31 October 2011

What Size Filofaxes Do You Own

Following on from 'How Many' we are again running another poll, but this time it is What size Filofax Organisers do you own. Again we ran this a couple of years ago.

Tick as many sizes as you own before you press the vote button.

Again thank you to everyone taking part in this poll.

How Many Filofaxes Do You Own - Poll Result

We asked the question again about How Many Filofaxes Do You Own?

Thank you to the 350 people that responded, quite a turn out. Two years ago we asked the same question and got 82 people to respond, so a big increase and a more representative sample size to look at.

This year I increased the number of categories to improve the accuracy of results. So here are the results, click on the picture to see a full size version.

As you might expect people owning only one Filofax out number the rest and it drops off more or less as expected, but then starts climbing back up again once you get to 10 Filofaxes!

I then recalculated the numbers based on the categories from two years ago so we could compare the two results more closely. This produced a few surprises!

I know you can prove anything with statistics, but you have to admit it is interesting to see the 'upward' trend in ownership....

Here it is in percentage terms, only having 3,4 or 5 is decreasing!

Thanks again to everyone that took part and please take part in the new poll in the side bar. Again a rerun of one we did 2 years ago.

Print Your Own A4/A5 Diary Insert

Last Christmas I came across a site on line that created an A4 diary as a PDF, this you can also print in A5 using booklet print.

I made the files available in the files area. I've just added the 2012 files to the page as well.

There is also my own year planner which I created in Excel, which has been updated for 2012 and 2013 dates.

2012 Print Your Own Diaries

Hope you find these of use along with the other templates available on our Files page.

    30 October 2011

    Date for your Filofax - 6 November 2011

    New York




    We are going to run another conference round-table voice chat using Skype.

    I'm sure we are gradually getting to know each other's voices, but I will make a point of going 'around the table' to get everyone to introduce themselves this time.

    So...When, Where, What, Who and How?

    When? - Sunday 6th November from 10am (US East Coast time), 3pm London time, 4 pm Paris time 9pm Jakarta etc.  See the clocks at the top of this post to see roughly what time you should be on line. Don't forget that the North America or some states go back an hour on the night of 5th/6th November.

    Where? - an on-line chat using Skype.

    What do I need? - just a micro-phone and some head phones(in ear phones work fine) and a free Skype account. Using headphones reduces 'echo' on the call.

    Who - All of you... connect up with Philofaxy and we will attempt to get as many of us linked in to the audio conference as possible.

    How -
    1. Connect to Philofaxy by firstly searching for Philofaxy in Skype, I will then add you as a contact.
    2. Then  'Start Chat',  I will then add you in to the chat room. 
    3. Then if you request it, I can add you to the audio conference as well. But if you just want to chat via keyboard that's fine. That way it's slightly less hectic for me! 
    Come and join in the fun, even if you only pop in to say hello...

    As with previous round-tables there will also be a parallel text chat room going at the same time as the voice conference.

    If you need any assistance setting up Skype, please pop a comment in this post and I will try and help you get one line. Skype is free for computer to computer calls....

    Here is my post on how to improve your Skype audio with headphones or a headset.

    Hope to be chatting with you on Sunday 6th November.

    29 October 2011

    Filofax Neal Street Sale Promotions

    Just had news of some great promotions on offer at Neal Street that might be of interest to anyone.
    • Flex - Purchase a Flex & receive a complimentary pack of Jot pads.

    • "The Generous Seasonal Reductions" has started - All colour & sizes of Finchley, Amazona, Deco, Siena & Adelphi are all half price... so are all sizes of Chameleon Black & Spring Green.

    • Halloween - spend £60 or more on full priced items & receive a Bromley Jot pad (worth £26)
    You can contact the Neal Street store as follows:
    T: +44 (0) 207 836 1977
    E: dyau@filofax.co.uk
    Filofax Shop 68 Neal Street Covent Garden London England WC2H 9PF

    Web Finds - 29 October 2011

    So the last one of October... but I think you will enjoy them more than the 'Trick or Treaters' knocking on your door tonight....

      28 October 2011

      FILOFAX Announce a New Design Collaboration With Alice Temperley

      The web was buzzing yesterday following this announcement....

      Exclusive Temperley London for Filofax “Your Life in Your Hands” Collection to arrive in 2012

      Today, Temperley London’s innate fashion style joins forces with Filofax’s elegant form. The British heritage brand Filofax is proud to reveal a fitting partnership with the British renowned designer Alice Temperley, MBE heralding the forthcoming arrival of a unique and exquisite collection by Temperley London for Filofax, “Your Life in Your Hands”.

      Famed for her timeless, feminine designs with beautiful prints and elegant lace detail, Alice Temperley brings her signature style from the catwalk to the palm of your hands.

      The accomplished womenswear designer has partnered with Filofax to create two stunning limited edition organisers to be launched during London Fashion Week A/W 2012.

      With a self-confessed magpie like approach to finding inspiration for her fashion designs, including a penchant for collecting memories, notes, photos and sketches, as well as keeping a hectic schedule organised, Alice Temperley finds the perfect companion in Filofax; another British icon that puts originality, creativity and achievement at the heart and enables the creation of a unique and personal record.

      The new Temperley London for Filofax Collection is designed to provide a private space for originality and creativity, in a timeless accessory to treasure. Each individual Filofax will be handmade from the finest premium leathers and fabrics, bringing to life two original and distinctive designs, making them a must-have fashion accessory for the upcoming season.

      Alice Temperley recently marked her tenth anniversary in fashion by launching a new coffee table book, True British - where Alice Temperley tells her story over the last ten years. Eclectic, rich in content and personal, Alice delved into her archives including her old Filofax to collate the material. Alice was inspired by this journey to create a new bespoke Filofax, with a distinctive tailored design inside and out, which others can use to capture the defining moments and hand written detail of their own lives.

      Alice Temperley says, “I was inspired to create a beautiful functional organiser that could be used and treasured daily, year after year. Over the years, I have always kept them to keep sketches, notes, scribbles, pictures, recipes, and personal notes in. As you have them on you throughout your working days I wanted to have something bespoke and luxurious.”

