31 May 2012

Video Webfinds - May 2012

The last day of May, so here are the Filofax videos for this last month... this has to be better than normal TV? Your own Philofaxy channel!


30 May 2012

Guest Post - Adding Links to Comments

A big thank you to Ray for this Guest Post... you can try it out on FFAF (Free For All Friday)

If you’re a regular reader of Philofaxy, you can’t help but have noticed what a helpful and informative community of commenters visit the site. In the regular Tuesday and Friday ‘Free For All’ topics, dozens of questions are asked and answered every week. Often, the commenter will add a web address that gives further information or serves as an example. Here’s an example of one:

I made that comment before I knew better, so the web address is not a hyperlink. That means you can’t just click it and be taken there. What you have to do instead is copy and paste the link into your browser bar. No biggie, but compare with this example:

Note this time that you are offered not a long web address, but simply some highlighted text. Click anywhere on the highlighted text (although not as it appears above: that’s just an image) and you’ll be taken to the address to which it’s linked.

Hyperlinks like this are easy to create and make it easier for readers of your comments to go and have a look at the page you’re recommending.

To insert a hyperlink into your comment, you just write a very simple piece of HTML code. Here is the format for a hyperlink:
<a href="http://yourlink.com"> your text </a>

When this is included with your comment, you’ll see a piece of highlighted text that simply says: your text and is clickable.

Let’s see an example. I want to add a link on FFAT to a great cartoon that I think is very fitting to the spirit of asking and answering questions. Here is the address: http://xkcd.com/1053/

Notice that I’ve included it here as a hyperlink so you can just click it and go there. Now I want to add it as a link in a comment on FFAT. What I want to say is this:

Here’s a cartoon I think is very relevant to this community.

I want the words ‘a cartoon’ to be clickable and to take readers to the relevant web address.

Here’s what I’ll need to post in the comment box:

Here’s <a href="http://xkcd.com/1053/">a cartoon</a> I think is very relevant to this community.

So here we go...

Hit the ‘publish’ button and here’s the result:

Next time you want to include a web address in your comments, why not try hyperlinking?

Thank you Ray, I forget that people don't necessarily understand HTML, it is a second language to me!

29 May 2012

Free For All Tuesday No. 69

Any questions? Any Filofax questions? lots I hear.... good. This is of course your weekly opportunity to ask any Filofax related questions....

Fire away...

28 May 2012

Philofaxy London Meet Up - May 2012

What a glorious day it was on Saturday, hot and sunny all day and 11 Philofaxy fans meeting up in London made it even more special. This obviously is very picture heavy...

We started off as usual at Tate Modern for lunch, as always it was great to see old friends as well as welcoming new people to their first meet up. As you can see we were head-lining alongside Damien Hurst. As usual now it wasn't long before the Filofax organisers appeared on the table and were being passed around.

Cat, Louise, Tracy

Cat, Louise

Imy, Andy

Andy, Preethi


Also in our group was Andy from City Organiser, we didn't quiz him too much over lunch about the latest products from Filofax. But he very kindly opened his shop for just us later in the afternoon.

There was the usual fine display of organisers and inserts, and all of us enjoyed browsing and choosing, deciding and buying some new organisers and inserts.

'Do you think we will have any stock left on the shelves?'

This one or this one?...Both they cried

Look bargains

However, downstairs in City Organiser was the Aladdin's cave for any one remotely interested in Filofax..... The stockroom/office/mail order department of City Organiser, I don't think any of us have seen so many organisers in one place, boxes and boxes of them!!!

Yes that desk there will suit me fine

Yes we got a little carried away with ourselves down there!! As you can see Imy is deciding which desk is going to be hers!!!

Then for the final part of of afternoon we were privileged to witness the launch of the fashionable, on trend, exclusive, limited edition Tracyley organiser.

The designer Tracy gave us an excellent and professional presentation. Andy was so impressed by this unique design he asked if he could put it on display in his window (price on application, of course). All sales enquiries to City Organiser.

Later that evening a reduced number of us joined Tracy to celebrate the launch with cocktails at a high class London restaurant in Docklands.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone that attended the meet up, to Andy and Aline at City Organiser for being so courageous in welcoming us. It was a very special day all around... and yes I'm sure we would all like to visit City Organiser again.  So I better start planning the next meet-up I guess!