31 August 2009

Filofax sighting: Russian Dolls

I recently saw the movie Russian Dolls, and was pleasantly surprised to see what looked like a well-used Filofax being used, all too briefly, by the main character Xavier. He also used Moleskine notebooks at various times throughout the movie. Perhaps most fascinating was during a scene where he was on the phone, he needed to write down a date. He opened his Filofax, which had nested inside it a small Moleskine notebook, and it was inside the Moleskine that he wrote the date! I wanted to pause the movie and have a conversation with Xavier about how exactly he uses his Filofax and his Moleskine together! And perhaps most fascinating, as he flipped through his Filo, there were several pages with obvious writing on them but of course I couldn't tell what was written. I'm even fascinated by movie prop Filos!

In case you have never heard of Russian Dolls, it is the sequel to the movie L'Auberge Espagnole, which I also liked very much.

I know there must be many more movies where a Filofax makes an appearance. Of course there is the legendary movie "Filofax" (which I think was called something like Taking Care of Business in the US) that has been discussed on this blog several times. Also a year or two ago there was a movie, I think the title was 27 Dresses, where the main character relies on, and loses, her Filofax.

What other movies/ films do you know of where a Filofax makes an appearance?

30 August 2009

Poll Result - How much do you spend on Filofax each year?

Firstly thank you to everyone who took part in the poll. We ran it just for curiosity really. When you look at the results, I don't think there are any big surprises really.

The lowest you might spend is on a new diary insert and may be some replacement pages. The higher spend might be were you have several organisers to replenish or to buy additional ones.

Click on the chart to see a full size version.

If you have any ideas about future polls do let us know.

28 August 2009

Free for All Friday No. 41

By request, this week's suggested topic is digital pens.

For example, there's the new Logitech io2 digital pen. With this pen, and special paper, you can write or draw on paper and see your works appear on your computer screen. The paper has a pattern of tiny dots, which is how the pen knows what you're writing.

What's this got to do with Filofax? Filofax makes paper (called Anoto) for its A5 organizers that works with the Logitech (and also Nokia) digital pens. It lets you create a computerized duplicate of what you write in your Filofax.

Has anyone tried it?

Offer on A4 Folders

If you want to buy a Filofax A4 Conference Folder, there is a big discount offer on them at the moment

Go to:
http://www.filofax.co.uk/ and at the check out put in promo code fxccf

The price drops to a low £30

24 August 2009

From the Web - Monday 24th August

Spotted on the web this week:

I hope you enjoy reading these articles.

23 August 2009

Sex and the City Planner

That's not me in the video. It's a review from another user published on a YouTube channel that Filofax Ltd has opened. —Inky

My City Dweller Lifestyle Pack arrived from Filofax UK about a month after I ordered it. What made it worth the wait -- it's different from any Filofax product I've ever seen! Like all Filofax products, it's thorough, high-quality, and well-thought-out, but that's where the similarities end. I'll go through what's in the pack one at a time.

* 6 blank tabs (white)
* 1 clear plastic pocket, top opening
* 1 Personal Information page (double-sided), and 2 more for family information.

Here's where the departure begins. These pages are English-only, and instead of black text and lines on white, these have light gray blocks to write in, labeled with tiny type in slightly darker gray. I like the idea of writing on blocks rather than between lines. I don't have to stay between the lines! On the downside, you need young eyes to read the tiny gray-on-gray type.

Which brings me to the next departure: This pack is targeted to a very specific customer, as you'll see as I go through the rest of the pages -- one who's female, young, looking for Mr. Right, and in possession of ample amounts of spending money and free time. I'm reminded of Carrie on the TV show Sex and the City. In London, they used to be called Sloane Rangers.

Here are the rest of the pages, all of which are double-sided unless specified otherwise.