      Filofax, the original word in paper-based organisers, marks a fashion focused step with this creative partnership. Recently seen on the laps of leading fashionistas at London Fashion Week this season, Filofax is enjoying a timely renaissance in the hectic digital age, as self-fulfilled creative individuals hark back to the privacy, importance and simple pleasure of making handwritten notes. The “Your Life in Your Hands” Collection brings forth a unique and desirable fashion accessory that can be used to capture the minutiae and inspirations of daily life.

      Gordon Presly, CEO of the Filofax Group, comments, “Our collaboration with Temperley London for Filofax was a natural development given Alice has a real passion for Filofax and importantly shares many of the qualities of our customers, as a creative individual, successful business woman and mother with a busy and fulfilled personal and work life. We were intrigued to give Alice full rein to create a bespoke collection that would give birth to her vision of the perfect Filofax for others to use when juggling busy lives, yet with a desire to look stylish. We take a long term view to our partnership with Temperley London as part of a wider fashion focused strategy, positioning Filofax as the ultimate lifestyle accessory for creative and self-fulfilled individuals.”

      We can't wait to see the finished products! Will you be buying? Let us know in the comments section below…

      Free for All Friday No. 154

      I've always appreciated, and been fascinated by, Filofax's effort to provide its diaries with reminds of all important dates for people around the world. Even the moon cycles are indicated for those who need to know (or just like to know) that information.

      Another case in point: Time-change reminders. This weekend, your Filofax will tell you that, if you're in Europe, it's time to turn your clocks back an hour. "Summer Time" is over. In the US and Canada, "Daylight Saving Time" ends next weekend.

      One important date that's not indicated is the end of the world, although according to some, it was supposed to be May 21, 2011, until it was changed to October 21, 2011.

      Has anyone checked their Filofax for December 21, 2012?

      27 October 2011

      Share Your Filofax Memories - The Winners

      Well after a hectic two weeks, the entries have been checked, the judges have sat through until the early hours of this morning looking over all the entries and we are now pleased to announce the Philofaxy 'winners' as follows:
      • Sandra Kramer
      • Jes 
      • Lorraine Ross
      • Sandy Masters
      • Kate (TPS)
      • Jotje
      The entries will now be forwarded to Filofax, who will be getting in touch with the people named above regarding your prizes, which we hope you will enjoy and tell us how you are using them. 

      Thank you to everyone who entered, it was fun reading through all of your entries.

      Also a big thank you from me for the huge support given by Laurie, Imy, Kyla, and Iris. They have worked tirelessly behind the scenes this last week or two to make this competition 'work'.

      Thank you.  

      26 October 2011

      More than one Filofax?

      If you have only one, you have a Filofax.... but if you have more than one then what do you have?

      Several Filofaxes? Filos? what is the correct spelling for the plural of Filofax?

      You might have noticed I often skirt around the problem by writing 'Filofax Organisers' putting the plural on the organisers part... cheating I know, but heh I was an engineer, who had two attempts to pass his English Language O Level, so what do I know about these complicated rules of languages!!

      25 October 2011

      How Many Filofaxes Do You Own?

      We have asked this question before, but it was about 2 years ago, it will be interesting to see how things have changed in that time!

      As you will see I've expanded the number of categories this time, so we can get a slightly more accurate picture... 

      Here is the graph from last time.

      Free For All Tuesday No 38

      We are inching closer to the end of October, but what ever you want to ask questions about Filofax.... this is the place to ask them.

      24 October 2011

      Share Your Filofax Memories - Update

      This October, Filofax and Philofaxy would like to invite you to share your favourite Filofax memory. Whether it’s a tale about your first Filofax, the story of your first visit to the Filofax store or even a moment when a Filofax played an important part in your life, we want to hear from you!

      You will be able submit your cherished Filofax memories by 26th October at 23:59(UK time) to philofaxy at gmail dot com This can be beautifully handwritten, typed or even drawn onto the special Filofax diary page template which you can download from the link below.

      Interested in sharing your Filofax memories? Here’s how to take part:
      1. Download the Filofax diary page template from this link PPT format PDF Format
      2. Write, draw or type your 300-500 word memory onto the Filofax diary page template
      3. Send your memory back by 26th October at 23:59(UK time) to philofaxy at gmail dot com
      4. Filofax have kindly offered further organisers for this activity, so the first 6 to enter will receive a lovely personal organiser.
        So do not delay let us have your entries by Wednesday.....

          23 October 2011

          Making Your Own Organiser

          Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought 'I wish I could make my own organiser'? After my post the other day about page sizes. Wouldn't it be great to make your own organiser for what ever size paper you wanted.

          At first I thought the main problem would be finding a ring mechanism, people wouldn't want to wreck one of their existing Filofax organisers just to get a set of rings,  with the possible exception of an Apex!

          So I did a few searches on the Interwebs and discovered a few suppliers:
          Then I turned to the leather part of the organiser. Now I'm no craft expert my self, but I'm sure there are plenty of local firms in your part of the world that might be able to make a suitable organiser in leather if you gave them a suitable design or 'example' idea.

          Again a quick look on the web I found this small UK company making various leather goods of good quality and size to an organiser.
          But I also found this useful guide for buying leather one another website
          They also have a range of tools and thread etc. So you could finish your organiser in what ever colour you wanted.

          So it might be feasible to make or have made an organiser to your own design. But before the legal people at Filofax start sharpening their pencils... I don't think they need to worry about us going in to competition with them with an aptly named Philofaxy Organiser... just yet!

          22 October 2011

          Web Finds - 22nd October 2011

          I hope you enjoy these posts on Saturdays and this week is no exception. So grab a drink of your choice and sit down enjoy:
          Now before you shut-down your computer and get on with your tasks for the weekend... read about our Filofax Memories Competition and download the entry files and get writing your entry this weekend..... 

            21 October 2011

            Free For All Friday No. 153

            Happy Friday everyone!  Got any big weekend plans? If you haven't already, spend some time this weekend submitting your entry to our Filofax Competition!  Don't miss your chance to win a new Filofax!

            Halloween is coming soon, autumn is in full swing for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. And shockingly, Christmas is barely two months away!

