27 February 2009

Free for All Friday No. 26

Have at it, folks!

—Inky (feels good to by typing that again!)

24 February 2009

Inky's Here

Hi everybody.

I would like to thank the kind reader who emailed me at my work and home email addresses -- good detective work.

I'm sorry I worried or alarmed some of my longtime readers. Part of the reason for my absence had to do with family illnesses, house and automobile repairs, and other challenges, but part of it was simple neglect.

I really appreciate everyone's concern. I have been stocking up on new and old leaves and still using my Filofaxes to conduct my life.

I love all the wonderful comments everyone has been leaving, and hope to get even more lively discussion going as I start posting more often again.

Here's one of my recent acquisitions -- a 1988 England printing of a leaf I'm sure is discontinued, the Traveller's Checklist. Don't forget to pack your Embrocation! I'm reluctant to even open it.