* Party Time (3). Room for guest list, budget, menu, drinks, and so on.
* Home Sweet Home (1). Gas, Electric, Window Cleaner information, and so on.
* Pet Information (1).
* Sports and Clubs (2). Because we all have a personal trainer or two and belong to sports teams, don't we?
* Budget Sheet (4). Here's where you can compare what you planned to spend on each category with what you actually spent.
* SOS (1). Medical and other emergency info. It's printed with England's emergency number, 999. In the U.S., it's 911.
* Travel Itinerary (4). Flight, Visa, Hotel, and Travel Agent info.
* Dilemmas (4). A 2-column worksheet for comparing the pros and cons of situations. Let's see, would that be whether to go to an art gallery opening or get a mani-pedi?
* Birthdays and Anniversaries (2 sets). I love this one! Each month gets a half-page to help you remember all the important dates in the lives of the people in your life.
* Expenses (4). With this kind of lifestyle, you'll probably have more expenses than this.
* www (3). When you hear about a website that you want to visit the next time you're at a computer, now you have a place to write it down.
* It's a chore (4). A chart for dividing tasks among roommates or family members. We used to call these "caper charts" in the Girl Scouts.
* Shopping list (8). Like the classic Filofax shopping lists, these are divided into Meat/fish, Canned, Fruit/veg, Clothes, and so on.
* Addresses (10). Mobile and email in addition to the basics. Reserve a tab for these, because the Lifestyle Pack contains no A-Z tabs.
* To Do (5).
* Blank and ruled notepaper (5 of each). Nice blocks for a subject and page number at the top.
* Commuter games (5 assorted). In case your BlackBerry or iPod breaks down on the train, you won't die of boredom. Variations on "Battleship," Naughts and Crosses (Tic Tac Toe), Squares (which I forget how to play), and Tea Time (a word game which I believe to be what we Yanks call Hangman -- you have to guess the opponent's word letter-by-letter before a drawing of a tea kettle is completed).
* Top Takeaways (2). Who has time to cook when you're playing Naughts and Crosses?
* Outfit Planner (3). These pages have a drawing of a mannequin to draw clothes upon. I used to do this all the time...when I was 9. These pages also have a place to record the dates of your beauty treatments.
* Personal M.O.T. (2). Not sure what the letters stand for, except that the first one is probably "Medical." It's a medical appointment and medication record, with places to record weight and body measurements, and sleep patterns on the flip side.
[Edit: Steve tells me that M.O.T. is an annual automobile inspection in England. So these pages are like an M.O.T. for the body!]
* Fitness Plan (2). Exercise, location, time, and calories burned. Very useful, except you get enough for 4 workouts!

Here's the piece de resistance: the Little Black Book. Ingeniously, this is enclosed in a piece of heavier paper, twice as wide as the Personal paper, folded back on itself, so that the organizer's rings keep it closed and private! It even has "Shhhh" printed on the front. Inside, you get to record a prospect's name and age and whether he's "Friend," "Fling," or "Marriage Material," as well as rate him on a scale of 1-10 stars. (No wonder you have to keep it hidden.)

From here on, the traditional Filofax begins. There's an 18-month calendar (July 2009 - Dec 2010), Notable Dates, Religious Festivals, International Information, World and Time, and so on.

Then there's the 18-month diary: week on 2 pages, with the week on one page and spaces for tasks and notes on the other. Some of the blocks are labeled live, play, and work. I'm interested in seeing what it's like to use this format.

I've added some scans to the Philofaxy set, but they're not very clear. You can tell from the scans how faint the type is.


We have registered philofaxy.com which we hope is easier to remember and also pass on to other people you meet and know.

Bookmark the new address in your browser.

21 August 2009

Free For All Friday: Confession Time

Happy Friday everybody, it's confession time!

It's time to spill: how many Filofaxes do you own? And, do they all have a purpose, or are some, shall we say, "for decorative purposes" only?

Here is my own confession: I have 4 Filos with #5 on its way to me now. Currently 3 are in active use, with one (soon to be two) in semi-retirement.

So now it's your turn to 'fess up! Or, if you don't feel like sharing, then just tell us what's new in your Filofax life these days.

18 August 2009

Rapesco Diary Punch 66-P

Do you have a Personal size and Pocket size organiser? Or just one of those two sizes? And you want to be able to punch your own pages, but the cost of a Filofax Punch seems a bit high at £26.75 each ($40 or €49)? Then this punch at a typical price of about £10 plus postage might be your answer...

The Rapesco Diary Punch 66-P has two sets of sliding punch blocks which you can easily move in their slots. Each punch block has three 6mm punches spaced 19mm (3/4") apart.

With the punch blocks in the outer most position, it will punch up to 8 sheets of paper for a Personal size organiser. Slide both punch blocks fully towards the centre and it punches 6 holes perfectly spaced for a Pocket Filofax.