            How are you using your Filofax to plan the last two, ultra-busy months of this year?

            And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything Filofax-related. :)

            20 October 2011

            Size matters...

            Anyone who knows me well enough, will know that I love playing around with spreadsheets to look at things from a different point of view, to see things from a different angle and may be to discover something new I hadn't realised before....

            So yes you guessed it, I couldn't resist plugging some numbers in to Excel the other day in connection to Filofax organisers, to see if there was something I had over looked or may be explain why some sizes are more popular than others.

            So I decided to use the page area of the different sizes to see how they compare to each other between the different sizes.

            Size H x W (mm) Area (sq mm)
            A4 297 x 210 62370
            A5 210 x 148 31185
            Personal 171 x 95 16245
            Pocket 120 x 81 9720
            Mini 105 x 67 7035

            Then looking at the page size in terms of percentage of each other and say 'converting' from one size to another size. In the table below, lets say you are using a Personal size and you are going to A5. You start on the top Personal and go down to A5 on the left hand side. This indicates that A5 is 192% in page area relative to Personal size (nearly double the page area)

            Current Size
            Future Size A4 A5 Personal Pocket Mini
            A4 100% 200% 384% 642% 887%
            A5 50% 100% 192% 321% 443%
            Personal 26% 52% 100% 167% 231%
            Pocket 16% 31% 60% 100% 138%
            Mini 11% 23% 43% 72% 100%

            Another example, this time Personal to Pocket, your page size would be 60% of your current page size.

            This got me thinking... if people are tending to cycle between A5 and Personal size. The sort of thing we hear is people like the extra space that A5 gives them, but they don't like the additional bulk of an A5 organiser.

            Seeing the figures above it doesn't come as any surprise really as to why the A5 has such an advantage over the Personal size, but people are swapping too much between sizes.

            There's almost a case for another size between A5 and Personal, one say that in the same ratio as an A5 page 1:1.4142.  This ratio is the same as the square root of 2, or the inverse of Sine 45 degrees, so there is some magic about the ratio of the height versus the width of the European paper sizes.

            So I picked a page area roughly between the two sizes about 23000 sq mm, in that ratio you get a page size of 180x127mm or put another way, slightly taller than personal, but about a third wider compared to Personal size or 41% bigger than personal size. This page would look something like this in blue:

            So I compromised slightly and made it the same height as Personal (171mm) in the same ratio as A5 that gives a page width of 121 mm and a page area of 20691 sq mm Or 27% bigger than personal size.

            This is what it would look like and how it compares to Personal and A5 size.  An organiser in this size would need to be wider, but it would be the same height as a Personal size... think of it as Personal + 

            I doubt if we would ever see organisers available in that size, but it might prove to be a more popular size if it ever did go in to production.

            19 October 2011

            Share Your Filofax Memories - Competition

            This October, Filofax and Philofaxy would like to invite you to share your favourite Filofax memory. Whether it’s a tale about your first Filofax, the story of your first visit to the Filofax store or even a moment when a Filofax played an important part in your life, we want to hear from you!

            Over the next two weeks, you will be able submit your cherished Filofax memories by 26th October at 23:59(UK time) to philofaxy at gmail dot com This can be beautifully handwritten, typed or even drawn onto the special Filofax diary page template which you can download from the link below 

            Philofaxy will then choose the top 10 memories to be uploaded onto the official Filofax Facebook page for fans all over the world to read and ‘like’.

            On the 4th November, the three memories which have the most ‘likes’ from the Philofaxy will receive brand new Filofax organisers as a very special thank you for participating in the challenge.

            Interested in sharing your Filofax memories? Here’s how to take part:
            1. Download the Filofax diary page template from this link PPT format PDF Format
            2. Write, draw or type your 300-500 word memory onto the Filofax diary page template
            3. Send your memory back by 26th October at 23:59(UK time) to philofaxy at gmail dot com who will then select their top 10 stories to be uploaded onto the Filofax Facebook page. Maximum of 3 entries per person. Competition open to all Filofax users worldwide.
            4. Filofax fans will then be encouraged to ‘like’ their favourite memories
            5. The three memories that receive the most ‘likes’ from the Philofaxy album will receive brand new Filofax organisers!

            18 October 2011

            Free For All Tuesday No. 37

            Did you know that according to Wikipedia; 'Tuesday is a day of the week occurring after Monday and before Wednesday. According to international standard ISO 8601, it is the second day of the week, although in some traditions it is the third.'

            But in terms of Philofaxy, Tuesday is the day you can ask any Filofax related questions!!

            17 October 2011

            What Colour?

            What influences you in deciding what colour Filofax to buy?  Some models come in quite a range of colours, the Domino and Finsbury seem to have a new colour added every year, replacing a previous colour, so there is always quite a range of colours available.

            Do you like to match colours between sizes, if you use more than one. Or do you match the colour of your organiser to your bag or desk accessories?

            As you can see in the picture above taken at the recent Philofaxy London meet up, red stands out as being a popular colour, all those crimson Maldens! Yes we did get our own back again!

            So if you were to be a winner in our current competition, and you were given the choice of colour of your prize, how would you decide? 

            'Got to be in it to win it....don't delay enter today'

            16 October 2011

            Share Your Filofax Memories - FAQ

            We announced on Wednesday a competition that we are doing jointly with Filofax UK and other blogs 

            I hope the questions and answers below help to clarify any doubts you have and it will encourage you to enter the competition.

            Q1: Who is the competition open to?
            A1: Everyone, no matter where you are in the world, you can enter this competition and you stand just as much an equal chance of winning one of the prizes.

            Q2: Do I have to be identified in my entry?
            A2: No, you can enter under a nickname if you wish, Philofaxy (and I'm sure the other blogs) will maintain the confidentiality of your real identity.

            Q3: How can I enter if I don't have Powerpoint on my computer?
            A3: Print out the PDF version of the file, and write your entry on the page in your own hand writing. If you have a scanner, scan in the full page and email it to philofaxy at gmail dot com, If you don't have access to a scanner, then I'm happy to accept entries by email, your entry will need to reach me by which ever route by the closing date.

