15 August 2008

Free for All Friday No. 10

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02 August 2008

PYOP - Print Your Own Pages

Lately a couple of blogs have revived (by linking to) a 2-year-old blog post on Lifehacker.com on the subject of notetaking.

So forgive me for jumping on the bandwagon here, but I'd like to call your attention as Philofaxers to the bottom half of the Lifehacker post, which has a list of links to printable note-taking forms, including Dr. Walter Pauk's Cornell note-taking method.

Filofaxes come filled with a year's diary and various forms, and the company still sells some refill forms, though not nearly as many as in the pre-PC era. Furthermore, these forms and even Filofax's lined and plain notepaper can be expensive. Since it is the PC era, and desktop printers are readily available, we can print our own forms, even notepaper.

Here's another classic blog entry, from PigPog, showing how it costs less to use plain A5 paper in a Filofax rather than large Moleskines.

I haven't printed my own forms or notepaper yet, but I'm getting close. (All I've done so far is print information typed into word processing docs on my computer onto Filofax paper.) I'm running low on lined white A5 notepaper, and rather than buying more, I'm thinking about buying a ream of A5 paper and printing my own guidelines, so the Lifehacker blog entry is of particular interest to me.

By the way, I really like Dr. Pauk's How to Study in College. It's actually more of a manual for life than a study guide. I've met Dr. Pauk. He wrote books for my parents' educational publishing company (but not about the note taking method; that was already copyrighted by Houghton Mifflin). He and his wife came to stay with our family one summer. TMI alert: They slept in my bed.

01 August 2008

Free for All Friday No. 9

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