As the Mini uses the same ring spacing as the Pocket but only 5 rings not 6 this punch should work for that size as well, although I've not tried it, but looking at the paper size the mini page finishes where the 6th hole would start, if that makes sense!

It will not punch pages for an A5 as standard, although with a little bit of experimenting (remember I am an engineer!) you can punch holes the right spacing for an A5 organiser, but it involves two punches of the three holes and careful alignment in the punch. I will work out the distance you need to offset the outer edge of the paper from the centre point and post this later.

I also tried just moving one punch block to the outer position and the other punch block to the inner position, but you end up with a spacing that doesn't appear to be suitable for any size that I'm aware of.

The punch is easy to empty, the whole base unclips... but don't do as I did... turn it upside down on my desk only to discover that because it has the slots... the chads (the bits of punched paper) manage to escape through the slots!!

It is very well made and Rapesco do a large variety of other products as well. See their website for details.

They say that they sell 'Worldwide' and there is a 'Where to Buy' page. These punches also come up on Ebay from time to time. I missed out on one on Saturday on the EBay UK site. So I then ordered one on line instead.

I bought this punch mainly because the Perforex 610 personal size one I bought back in the 1980's is getting a little blunt and this brand appears to be discontinued on the few sites I found it listed on. I also thought it would be useful to review the Rapesco one for the blog...

If you have any questions pop them in to the comments.

Filofax A5 punch

17 August 2009

Middle Monday of the Month - Free For All....No 40

OK so it doesn't have the same ring to it as Free For All Friday... Sorry I forgot!

So this point of the month we might look back at what we have acheieved and what we might have to get done before the month end..... then again it might be just an ordinary Monday...

Let's hear your thoughts and ideas.... the floor is yours.....


16 August 2009

Up to 60% off Filofax at WH Smiths (UK)

Thanks to 'Geew67' for spotting that WH Smiths here in UK have a sale on at the moment, up to 60% off Filofax goods (organisers, pens etc)

WH Smiths are a High Street newsagent and stationary store here in UK. Some very tempting prices too....

BTW you can revise your poll submission on the amount spent per year if you get tempted by the sale :-)

14 August 2009

Poll - How much do you spend on Filofax items each year

Just for a bit of fun, I've just added a poll. You don't have to take part if you don't want to, but it will be interesting to see the spread of spend.

I have not allowed for differences in exchange rates or any differences in cost of items in different markets, it would all get too complicated.

The poll will disappear after 15 days and we will post the results in a normal post.



New Domino!

Here is my new Filofax Domino, which I will use as my self-made Scotland guidebook. I go to Scotland a few times per year and have accumulated a bookful of information pages, maps, and contacts. I think I will like using the Domino for this purpose. It is very light, and easy to carry. The vinyl cover wipes clean easily so I won't worry about it getting wet (it is Scotland after all, it's bound to get rained on!). I can stick papers in the strap on the outside cover for easy reference of where I'm going at the moment. And of course, I love the color!

The cover has a groove where the strap goes, which is actually really nice because it keeps the strap from rolling around on the cover. At first I didn’t think I would like the elastic strap, but once I realized the potential for sticking papers into it I suddenly do. Also, it allows for nearly-unlimited expansion and stuffing, unlike a snap. This is good, because the rings on the Domino are big so I expect I'll be cramming this book full!

I really like the look of the inside, with the light colored faux suede and the bright pink accents inside the pockets. The faux suede is nice to touch, too. The Domino came filled with a week to view calendar with July-Dec 2009 and all of 2010. It has tabbed dividers 1-6, address tabs and pages. It also has a world map, which is great, a top-loading clear envelope, which will be handy to tuck things into, and a few pages of colored paper and To Dos.

I didn't realize before that the Domino is geared for students. There are several pages included in the organizer that are very useful for students. There is a Timetable page, for writing in your class schedule. I think I will use this page in my daily planner Filofax to show things that happen at the same time every week. Another page for students, the Course Record, is for recording your grades in each class. I'll have to think of a use for this one too because I like it.

There is also a semi-annual calendar which I really like, it reminds me of the ones Quo Vadis planners have. This would be very useful for students to record exams, papers, and projects due throughout the school year. Anyone could use this for any kind of project or future planning. I use the pull-out year calendars for this purpose now, but I like this page style better.