            Q4: Can I enter the competition at more than one blog?
            A4: Filofax have suggested a maximum of 3 entries per person, I don't see any harm in you may be spreading those three entries between the blogs listed above.

            Q5: I have tried typing my entry in to the Powerpoint page and I've noticed that the text doesn't line up with the lines on the template picture. 
            A5: We have noticed this and we will make sure your entry is readable before it is entered on to the Facebook page.

            Q6: Do I have to have a Facebook account?
            A6: No you don't have to have a Facebook account yourself.

            We look forward to receiving lots of entries. 

            15 October 2011

            Web Finds - 15 October 2011

             Take a seat, get comfortable and have a read of some more excellent posts we have found on the web this week:

            14 October 2011

            Technology will be our downfall

            Anyone who has been on-line in what ever form will have experienced some incredible changes in the last 10 days.
            • The announcement of the new iPhone
            • The sad death of Steve Jobs (Former Apple CEO)
            • Blackberry Messaging system failing for three days
            • The release of iOS5 - the new iPhone, iPod, iPad operating system
            • Release of the latest Ubuntu 11.10 operating system.
            The announcement of any Apple product always brings an avalanche of press comment. This was closely followed by the sad death of the co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs at the young age of 56, not old at all.

            At the start of this week the messaging system on that Blackberry phones use suffered some failure or other for over three days... it would be quicker to write a letter and post it in most countries!

            The release of iOS 5 globally at the same time nearly brought the internet to a grinding halt with people trying to download the latest release.

            The release of Ubuntu 11.10 will have less of an impact I'm sure, but it's still a sizeable download.

            At home here in France as well as all of the above, although we don't use Blackberry thank goodness... my wife's PC suffered a problem the other night after a Windows update. So she is now using her netbook with an external keyboard, monitor, mouse, until we can get her a replacement machine (most probably an iMac).

            So I sit here on Friday night thinking back over this last week or so and think how crazy all of this is. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. Judging by the messages I have seen on Twitter this last week from Philofaxy readers and from some of my old friends in UK, it's hardly been a 'walk in the park' with downloads failing and devices not updating.

            Then, I opened my bag after a day over in Angers and take out the paperback book I've just finished reading today, then I pulled out my Malden and I unsnap the closure and open it at my diary page to think of a few notes to jot down about my day. The rich aroma of the leather wafting out of the bag. I look at it... then I look at the various electronic devices I have around me and I think....

            Thank goodness for Filofax
            • You can update it at any time in the year with a new diary, 
            • You don't have to rely on some hidden central server somewhere, 
            • The only delay in updating it is the queue for the cash till at a Philofaxy meet up, 
            • It's a pleasure to hold in your hand and be seen to be using. 
            I mourned the death of Steve Jobs last week... I will not be mourning the death of my Filofax for a long long time to come.

            Free For All Friday No. 152

            So the weekend is nearly here again. It couldn't be a better time to sit down and start thinking about your entry for our Filofax competition... 

            But as it is Friday you are of course free to discuss anything Filofax related.

            13 October 2011

            Reader Under The Spotlight - Tracy

            Hi everyone.
            I was thrilled when I received an email from Steve asking if I would like to do a reader under the spotlight post. I love reading those of others!!

            Anyhow, I'm Tracy and I live in Lincolnshire. I am a full-time mum of two girls, and also a full-time student at the University of Lincoln reading Psychology with Forensic Psychology. I am a big fan of Filofax and have never got on with technology.

            I have my own blog which I only started a couple of months ago. 

            1. When did you buy your first Filofax and what was it? 

            The first Filofax that I bought and still own was a Mini Identity. I found it the other week whilst having a sort out. I used to love it, and felt very sorry for it when I looked inside and it was empty. So now it has spare diary pages in.

            2. What other brands have you used or considered using? 

            I always cringe when I think of this question, as I feel like a traitor to Filofax. I have used Moleskine diaries numerous years but have never stuck with them. I have also used normal diaries that come out at Christmas time. But, I always come back to Filofax.

            3. Out of the organisers you own which is your current favourite (Style and Size)? 

            I absolutely adore my Vintage Pink Personal Malden. I saw people on Philofaxy ranting about how great the Malden was and I never believed it until I looked on the Filofax website. I immediately thought, "wow, I have to have one".

            4. How many Filofax organisers do you own?

            I currently own 10 Filofaxes.
            • Mini Identity 
            • Mini Lyndhurst 
            • Mini Malden (currently on sale on eBay) 
            • Pocket Urban 
            • Pocket Adelphi (currently for sale on eBay) 
            • Pocket Botanic 
            • Personal Songbird 
            • Personal Malden 
            • A5 Finsbury 
            • Flex

            5. What do you use your Filofax for? 

            My personal Malden is used for everything. All day to day stuff and information I need to remember. It has my diary, to do's, cards, and plenty of note paper. My A5 Finsbury is used for my uni work. I take it to lectures with me and take notes. My mini Lyndhurst is taking a well earned break, and the pocket urban has just temporarily come out so I can update the diary.

            6. What was the feature about Filofax you like most? 

            I love the flexibility the Filofax can offer. You can put as much or little into it as you want. Then if you want a change, you can.

            7. If you could design your own Filofax what would it feature? 

            I would be more likely to design the refills for a Filofax rather than the binder itself. I would like to see more funkier diary refills and subject tabs. I find they are very plain. They need more colour and patterns.

            8. How do you carry your Filofax?

            I usually carry my A5 Finsbury in my hand when going to uni. All other Filofaxes generally go into my handbag.

            9. Which Filofax in the current range do you like the most? 

            Are you going to buy it? Mmm. This one has been quite a subject of debate for me. I love my personal Malden but was finding it hard carrying that and the A5 around with me. It seems that no other Filofax can match the expectations of the Malden so I have just ordered myself a pocket Malden in crimson.

            10. What is the most you have ever spent on a Filofax? Which model?

            Ooh I hope my other half doesn't read this. The most I have spent was £35. It was my personal Malden, bought from a lady on Philofaxy adspot page. It was a good purchase. I tend to look for bargains, and will very rarely pay full price.

