28 September 2009

New Year's Resolutions!

Hey everybody, how are those New Year's resolutions going? What, you ask? It's September! Nobody is thinking of New Year's resolutions. To which I reply: exactly. Because if you think about it, by now you have either achieved your resolutions, are still working on them, or have scrapped them entirely. So, which is it?

Let's take a look at my New Year's resolutions this year and see how I'm doing. I'll have a look in my trusty Filofax to review what exactly those were:

1) Stick to an exercise program. I have been off and on with this one. I was actually doing really well with it for a couple of months until this month with the simultaneous occurrence of my in-laws staying with us for two weeks and me having a rotten cold that I am still trying to get rid of. I have plans to get back with it soon!

2) Save X amount of dollars in my bank account. Welllll...this one hasn't been going as well as I expected. There have been several trips this year that I didn't foresee. They have all been good, and of course I love to travel. And I know where the money went. But, the bank account is definitely not where I hoped it would be by this time.

You get the idea so I won't bore you with the rest. Interestingly, looking back through my Filofax archives I discovered that I have had the same NYRs for the last 3 years now! Of course, they have mostly been ongoing-type things rather than distinct goals to achieve. I guess my lesson learned is that it's inevitable to get sidetracked during the year for various reasons, but I just have to get back at it and keep my goals in mind.

What were your New Year's resolutions this year? Do they tend to be ongoing things like eat healthier and exercise, or do you tend to set distinct goals to achieve such as complete degree, get promotion etc? How are you doing with those resolutions so far this year? Have any of them changed, or are no longer relevant to your current situation? And, are you thinking yet what your resolutions will be for this New Year?

25 September 2009

Free For All Friday No. 45

We regularly exchange details about what size or type of Filofax we own or use most.

But how do you carry your Filofax around with you? Pocket, Bag, in your hand? Tell us, post links to your pictures...

24 September 2009

Dodo Stickers!

Okay, I admit I am bending the rules a bit to tell you about the new Dodo Pad organizer stickers. But, by their own admission, the stickers may be used with “indeed any diary, organiser or calendar of your choice – Lord Dodo, whilst he hopes you will stick to his produce, is happy for his artistic efforts to be applied far and wide across all manner of organisational tools.” And, I feel that Dodo Pad products officially entered the realm of Filofax when they introduced their A5 Filofax compatible Dodo Pad planner inserts.

So enough of my justification, let’s talk about how cool these stickers are! As we all know, we Philofaxers are suckers for stickers. Where the Filofax stickers are understated, simple icons, the Dodo stickers are funny, fun, colorful and certainly eye-catching. Like all Dodo produce, they are highly functional and organizational, while at the same time reminding us not to take life too seriously (which I need to be reminded of frequently!). I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Lord Dodo has been generous enough to pass on to me a promotional code for Philofaxers everywhere. If you link to www.dodopad.com from this website and spend more than £30.00 on Dodo Pad products (including tax but excluding any shipping charges) there is a code 09PF that will work from today until midnight (UK time) on 31st October giving you a 10% discount! Dodo Pad ships within the UK and to the US, and I am assuming elsewhere too. Their customer service is superb, I’m sure if you phone or email to ask if they ship to your part of the world they would be happy to help!

Personally, I’ll be ordering up some of these stickers as well as the A5 insert for my Finsbury. The merger of my Filofax with my Dodo Pad is, as Lord Dodo would say, “dodelightful!”

USA Family Organizer available

Hey everybody, I just got an email from Filofax USA that their Family Organizer is now available. Luckily they got it out earlier this year, last year it didn't come out until December, and I think by then most people (especially busy, plan-ahead parents who would be likely to buy this pack) had already bought their refills for the year.

Unlike the Fam Org packs in the UK, the US Fam Orgs only come in A5 size. I am assuming the other contents of the pack (worksheets etc) are similar.

The Filo US website is having a promotion on the Fam Orgs pre-packaged in an A5 binder. You can choose from Domino, Finchley or Finsbury in a variety of colors. When you buy one of these pre-packaged sets, you also get a free storage binder! Check it out here.

23 September 2009

New Time, New Channel

Not all uses of a Filofax are grand and noble.

We've been talking a lot about the changing of the seasons. Lately, I've been mostly using my Filo to note the premieres of new TV seasons. I look forward to TV more, and watch less, when I plan what shows I want to watch and when. Writing down the show's start time also helps motivate me to complete my chores before the show starts.

For the curious, the shows I'm planning to watch are "House MD," "NCIS," "The Forgotten," "Flash Forward," and "Californication." I'll also watch just about anything with Gordon Ramsay!

Those of you who use your Filos to keep track of opera and ballet may now feel smugly superior.

22 September 2009

Happy Equinox!

Today is the day when the entire world enjoys 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. Starting tomorrow, those of us in the northern hemisphere have shorter and shorter days until the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice, in December.

Every year we have friends over to enjoy "fire, meat and alcohol" (beers and meat on the grill) to mark the event. It's a good excuse to grill out with friends while the weather is still good. But also I like to notice the annual cycle of seasons and light.

In many places, equinox indicates the beginning of fall (or, if you live very far north, the onset of winter). No matter what the temperature, the shortening days and lower-angle sunlight certainly feel fall-like this time of year, and reminds me that winter is coming.

Is autumn in full swing where you live, or is it starting to feel winter-like already?
Do you recognize the equinox, or celebrate it?