All in all, I am very pleased with my purchase! I haven’t been able to bring myself to take out the pages yet and put in my Scotland stuff. It’s so clean and perfect right now! But after I get done playing with it, I will load my Scotland stuff into it and post more pictures on Flickr. Right now I have pictures on Flickr illustrating all the descriptions above, on the Philofaxy group, and also as my own set.

12 August 2009

Week + Notes - Days

I love the week + notes format as my diary, because I usually don't have very many appointments on any given day, but I do have loads of tasks to do each week. The w + n lets me keep my To Do lists right in front of me so I don't forget.

My major complaint about Filofax's week + notes format is that the days of the week are in a million different languages. This considerably cramps the already small space. So, I took matters (and some white-out) into my own hands. Yes it's a little high-maintenance, but I love the less-cluttered look and that extra amount of space to write each day.

10 August 2009

From the Web - Monday 10th August

A couple of stories spotted this week on other sites:

It seems Bibles suffer similar problems to Filofax Organisers... they won't lie flat when new. Also useful tips on which Bible is similar in size to a Filofax Organiser.


An earlier article on this same site has some excellent pictures of other organisers too.


Another use for a Filofax in the home for collating recipes. Which got me thinking about a design of a suitable recipe template may be? Sketch out what you think it would look like and email me a scan.


As Seen In...

The other day I was perusing the Filofax UK website just to see what’s new, and ran across “As Seen In…” which is a collection of magazine articles featuring Filofax organizers and accessories. My favorite is in the December 2008 Glamour magazine which showcases some very beautiful Filofaxes. My fantasy Filofax, the Deco in Ivory, makes an appearance. But I was surprised that I was even more attracted to the red Amazona, shown in action. I was ready to rush out and get one and had to hold myself back!

Filofax marketing interests me, especially in this technological age. Some of the magazine articles classify Filofax as “retro” in a trendy way. Others point out the practicality of a planner that never crashes. Many of the writeups mention the tactile nature of the leather and paper. I was surprised that there were at least as many ads geared toward men as women, because it seems (to me at least, maybe to others too) that most of the new Filofax styles lately are geared toward women, at least in the US.

I wonder if, in this economy, people are buying more Filofaxes than electronic organizers? Cheaper, and possibly more reliable. Or, I wonder if people are treating themselves to a nice Filofax instead of a bigger, more expensive luxury? This makes me think of the “lipstick effect,” which is: when the economy is bad and people have less disposable income, sales of lipstick actually go up. The theory is, when women can’t afford new shoes or clothes, but they still want a pick-me-up purchase, they buy lipstick. Could a Filofax be the lipstick of the electronic organizer world?

09 August 2009

Subscribing to Philofaxy

I've always said the best part of Philofaxy are its readers, who leave the most well thought-out and stimulating comments of any blog on the Web! But the problem has always been that the comments are hidden -- people who don't know to click through will never see them.

Fortunately, we now have a feature that lets you subscribe to our comments, as well as to the actual posts. You can then read them in your web browser's RSS viewer or a website like Google Reader or My Yahoo.

Scroll down and look to the left side of the page. Click the orange buttons for Posts and Comments and choose your preferred blog tracker from the menu.

The internet's conscientious objectors

I came across a fascinating article today on the BBC website, it's about people that decide not to use the internet in their lives at all. Not just because they don't have access to the net, or they don't have a computer.

Now obviously as you are reading this on line, you don't come in to that category. But I noticed an interesting comment:
"We tried computing and we're back to writing letters" says one of those being questioned by researcher, as e-mail is seen as too impersonal for close human contact.
I started to think about the similarity between people that write letters, and those that still use paper diaries, in our case a Filofax.

I have always kept a couple of sheets of my own headed paper and an envelope and some postage stamps in my A5 organiser, it just seemed a natural thing to add. However, the lack of hand writing practice doesn't help the reader, especially with my hand writing!!

So do you write letters too?

08 August 2009

Organiser Stickers

Prompted by one of the comments from 'YM' I thought I would give you a closer look at the Organiser Stickers.

I bought a packet of Pocket size ones. You get three identical sheets. They are on a clear plastic sheet with a small tab at the top, useful for finding them quickly I suppose. The sheet is punched so you can slot it in to your organiser.

They also do them in Personal size, which has more stickers per sheet for the same price. They are divided in to the same categories, you just get more of the each one.

They will be quite noticeable when stuck to your pages and will add a tactile feel to a page.