            11. Turning to Philofaxy, what do you like the most? 

            I love reading Philofaxy full stop. I take a look every day to see what is new. I love reading about what other people keep in their Filofaxes. I get some good ideas from it. I also like reading the comments to the posts. Everyone has a story, hint or suggestion to share, and they are all passionate about Filofaxes.

            12. And what do you not like about Philofaxy? 

            Are you joking????? What is there not to like????

            13. What was the last music album CD you bought or downloaded?

            Since getting an iPhone I don't buy cd's any more. Which is quite sad in a way. The last album I downloaded was the latest Red Hot Chili Peppers album "I'm with you". It's fantastic.

            Thank you Tracy for going under the spotlight and we look forward to meeting you at next months London Meet up. 

            12 October 2011

            Share your Filofax Memories

            This October, Filofax and Philofaxy would like to invite you to share your favourite Filofax memory. Whether it’s a tale about your first Filofax, the story of your first visit to the Filofax store or even a moment when a Filofax played an important part in your life, we want to hear from you!

            Over the next two weeks, you will be able submit your cherished Filofax memories by 26th October at 23:59(UK time) to philofaxy at gmail dot com This can be beautifully handwritten, typed or even drawn onto the special Filofax diary page template which you can download from the link below 

            Philofaxy will then choose the top 10 memories to be uploaded onto the official Filofax Facebook page for fans all over the world to read and ‘like’.

            On the 4th November, the three memories which have the most ‘likes’ from the Philofaxy will receive brand new Filofax organisers as a very special thank you for participating in the challenge.

            Interested in sharing your Filofax memories? Here’s how to take part:
            1. Download the Filofax diary page template from this link PPT format PDF Format
            2. Write, draw or type your 300-500 word memory onto the Filofax diary page template
            3. Send your memory back by 26th October at 23:59(UK time) to philofaxy at gmail dot com who will then select their top 10 stories to be uploaded onto the Filofax Facebook page. Maximum of 3 entries per person. Competition open to all Filofax users worldwide.
            4. Filofax fans will then be encouraged to ‘like’ their favourite memories
            5. The three memories that receive the most ‘likes’ from the Philofaxy album will receive brand new Filofax organisers!

            11 October 2011

            Free For All Tuesday No. 36

            So what Filofax related questions do you have for us this week?

            Yes I have already asked when UK will be getting a 90 products for 9 days at £9 sale.... no I didn't get an answer....

            10 October 2011

            Filofax Denmark

            You might have already seen the comments about the 90kr sale on the Denmark site... well here are the links http://www.filofax.dk/

            Delivery details can be found here: http://www.filofax.dk/delivery/

            And here is a currency converter to help you decide

            Two diaries one Filofax?

            For most of this year I've been using a page per day A5 Business Style diary along with a Personal size week on two pages diary in two different organsiers. The A5 size has been great for me because it has lots of room for to-do lists and reminders.  But the downside is, it is a lot of paper in my A5 Filofax.

            As I don't have that many appointments in any one day, so I was looking for something in a Weekly format rather than Day format. However, I like the constant reminders about things I need to do today or this week.

            It would also be nice to have everything in one Filofax rather than two. At the moment my A5 deals with future events and the personal acts as a journal for past events. I like the idea of keeping the future and past separately, often my plans do change, so what I planned and what happened might be different.

            So after a bit of thought I came up with this idea; a Week on Two pages, but in A5 for past events. I chose this layout because of the equal spacing for each day and also the English only format.

            And for my future planning, appointments, to do lists and reminders. I'm going to use a Week on Two pages, but from the Time Management Filofax range, it looks like this:

            At first I wasn't sure about this layout, but then looking at what I've been entering in my page per day in the last 6 months or so, I think this weekly layout will work quite well for me. It will allow me to prioritise to-dos and tasks better put in reminders for birthdays. I will most probably use the Phone, Write, Fax, Email area for Blog posts as well.

            Both inserts are in A5 size so they will both go in to one A5 Malden and I will use two today markers to bookmark the current weeks in each diary.

            For the rest of my set up for 2012 I have quite a choice, I could go Pocket with a simple week per page diary and also use this as my wallet. Or stick to my current set up of Personal with a Pocket as just a notebook/wallet.

            Endless possibilities I know, but I have the organisers and the inserts for what ever I decide to do for my portable set up.  I realise that there will be the need to synchronise my diaries between the A5 and the portable set up, but I do that now so no extra work really.

            So do any of you use two diaries in the one organiser like I'm planning to do in my A5?

            I almost can't wait until 1 Jan 2012 to get started using this new set up...!

            09 October 2011

            Filofax Pocket Review

            We all know how popular the pocket size has become in the last year or so. I have recently bought a Malden Pocket Filofax, I'm now the proud owner of three Filofax organisers in this size. So I thought I would do a comparison of the three that I have.

            So the three in question are the Pocket Finsbury, a Pocket Chameleon and the latest edition to my collection a Pocket Malden.

            Pocket Finsbury:
            The Finsbury range spans all sizes of Filofax Organisers from the cute Mini through to the big A4. The all come in a generous range of colours and have good size rings. New colours are added each year so there is always quite a variety of colours available. So they are perfect 'First Filofax' for people today.

            I have the Finsbury in Pocket, Personal, Slimline and A5 size, the oldest being the A5 which I bought in about 2005, it's still wearing well so no complaints about the quality of this organiser. 

            The Pocket currently retails for about £43, but with a bit of shopping around you can pick up the pocket size for as low as £18 (new) 

            The Finsbury is made of soft grained leather. Part of the interior is a textile material which I'm told can wear in time, but none of mine are showing any signs of wear. I suspect you will get bored with the colour before it shows signs of wear and tear inside! The textile interior can attract paper dust over time, the trick to remove this is a bit of sticky tape, sticky side down to easily remove the dust, simple, but it works.

            The Finsbury Pocket in common with the Chameleon and the Malden has a full width rear pocket which if you are using it as a wallet can hold a passport, paper driving licence, bank notes etc. The left hand interior doesn't have a huge number of card slots, which might not matter if you are just using it as a planner.

