicovered your Bog via Google and i love it!!!

    I put a link at my hyves profile to Philofaxy.

    I was looking for experiences from other A5 Filofax users, wich i found here.

    I wanted a diary wich was big because i have trouble writing small. I also wanted to refill it each year because i don't like to write my adresses and personal stuff each year in another diary.
    Bu i couldn't find one. Until my husband gave me this metropol A5 Filofax as a christmas gift last year. And since then i'm writing everyrhing down. It's clearing my head and i love it!

    xxx Rose

  3. I actually never used a PDA before using my Filofax.

    I sometimes wonder how it would be to be able to synchronize my calendar and my work Outlook with a click.

    But then again, I read about so many people going from paper to digital and back to paper, that I think I'll stick to paper for some more time ;)

  4. Hi Stefano,
    For about 12 years I used pda's (Psion and Palm). Nothing wrong with that and it is indeed very easy to use Outlook and carry everything that is in Outlook with you in a small palmtop in your pocket.
    But... after all this time I missed writing with a pen on the paper. I missed something that is really mine: my handwriting, my own tabs in the Succes (no, I don't yet have a Philofax) and I missed having something to put papers in.
    And now I am Palmless! I use the Succes and have different tabs and sections in it now. And I carry some letters and a creditcard in it now. And meeting notes and so on. As Inky said: It feeels like coming home!

  5. Leen,

    I see what you mean. I actually sit in front of my computer for most of my working day, and some odd hours at home as well at night and weekends.

    And it does feel different having something "physical" to write things on as opposed to using a keyboard to enter bits stored somewhere.

    It must be the same thing that keeps me away (for the time being at least) from digital photography. I so much love working with film, develop and print on my own.

    I have had a quick look at the Succes organizers, and they look very similar to Filofax. Any particular reason you want to switch?

  6. Hoi Stefano,

    Funny to see how different things can be. Before digital photography was possible I hardly mede photo's. Now I neraly always carry my digital camera with me!

    I indeed think there is not so much difference between Philofax and Succes. But my Succes is a cheap one with a plastic binder. If I stay using it (after such a lng time using a pda I have to prove this to myself) I want a real leather binder. I have to look whether it has to be a Philogax or a Succes. I also have to look at the format. The Succes-Senior I use now is not so big. Maybe next time I use an A5-model. I now have a week on 2 pages but may be one page a day is better. Of course I didn't have this 'problems' when using my Palm. But it's fun to be busy with this things now.

    When I exactly know what I want then I can buy a leather binder. Or ask it for e.g. Christmas. Should be a wonderful present!

  7. Leen,

    your approach makes perfect sense to me.

    I have also the same dilemma about size: I now have a Filofax Personal, and some times think I would like to have A5 (more room) and one day on a page. But since I am also using a paper organizer for too little, I need first to understand whether this is really what I need (beside just being what I like).

  8. Hello...

    I've been using my Filofax since the 1980's--- GOD, I'M OLD---
    but committed adultery with Day-Timers and Franklin Covey several times. I"ve been with Filofax since 2000. I love my personal Cavensish, and do wish Filofax still made Personal size Organizers with the larger ring mechanism.

  9. Filofax are making a new binder with 30mm rings instead of the usual 23mm rings:


    It's called the "Guildford Zip". Unfortunately most of their range is the smaller 23mm ring size.

  10. I took a page out of my Filofax so I could remember a paint code when out shopping the other day (walk light). It got left behind accidentally and thrown away by the person who mixed the paint only for me to recover it a few minutes later. Now my diary has a swatch of VW Fresco Green along with the code for next time. No electronic organizer is good enough to accurately represent color and I have found a new way to use my Filofax.

  11. Hi Inky- Not sure how, but I found your site tonight and was really tickled to find so many Filo-Junkies. I've been hooked since the late 70's and own a few treasures.

    I own the 75th Annivesary Binder (Personal Size) and also have the wooden box it came in as well as all the original accesories. I also have a beautifully aged Pesonal size binder from the early 70's. It is absolutely the best looking Filofax I've ever seen and I get offers for it constantly.

    I will try my best to post photos of these guys as well as some old page inserts I feel certain you guys have never seen.

    Very glad to find your site. I will check in often and hopefully become a regular visitor.


  12. Just got the "Guildford Zip" organiser recommended by Kevin. It's fantastic!

  13. Yes, using a philofax or whatever similar organiser feels like working on your own creation. Also it's character...it feels like picking up your favorite book. Together with a good writing device it's just a pleasure to work in and not to sit in front of your laptop or scribble on a pda screen and find out you need to scribble it again. After all these years of pda's and gadgets I decided to cut it out and go back to paper and I just love it...yeah guess it feels like coming home.

    BTW...Inky...when's your next posting coming up? I enjoyed reading so far.