Each sticker is small enough (5 mm diameter) to even be used on a year planner page, which I suspect might be a better use of them. You will then be able to see at a glance what you are doing and when, rather than trying to squeeze notes in to the small boxes, particularly on the smaller sizes.

Click on the picture for a full size view.

07 August 2009

Free for All Friday No. 39

It's August -- Time for back-to-school plans or perhaps last-minute vacations. I may find myself in the latter category this month, and my Filofax will get heavy use in both the planning and execution. But then it would even if I were staying home and shopping.

What about you?

05 August 2009

The Postman Always Rings Twice

I think can understand now how people become shop-aholics, the thrill of ordering things and then the patient wait for the Postman to delivery your parcel. In my case one from Filofax UK.

At the weekend I sat down and created a largish order, well for me anyway, from the UK Filofax site. Their competitive shipping costs normally swings the deal for me. £0 for orders over £30 to UK addresses.

I patiently worked out the exact diary refills and year planners for my three main organisers I needed. I also ordered as you can see from the photo a few more goodies for my Pocket organiser. I have even been patient enough to take a photo before opening the packets!!

Sadly two items that arrived and not shown in the picture were the wrong items. The actual items that arrived were different by one digit in the reference numbers of the products. So I suppose it's an easy mistake to make.

However, I'm not complaining, because Filofax in UK make it very easy for you to exchange items and even supply an address label to their FreePost address for you to return the items. I've asked for the correct items (Personal two pages per week 2010 diary, and a Pocket horizontal 2010 year planner) to be despatched to me, in place of an A5 two page per week 2010 diary, and a Personal Single page per Week, plus Notes 2010 diary.

Managing To Dos

Hi everybody, in this post I want to start a discussion of how people manage their daily, weekly, monthly and long-range to dos/ tasks. I also want to discuss managing multiple projects at once using Filofax(es), and tasks related to goals. Here we go:

My life is currently such that I have few appointments or scheduled activities, but a lot of tasks to do every day and week. What works for me most of the time is the week + notes planner format. I like having the entire page to make my lists.

But, occasionally I have some problems with this format. When I am having especially busy days, the daily spaces are not big enough for me to write in everything I need to do that day, or to record important things on that date. I often use my Filo as a reference of when things occurred, when I sent an important paper, whatever. I never remember these things and rely heavily on my Filo records.

In order to solve the problem of not enough space on my weekly sheets, I have to divide and conquer. Some people use an extra notes page in the middle of that week’s spread for overflow, which is a great idea. Sometimes I create a separate list in my Lists section to be able to visualize all the steps in a process.

The other main problem I have with the week + notes pages is when I am especially busy and have a lot written on the pages, I tend to get overwhelmed with too much information on the page. I feel like I don’t even know where to look to determine what to do first.

On especially busy days, I get a large piece of paper and do a “brain dump,” where I just list everything that needs to happen that day. This is especially useful when I am feeling very scattered and need to get everything out of my head and onto paper where I can look at it and then prioritize my actions.

I have a general list of goals for the year, and each month I review them and write onto my monthly calendar my specific goals for the month. Then each week I generate tasks to keep me on track for my goals. For example, one of my goals for the year is to exercise more. On my monthly goals, I might have specifics like cardio 4x/ week and strength 2x/ week. Then on my weekly pages I will schedule those activities. I find that this system gets me to review my goals on a regular basis, and gets me thinking of specific tasks to keep me on track to reach my goals.

One thing I have never been very good at is using my Filo(s) to work on multiple projects at once. I understand the usefulness of having a section for each project. But, I am very “out of sight, out of mind,” so when things are behind a tab I tend to forget about them. But then if I try to have everything I have going on at once listed on my weekly page, I tend to get overwhelmed as noted above. Similarly, in my Lists section I have a list of Long-Range To-Dos, with things like “burn CDs of photos from the past 4 years” that I never seem to get around to doing.

How do you use your Filofax(es) to manage your tasks? When you have multiple projects going on, how to you determine what needs to be done today or this week? Do you have a system that works well for you?

03 August 2009

How do you use your Filofax in your job or at home.

Firstly thank you to everyone who are becoming 'followers' of this blog, everyone is of course welcome. But looking through the short list of people that have already 'joined' and taking a look at your profiles, we really do have an interesting variety of people.

This got me thinking (oh no!). It would be interesting to know how each of us use our Filofaxes in our jobs, or at home every day?