            The Finsbury Pocket comes with the larger 19mm rings, which gives you plenty of capacity for any diary format and plenty of other pages.

            Pocket Chameleon:
            The Chameleon range has only been out about a couple of years.  It comes in Mini, Pocket, Personal, Compact and A5 sizes.

            In the Pocket size the simplicity of the construction of the Chameleon organiser, gives this particular model it's suppleness and light weight. In the chart below it might not look a big difference in weight but when you compare the Chamelon with the Malden you can see where the Malden gains its weight.

            One feature I like about the Chameleon is the elasticated leather pen loop that is attached to the front cover rather than the back cover. In that location it doesn't get in the way of the zipped pocket in the back cover of the organiser, which means removing change isn't too much of a problem.

            The Chameleon is all leather with a pattern printed in to the surface. Only the interior of the pockets are textile lined.

            The rings on the Chamelon are the smaller 15mm size, which might constrain some people, when I moved from the Finsbury to the Chameleon I had to reduce the number of spare pages I was carrying, but I was still able to carry most things, as well as using it initially as a Filofax/Wallet. 

            I have used my Chameleon as a wallet/note book, it works great for that, plenty of capacity for bank cards and coinage. The smaller rings make it easy to slip in to your jeans pocket or the pocket of your coat or jacket.

            The Chameleon Pocket retails for £50 but shop around and you might find one for a little less than that

            Pocket Malden:
            The Malden is the heavy weight of the three, not only in terms of weight, but also what is offers with it's internal features. As you know it started out in just Pocket and Personal size, but it can now be found in Mini and A5 sizes as well.

            The bigger rings of the Malden certainly give it a bigger more meant presence than the Chameleon,  on its own the Malden feels much bigger, but in fact it shares the same foot print on the desk as the Chameleon.

            The quality of the contrasting stitching on the Malden, makes it stand out. OK it is not hand stitched, but it certainly adds a feel of quality to the organiser.

            There is a slot for a note pad in the back cover as well as a large pocket. This slot will in fact take a Flex Pocket notebook or year planner, which could be a useful addition.

            The Pocket Malden has been used by a few of our readers as a combined Wallet/Organiser, it has the capacity to take a full diary and a host of other pages, yet still function as a wallet as well. Although I would think it would be best suited to carrying in a hand bag/man bag in my case! or a heavy coat pocket, a fully loaded Malden Pocket will be quite a weight to carry.

            Some people might find the zipped pocket a little small for carrying change, but I've found it easier to get coins out of it compared to the deeper pocket of the Chameleon. Also I like the lighter overall weight compared to the Chameleon, all of those extra coins really do add a lot of bulk and weight to the Chameleon organiser.

            The pen loop on the Malden is not elasticated, but it takes my 0.5 mm Frixion pens snugly and the pen is a fraction shorter than the length of the side of the Pocket Malden. 

            Ring Size19mm15mm19mm
            ColoursSeveral, changes each yearGenerally 3-4 colours available at all timesGenerally 3-4 colours available at all times.
            Weight (empty)135g115g145g
            Credit Card Slots2 plus ID card window pocket  and full height pocket behind5 plus full height pocket behind3 full height slots behind zip pocket with storage for 6 cards over lapping
            Zip PocketLarge in the back coverLarge in the back coverSmall in the front cover
            LeatherSoft leather printed with traditional ‘rambling’ grain.Full grain leather exterior and interior.Vintage-look buffalo leather.
            Back CoverZip PocketZip PocketNotepad slot
            PenloopFixed leather on back coverElasticated leather on front coverFixed leather on back cover
            Price£43 - but can be found as little as £18 (WH Smiths for the black or grey models)£50 - but some colours available for as little as £37.50 (WH Smiths) £60 but some colours as low as £30 (Filofax UK Crimson)

            Also check out the review I did of the Pocket Aston earlier this year.

            Personally I like all three models for different reasons.
            • The Finsbury for it's no nonsense design, it does the job, great value for money, big capacity rings, good range of colours for most peoples likes.
            • The Chameleon, for it's light weight, all leather design, it's suppleness, the card slot capacity, the left hand side pen loop. 
            • The Malden, because of the luxury of it's leather, the large rings, the rear note pad, the detail in the stitching and design, and what isn't there to like about a Malden!
            At the moment my Finsbury is used as my Car Log book, and I'm switching between the Chameleon and the Malden as my wallet/Filofax, well like shoes it's nice to have a change and they say you shouldn't wear the same pair of leather shoes constantly.

            Do you have one of these models, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments.

            08 October 2011

            Web Finds - 8 October 2011

            And some more posts for you to read:

              07 October 2011

              Free for All Friday No. 151

              At the New York City meetup last month, we talked not only about our Filofaxes, but what we put them in.

              Some people simply hand-carry their Filofaxes. I do that on quick errands. Women, of course, carry their Filos in a handbag or totebag. More men are starting to carry an organizer bag (Mr. Morton), and that's an obvious place to carry a Filo.

              A few people asked me, with some concern, how I carry around my A5, the one I use for work. The answer is -- I don't! I take it to and from work in a wheeled laptop case. If I worked only in an office, I'd simply leave it in my office.

              The subject of carrying is on my mind now. By the time you read this, I'll be traveling in Ireland. And I'll have a Filofax in my backpack.

              Where do you put yours?

              06 October 2011

              Reader Under The Spot Light - Kate

              Hi everyone! I'm so honoured to be able do a Reader Under the Spotlight! It's really interesting to read about other people's filofaxing, I thought I would try it myself!

              I run the blog The Perpetual Student, where I write about Filofaxes and studenthood, but mainly about Filofaxes!

              1. When did you buy your first Filofax and what was it?

              I bought my first ever Filofax, a raspberry personal Finsbury, this March. I saw it online and absolutely loved it, and bought it the next day from John Lewis! I have been hooked since then, and have bought many different styles since!

              2. What other brands have you used or considered using?

              I used to use generic diaries that I found in stationary shops, but never really stuck to them. I used an academic A6 day per page bound WH Smith diary successfully during school, and during the first years of university I used dodopad, and my iphone calendar. But none of them worked perfectly for my hectic uni life, until I found Filofax that is!