19 September 2009

Sara's Creations

DIYSara, creator of the beautifully illustrated blog at http://diysara.wordpress.com/, is a fan of all things Filofaxy, inky, and notebooky and has created some DIY Planner templates. The most interesting for us are the ones in Classic and A5 sizes, which will fit in the A5 Filo.

18 September 2009

Free for All Friday No. 44

In my part of the world, the days are getting shorter. Today, when I left the house to walk to the train station, it was dark, and it was dark again on my way home.

Do you ever refer to the charming "The World and Time" page that comes in every Filo? It's certainly true to the "fax" part of Filofax!

Do you note the passage of seasons or other astronomical data in your diary?

17 September 2009

Filofax Time Capsules

In various posts we have talked about archiving used Filofax pages in storage binders, shoe boxes, and envelopes. Every year I put all of my calendar pages and other pages pertaining to that year in a storage binder, which I label with the year. Looking back through each binder is like revisiting that time in my life. There is nothing like seeing the daily minutiae of your former life to help you remember what your life was like back then.
But recently on Flickr, I came across a quote that made me think beyond storage binders, and instead using your entire Filofax as storage for that year. NHgrrl on Flickr was discussing her older Filofaxes and said, "I confess the planners not in use anymore still have the old pages in them from when I stopped using them!! They are sort of like time capsules.”

This is an interesting idea to me. Normally I use my Filofax binders from year to year, if not actively as my planner then for some use or another. But, I do have one planner binder that is similar to NHgrrl's "time capsule" Filofaxes. Way back in the day when I was using a Cambridge version of a Filofax personal size binder, I abandoned it for something else, then eventually bought my first Filofax. I still have the Cambridge, and sometimes I like to look through it to remember what my life was like at that time (as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal). It is indeed a time capsule. In it are the addresses of the most important people in my life at the time. Most of those friends I am no longer in contact with. In it are lists, notes, and my daily planner. It's fascinating now to remember what I was thinking during that time, what my day to day life was like, and how I envisioned my future plans (which are now long past!).

During that time I filled many books with my journal writings about my impressions of the country, what I thought my role was or ought to be, people I met, all the usual stuff. But a look inside my planner gives a different view. It's not the musings of my mind. It's the nuts and bolt of each day, the business side of my life.

Inside that binder are things other than the pages themselves that give clues about what was important to me. Inside the front cover was a photo of my sister, who I missed terribly. Other scraps of paper and small random things now speak volumes.

Has anyone else preserved a Filofax, or other planner, in its entirety and kept it intact after you stopped using it? Do you ever look back through it?

15 September 2009

Filofax is everywhere....

Filofax might have been around a long time, so yes you might expect it to be 'everywhere'. But I'm really referring to the 'on-line world'

This blog is an obvious place to start and the sites we have links to on the site. But I keep discovering new places on the web where people interested in Filofax gather and share their thoughts and ideas. Some are a little more active than other places.

So here are a selection:Did I miss any? Copy your links in to the comments


11 September 2009

Free For All Friday 43

Fall always seems to be the busiest time of the year for me. Even when nobody in my family is in school, fall is always busy with events and one holiday after another!

How are you using your Filofax to plan everything you have going on in these last few months of 2009?

08 September 2009

What makes a truely great diary?

I'm not a great diary/journal writer. I start off with the best of intentions to write something every day and then it fizzles out, or I only record none routine events in any week. I'm not going to attempt to make any excuses... it's just one more thing to do I suppose.

I came across my diary from 1987/88 that I kept quite well. It was at the time when my son was born. So it made interesting reading. Back then I used to commute to London each day so I guess I had more time to kill on the journey. It was also the first year of having a Filofax.

On the BBC website today there is an article about the late Alan Clark, a former MP. Who was quite a character. He had his diaries published and they became best sellers.

Here's a link to the article on the BBC website.

So what do you record in your diary?

07 September 2009

From the Web - Monday 7 September 2009

Monday night is when Google emails me it's latest finds from the Interweb, it searches out any new articles and sites that feature 'Filofax' in them in the last week. Some oddities, some not worth reporting. But this week is the usual mixed bag...enjoy

04 September 2009

Recycling - FeuerWear Perry Personal Organiser

Alison and I are in the middle of trying to move house from UK to France... long story for another time and place... But whilst sorting out our clutter that has accumulated over the last twenty odd years of living here, we have been trying to recycle or Freecycle as much as possible.

So imagine my surprise the other day when I received a press release from FeuerWear for a Filofax organiser made out of recycled fire hose! But with a genuine Filofax insert with the usual fill:
  • Calendar
  • Address book with index tabs.
  • Notepaper
  • Finances
  • To-Do lists
  • World Map
  • Ruler
  • Business Card Holder
  • Penloop
  • Multicoloured note paper
  • Website directory
  • 2 document compartments.
The organiser is in standard Personal size with the usual standard 6-ring mechanism.

Each organiser is unique in its own way, because the hose used for the cover is labelled to identify each length, so no two organisers will be quite the same. One thing is for certain it will be hard wearing, having already been put to good use saving lives somewhere.

They also make a variety of bags and accessories from recycled fire hose. FeuerWear have distributors in different countries around the world as well as an on-line shop on their website. See the website for full details.

Free For All Friday No. 42

The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything...42 or in our case Everything Filofax....

So it feels like Summer is nearly over, the sun is setting earlier in the evenings... let's hear from you.