When I only had the one organiser, I used it for everything:
  • Diary
  • Contacts
  • Notes
  • For recording details of photos I had taken on film
  • As a source of information when travelling (maps, country information etc).
As my life changed over the years, different jobs, becoming a father, taking on voluntary posts in the community, so the contents of my Filofax has changed. Some sections have grown, others decreased.

I'm always experimenting with new self made pages, refining the design, more boxes or less boxes per page. Pages for specific functions. For example for the trips to our French house. I have a dedicated packing list for UK>France, and a dedicated leaving list for France>UK. The later has detailed items to ensure the house utilities etc are all shut down, windows closed and locked etc. I've been using these two forms for over four years and they have definitely saved my furrowed brow half way to Dieppe to catch the ferry, thinking 'Now did I turn off the water?' I have my list and unless it's ticked off, then it's not done...and we don't leave.

At work, I went back to Filofax having changed jobs and going to an organisation that doesn't allow personal electronic devices in the office, due to security reasons. So I dusted off my Filofax, reloaded it with suitable pages I thought I might need and started using it again. I've since stopped using my iPaq completely. Although I do sync my Nokia phone with Outlook every so often.

Having expanded my collection of organisers, I use my A5 as a desk diary/journal, it records what I've been doing. And holds my reference material for work (I'm an Radio Engineer if you didn't know already) I need access to this material in meetings as well as at my desk and I find it easier to look up information in my Filofax than finding it each time on my PC...

My Pocket organiser is more of my everyday, go everywhere organiser, I log my appointments, my to-do lists, some of my contacts, maps of places I'm visiting, and some note paper.

My old Personal organiser is used for my French language learning course. It has mainly notes and some pre-printed French 'key cards' in it. And before you ask... I'm making steady progress at learning French.

Turning up at a meeting with my A5 Filofax always generates the odd comment or two from my colleagues, but I don't let them stop me from using it. What sort of notebook doesn't require batteries, does not need to be booted up, requires no funny passwords and it's instantly on? Un-pop the closure, open the organiser, find the section you need, read or take our your pen and record. It couldn't be easier....

As they say Filofax - It's a way of life...

Filofax Compatible: Morning Glory

Morning Glory is a Korean company that sells products to expatriates living in the States -- kitchen and bathroom goods, car accessories, clocks, origami paper and crayons, keychains, greeting cards, and (of interest to us Philofaxers) school supplies. The supplies include pencils, pens, and pencil cases; scissors and tape; paper, and so on. It's all adorned in kawaii (cute) Asian style with pastel cartoon characters in like teddy bears and kittens.

In California and the New York/New Jersey area, you can find Morning Glory shops. Elsewhere in the U.S., you can order from http://morninggloryus.com. (Sadly, shipping is within the U.S. only.)

Morning Glory has calendar, notepaper, and address book refills in B6 (Personal Filofax) and Mini (Pocket Filofax) sizes. They're a little hard to find, so here's the link: http://www.morninggloryus.com/OnlineStore/tabid/58/cid/30/Diaries.aspx.

It looks as if Morning Glory may be cutting down on its online offerings, so go snatch some up if you're interested. And if you're near one of the retail stores, please let us know what goodies you've been seeing!

02 August 2009

Philofaxy - New Look

Yes it's different... we hope you like the new look Philofaxy layout.

We have updated the template to the new format and this has allowed us to add some more features which we hope users/readers will find useful.

We are still adjusting and tweaking the format so there might be some further 'adjustments' over the next few days... but no different to changing the content or adding pages to your Filofax.

We would appreciate your feedback on the new look etc. Please report any problems in the comments as well please.

Thanks for all your feedback, I'm pleased with the way it's worked out.

I've just added the Blog Search to the side bar. It searches the Blog, Links from articles in the blog and sites linked to from Philofaxy. Give it a try, pop in say Punch or Finsbury and the results are displayed under three different tabs.

It also searches through the comments on all the posts, so it's really useful for tracking down all the posts on a particular topic etc.


01 August 2009

Philofaxy Flickr Group

I will be honest in admitting to having over looked the Flickr Group associated with the blog, until the last 'Free for all Friday' with a comment by 'Oni', so thank you for the timely reminder.

As you might know I'm a keen photographer (amongst other things!) so I will also be contributing to the Flickr group which you will find here:

As I quite often say 'a picture saves a thousand words!' Enjoy