              3. Out of the organisers you own which is your current favourite (Style and Size)?

              Malden Malden Malden!!! I love my personal sized Maldens, but I don't know if I could choose between the crimson and the ochre! I love them both!

              4. How many Filofax organisers do you own?

              *Cough cough* I think I'm too ashamed to count!! My mum would say too many! Around 10 I guess, maybe more!

              5. What do you use your Filofax for?

              Here are my 3 most important filos (if I tell you about all of my collection I'll be here all day!):
              I use a personal for my everyday planner. I have 3 in the rotation- my crimson and ochre Maldens, and my raspberry Chameleon (I'm currently using my crimson Malden, but I may change in a couple of weeks when I get bored). It serves as my day-to-day planner, especially when I'm not at my desk (which is most of the time), with my DPP insert, and holds my cards, any important information I need when I am out (my 'reference' section with my mum's working timetable, important addresses etc), and some note paper.

              My A5 vintage pink Malden holds things that I don't need with me all the time like my housework section, meal plans etc, and most importantly my 'fun' section, where I plan for my blog, list books I want to read etc!

              I use my gorgeous new A5 Amazona for my university planner, it has my WO2P columned diary for planning my week, a monthly diary printed from Outlook to plan when I am going to focus on specific assignments, and details of uni work to do for each module! I love it, it's really helping me to stay organised!

              6. What was the feature about Filofax you like most?

              It has to be its customisability! I can have it set up any way I want, and change it if it's not working for me! It's always evolving, but I hope one day soon I am going to set up my perfect planner, and it will work for me 100%, unlike any generic planner I could buy from a shop! All because of the genius of the rings!

              7. If you could design your own Filofax what would it feature?

              This is quite easy as I LOVE the Malden so I would just tweak that a tiny bit. I would have vertical card slots (because I prefer them), a more fuchsia-pink colour instead of the vintage rose, and 2 pen loops! It would be great if they made a compact Malden (Filofax, please take note!!), and hopefully an A5 crimson Malden!!

              8. How do you carry your Filofax?

              I carry my daily filo in my hand if I can, because I always want it near me. If it rains, I'm afraid it has to go away somewhere safe L The one time I put in my bag when I could carry it, it got a huge scratch on the corner! I can't carry my A5 Amazona in my hand all the time, especially as at the same time I still would be carrying my everyday filo, so that goes in my bag, but I feel really bad putting it in a bag with my keys, or in my backpack, so I might make a protective bag for it to go in when it's inside my backpack!

              9. Which Filofax in the current range do you like the most? Are you going to buy it?

              Deary me, this could turn into an essay! Of course I love a lot of them… But if I could own one more, at the moment it would be the compact Osterley in plum… although I don't know if it would really suit me, because I think it's for much more grown-up ladies (read: well-dressed business women) than me (scruffy student)!

              Actually… I would LOVE an A5 Malden in Ochre… after seeing some pictures of it, I wish I had bought the Ochre A5 instead of the vintage pink! It's such a gorgeous-looking thing! But I couldn't excuse another one… until my next birthday, maybe!

              10. What is the most you have ever spent on a Filofax? Which model?

              I must confess… £100 on my A5 Malden, but it was my graduation present for myself, and it did help donate £8 to the Philofaxy charity fund! I know that's a lot of money to spend on one filo, but I have saved quite a bit of money with some of my others, and I see all my filos as an investment, I will use them for the rest of my life!

              11. Turning to Philofaxy, what do you like the most?

              Ever since I found the site when I first became obsessed with Filofaxes, I have felt like this is a great community where people are so kind and I really feel like I belong! You guys are the only ones who understand my addiction!! I feel so at home here! For that reason I love FFA Ts and Fs, and I really love reading all the other posts too! Plus I love the Flickr group!

              12. And what do you not like about Philofaxy?

              I wish you would stop enabling so much! My bank account can't handle it!!!

              13. What was the last music album CD you bought or downloaded?

              It was Adele 21, I love her, she is so talented!

              Thank you Kate for agreeing to be our latest reader under the spotlight. 

              05 October 2011

              My Malden Family

              Well it was bound to happen... having bought an A5 and Personal size Maldens in March this year, I just couldn't resist the Pocket Malden that Jotje announced as being for sale on Twitter, it was instant snap decision. 'Yes I will have it!' And she kindly brought it along to the Meet Up last weekend. 

              So the 'family' is as follows, (back left) A5 in Grey (30mm rings), (back right) A5 in Grey (25 mm rings) which was the original one! And in the front row, Crimson Personal (one of many) and Black Pocket.

              So of course you are going to ask what am I going to be using them all for... yep thought you might.
              • A5 Grey (25 mm) - This is my current desk planner with the day per page (business diary) insert in it and a few other pages. I've been using this set up since about May.
              • A5 Grey (30 mm) - I'm setting this one up for use next year with a slightly different set up to this year in the other A5. I will be publishing the details of this set up once I have settled on set up in the forthcoming weeks. But it's handy having the two A5's, so I can leave one as it is whilst I set up the other one. 
              • Crimson Personal - This is currently used as my carry around Filofax with a Week on Two pages diary which I tend to use as a journal rather than a planner. I use the address section on this one quite a bit too. 
              • Black Pocket - I'm going to consider swapping my Chameleon Pocket for this one. Again I will be publishing a post comparing the two organisers, because there are some pros and cons between them, so it will be interesting to share them with you in the coming weeks.

              At the moment the Personal and Pocket both have fairly standard fills in them, but they are likely to change in the coming weeks as I set them up for the forth coming year.

              Now what about a Mini... hmm tempting. Although I doubt it would ever be used... famous last words!

              04 October 2011

              October Offers

              Not long until Christmas, yet a mini heat wave has hit UK and Europe in this last few days. Anyway... Christmas is creeping up on us. So what better time to think about buying some Filofax inserts, organisers, diary inserts and any other goodies....

              Filofax UK have a 4 for the price of 3 offer for the rest of October, on Paper and Essentials only one order per person attracts the discount.

