27 March 2009

More Travellers Tales

Philofaxy reader Steve has done something wonderful—created a travel checklist that you can print out for your own Personal size Filofax and similar binders.

It lives on D*I*Y Planner at http://www.diyplanner.com/node/6485.

(At this writing, the D*I*Y Planner link isn't working yet. It takes time for new uploads to become available for viewing. Just keep trying!)

Good travels to you all!

Free for All Friday No. 29

Have a great weekend and comment on any subject you wish!


25 March 2009

Travellers Checklist in Detail

Here are the scans of Filofax's Travellers Checklist, an English printing copyrighted in the late 1980s.

I hope these TIFFs are legible. I wish they had come out clearer.

Clicking these images will deliver you to the Flickr page. To read the fine print, click to go to the Flickr page and then click the All Sizes button just above the main image. On the next page that opens, click the Original link to see the full-size image, which is the most legible.

21 March 2009

Weekend Update

I had planned to upload the scanned Traveller's Checklist today, but it turns out the scanned document is a PDF, which I can't upload to either Blogger or Flickr. I will have to figure out a way to convert it to JPEG.

Meanwhile, I'll talk about my most recent Daily Planner order.

- Pocket size 2009 2-days per page for my fitness filo. My diary ends in July, since it's academic year. I've decided to buy a 2009 calendar to finish out the year so I don't have to worry about finding academic ones from now on. Also, I'm switching from week-per-2-pages to give myself more room to write.

- Pocket page marker, frosted plastic. Mine broke as I was pulling it out recently!

- 2 notebooks. One Rhodia and one Miquelrius in sizes similar to the Personal Filofax. One reader asked whether there's a notebook whose pages can be inserted into a Personal, so I've ordered these two to test them.

- A5 2009 week-per-page with notes (on the facing page). I think this might solve the problem I've been having with my work filo, which is currently week-per-2-pages (without appointments). I need a way to keep a list in front of my face, and even without the appointment slots I don't fill up each day's space. The week-per-page gives a truly tiny amount of space per day. We'll see if it's too little even for me!

20 March 2009

Free for All Friday No. 28

Today's the Vernal Equinox -- the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere -- according to the World and Time page in my Filofax. It's the Autumnal Equinox, first day of autumn for our antipodal friends. Although I heard from one of my Gothamite friends that New York City had snow for about an hour today.

But we don't have to talk about the weather. Leave comments about whatever you wish.


P.S. I finally managed to scan the Traveller's Checklist, and will be posting that this weekend. More scans coming soon!

15 March 2009

Filofax Collection

With thanks to reader "Gmax," who found this link to a Japanese website called "Filofax Collection."

The page contains links to close-up pictures of made-in-England Filofaxes, as well as Day Runner (Harper House) and Time/System binders.

Clicking the "blog" link at the bottom of the page takes you to a Japanese-language site which appears to be a listing of the organizers in the photographs. Clicking the links on those pages, however, takes you to some sort of commercial site which appears to be selling items completely unrelated to Filofaxes.

Anyway, enjoy. And if anyone knows more about this site, please let us know!

11 March 2009

More Miquelruis

Miquelrius A5 notebooks are my everyday notebooks, because the paper is interchangeable with the paper in my A5 Filo. I especially love the plastic-covered ones (the cardboard covers are too thick and stiff for my taste), designed by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

The only drawbacks are the expense -- US $7 or US $8 per book -- and limited availability. I used to have to go to a large chain bookstore or The Container Store to find them. Imagine my surprise when I found them at the Fed-Ex Kinkos store just a few blocks from my house!

This Kinkos has increased its office-supply and book stock and cut down on space devoted to self-service copiers and computers. I guess they've decided they make more money from retail sales. In addition to Miquelrius in A5 and A4 sizes, I also found Mead notebooks and composition books (well made, but the paper is way too thin), Cambridge notebooks (Mead's high end), Black and Red notebooks, and a rare (in the US) A4 Topps notebook.

I bought 2 each of the red and blue patterns shown here, plus a dull, professional pinstriped one for work. I wanted to buy them up to encourage the store to continue carrying them.

I still can't find Miquelrius A5s at less than $7, but I figure it's the price of a glass of wine in a nice restaurant, or 1.5 glasses of wine in a lousy restaurant. Well worth the price, since I can use each notebook for a couple of months, while the wine lasts me maybe 1/2 hour per glass.

08 March 2009

Daylight Saving Time 2009

Here's Filofax's kindly reminder to me to turn my clock an hour forward. The USA and Canada (but not Mexico) are again observing an extended DST period - March to November. That means 8 months DST -- twice as much as Standard Time! Maybe we should call this Standard Time and the other four months Winter Darkness Time!

I was listening to the BBC in the middle of the night, and found that, after the time change at 3:00 AM, that the east coast of the U.S. is currently only 4 hours behind GMT, since the UK (home of the Filofax) doesn't change to Summer Time for another month. Somehow, 4 hours feels like a much smaller time difference than the usual 5 hours.

05 March 2009

Menstrual Calendar Insert

Here's another find from the 1980's, printed in England. I'm not sure why old inserts like this turn up in online or brick-and-mortar stores from time to time, but they do. Where have they been sitting all this time?

I don't plan on using this product, just keeping it as a collector's item. I bought this Pocket 1980's one (copyright 1988) and a newer Personal one. They were marked down, probably because the item has been discontinued. I can't find it on either the UK or USA Filofax website.

I've uploaded photos to Flickr, and since I can seem to embed a picture right now, here's a link to get you started.