              Filofax UK also have a Free Delivery offer on UK delivery on all 2012 diary inserts. Only one use per person, and again valid until the end of October.

              Filofax UK still have their 'Last Chance to Buy' sale page running which includes 50% off the Crimson Malden Personal and Pocket organisers. This is becoming a popular 'must own' organiser if the recent Meet Up pictures can prove...I counted 5 crimson personals.. and there was only 11 of us there!

              The Filofax Finchley looks as if it is also in its last throws and it being sold off at a discount price.

              WH Smiths in UK also still have their 'up to 60percent offer' running on Filofax Organisers and inserts and accessories.

              All of the above offers will earn commission, which will be donated to a UK cancer charity later this year.

              Free For All Tuesday No. 35

              So what questions do you have for us this week?

              And the picture in case you are wondering is the difference between 25mm rings and 30 mm rings on a couple of my A5's

              03 October 2011

              Setting Goals with your Filofax

              Reader Robbiegirl recently posted a comment asking for tips on using a Filofax for goal setting and time management. Since goal setting is one of my favorite topics, I thought I'd write a post about how to specifically use your Filofax for setting and tracking goals.

              Awhile back on Plannerisms I wrote a post about using your planner to set and track goals, and mentioned some ways to use Filofax for this. (Click here to see the post.) I found the article linked in that post very enlightening.

              So, the thing about goals is it's not enough just to set them. Don't get me wrong, goal setting is extremely important. But it's just the beginning.

              1. Goal or Resolution? First, let's talk about the difference between a goal and a resolution. In her book The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin cleared up the whole issue for me by pointing out that a Goal has a definitive end. Her example was, your goal might be to run a marathon. You train for the marathon, then on race day you run it, and it's finished. But if your goal is to exercise regularly for health and fitness, that's a Resolution.  That's never going to end. It will be a life-long endeavor. But you can create goals from your resolutions. For example, a goal could be to exercise 4 times per week.

              2. Set your goals.  This means, really think about what you want your goals to be. What do you want the end result to be?  Write down what you want to accomplish, and crucially, by WHEN. Give yourself a deadline, whether actual or artificial.

              3. Set milestones. Milestones are steps along the way to allow you to monitor your progress. Most goals are big, multi-faceted things that need to be broken down into tasks. Look at your Goal, and think about all the steps that need to happen to reach the end. Write down each step, and think about how long it will take you to reach that step.  From this timeline you can set your monthly and weekly goals and tasks. What do you need to do each week to continue your progress toward your goals?

              *4. Record your progress.  This is a step many people miss when working toward their goals. In the article I linked above, one of the most important points was to record your progress. Did you complete your weekly and monthly goals? Have you done those tasks related to your goals?  Make sure you write down what you accomplished, and what you didn't, so that at all times you know what you still need to do to reach your goal.

              *5. Evaluate your progress!  This is a step very few people do! Yet, it is crucial for successfully reaching your goals. After you record your progress toward your goals, evaluate what worked well and what didn't. If you didn't reach your weekly or monthly milestones, why not? Did something unexpected come up that took up your time (such as an illness or urgent project?)  If you did reach your milestones, celebrate! Make sure you write down what worked well so you can replicate it!

              6. Adjust your goals. This is yet another step that many people don't do. As you work through your goals, continue to adjust them to suit your needs. You may find as you go along that a goal may need a longer timeline than you have allotted, so you can adjust your timeline accordingly. You may discover that there are things that need to happen first before you can progress, so you can work those tasks into your timeline. You may find that some of your milestones need to be changed. You might even find that a goal you set awhile back is no longer relevant and can be eliminated.

              7. Celebrate your success!  Reward yourself along the way for reaching your milestones, and make sure to celebrate the completion of your goal!

              A Filofax is an excellent tool to help you reach your goals. You can use a Filofax in almost endless ways to help you along the way.  Here are some ideas:

              Create a GOAL section.  Whatever your goal is, dedicate a section to it. Here you can list your monthly and weekly goals, and evaluate them.  You can collect information that will help you reach your goal.  You can even write inspirational quotes to help keep you motivated.  Or, you could even dedicate an entire Filofax to your goal. This works well for exercise or specific projects.  If you do use a separate, designated Filofax, make sure you open the book often! You may find you look at goals more often in your everyday, constant-use Filofax.

              Visual reminders everywhere.  Put reminders of your goals everywhere you look. Have a page you like to look at in the very front of your Filofax so you see your goal every time you open your binder. This can be a photo (like Femke's photo of herself running a 5k, which she would like to do again), a motivational statement, or a countdown ("only 5 more pounds to go!").  I like to write my goals on my weekly diary pages so they are in front of me all the time.  Write or stick reminders of your goals on your pagemarker. Your goals will stay at the front of your mind if you see them frequently.

              Record your progress.  This is where a Filofax can be especially useful in goal setting and achievement, because of the ability to add in any pages you want. You can use your Filofax to record your progress toward your goal in numerous ways.  Use graph paper to make charts or total up figures (such as money saved, miles run, pounds lost, etc).  Use notes paper to write lists of accomplishments. On your diary pages, write your daily and weekly goals and check them off as you finish them to get a real sense of accomplishment!

              Write evaluations in your Filofax!  These can go in your Goals section, or you can put pages into your weekly or monthly section to keep a chronological record of your progress. You might designate a specific color of paper to write your goals progress and evaluations on so you can find and reference them easily.  Write reminders in your diary pages of when it's time to write your weekly, mid-month and/ or monthly reviews. Then on your designated pages write what worked well and what didn't, what needs to be continued and what, if anything, can be eliminated.  Remember to record your successes and your pitfalls! Both will help you work out a plan forward.

              Rewards in your Filofax. How will you reward yourself when you reach your goal? Will you take a trip? Have a party? Buy yourself a new wardrobe of clothes in your new smaller size?  Write your reward, plan your party or list your dream clothes in your Filofax. Don't forget to give yourself smaller rewards for reaching benchmarks along the way: after you've consistently completed your weekly goals you might buy yourself a new book, go see a movie or even splurge on a new Filofax! ;D

              Your Filofax can be a wonderful motivational tool. How do you use your Filofax to help you reach your goals?