12 August 2020

Video Web Finds - Wednesday 12 August 2020

So I hope you have had a good weekend.

So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of videos from around the internet.

Here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Planners I'm using right now... and a new tote! - Planning Inspired
  2. Purple Leather Comparison Video - Planner Mumsy
  3. Christmas Planning in an A5 Filofax - PART 1 - Flip & Review of Last Year - Emily Pencil
  4. Moterm Personal Versa - Litchi Pink - First Look - Quasi Thoughts
  5. Planner Update Flip Through | Van Der Spek Personal Wide Rings | Two Hobo Cousins + Insert Storage - EmiLou. Arts
  6. I've Tried 13 Planners So Far in 2020... Franklin Covey, Stalogy, Happy Planner, and More - Sam Plans It All
  7. How I Plan for Next Week #franklincoveyplanner - Reloved Christina Plans
  8. Planner Comparison: Malden vs Kensington - Random Pastimes
  9. Functional Planning | POCKET RINGS PLUS - Part 1 - YusVogue Plans
  10. Moterm Leather Comparison - Planner Mumsy
  11. Marriage Books, Personal Wide Rings & B6 Slim Nanami - Monique Smith
  12. Functional Planning | POCKET RINGS PLUS - Part 2 - YusVogue Plans
  13. Moterm v Gillio medium compagna: a review on quality, functionality, rings and price - My.Stationery. Love
  14. Washi Tape Jigsaw Puzzle?!? | Rainbow puzzle time lapse | 300pc Ravensburger | stationery love - lizzuplans
  15. Plan With Me || Personal Rings || Bujo - Life With MJB
  16. 3 Ring Mini Binder August 2020 Flip Through | Skippyskitle.co Shopee Finds - Nadia Jack
  17. A5 Moterm Planner Cover | Enlightenment Planner | Wellness Planner - CheKesha Simms
  18. Silent unboxing Moterm a7 pocket taupe - Planners xupy
  19. Moterm Versa Pocket Rings | August 2020 - Cyincerely Yours
  20. Unboxing a Moterm Pocket - Robyn Cook
  21. Moterm Personal Rings Flip-through - MayhemmPlans
  22. *Personal Moterm Setup* (Special Pocket Versa Appearance) - Charming Plans
  23. Moterm Versa Unboxing | August 2020 - the_paradoxical_planner
  24. VDS Janet Brown Senior & Gillio Medium Burgundy Bi Color - Nekolassa
  25. Projected Financial 2021 A5 Filofax Setup + Inserts-YoursTrulyPrintables + simpleandtrendyco + More - Valentina Maria Mancera
  26. Erin Condren Still Cancelled? Meet My New Planning System - Filofax A5 - Marbie Jay
  27. A5 Croco Filofax Unboxing and Review | ScientificallyEngineered -  ScientificallyEngineered
  28. Обзор нового ежедневника FILOFAX (2020) | Unboxing Filofax | Planner Review - Planner and Life
  29. Plan with Me | Filofax Rings | A5 Cloth and Paper Daily Inserts | August 10-16, 2020 #filofax - Michelle Miller
  30. Разделители для ежедневника/ Ежедневник на кольцах/ Filofax/ - 9501 Commic
  31. Functional Fall Minimal Filofax Pocket Malden Set Up Ochre - Arie Bea
  32. Unboxing: Filofax Saffiano - sjplans
  33. Moterm Unboxing, Putting 30mm rings in - mysummertouch
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11 August 2020

Free For All Tuesday - No. 497

So what questions or discussion points have you got for us today?

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced user of organisers, we want to hear your thoughts, questions, opinions etc.

We are here to answer your questions.

Make today the one day you post a comment or a question.

It is Tuesday after all so fire away with any questions and comments.

10 August 2020

Vintage or Classic Organisers

The debate about what is and what is not a 'Vintage Filofax' has been discussed endlessly, most people seem to agree that anything before some time in the 1980's is considered 'Vintage' although you will find people on Ebay using the terms 'Vintage' and 'Rare' or 'Very Rare' for anything!

Let's put 'Vintage' to one side for now, we will park it for the time being and come back to it later.

For a moment think about the term 'Classic Car' you will see this phase used for anything no longer in production. They don't have to have been expensive either to be considered a 'Classic'. Before I get carried away and you lose interest, let us now think about 'Classic' in terms of organisers.

There has been a 'Classic' Filofax model, we will not just think of that model only. A Classic can apply to anything no matter what age it is. A Classic is one that is no longer in production, it doesn't even have to be rare in terms of the numbers made (Filofax Journey we are thinking of you!)

A Classic could be one we don't often see these days. Or the one that people will often comment 'I wish I had bought one of those when they were for sale'

They can even include ones that were not loved at the time so much, but are now considered 'Classics'

There could be Classics in particular sizes or colours that are still made today in other colours/sizes, for example the Crimson Malden, it was only made in two sizes (Personal and Pocket) and only for about a year.

The Filofax Winchester could be considered both Vintage and a Classic, both terms can apply.

In the car world you hear the term 'Future Classic' this is a model that is still in production or recently ceased production that might become a Classic in the future, in Filofax terms that could be the Filofax Chester or the Heritage.

We might need to come back in ten years time to see if they are considered Classics or not.

With cars you will sometimes hear people refer to a 'Barn Find' these are cars that someone put away and forgot about, only to be rediscovered many years later and got started again. An organiser 'Barn Find' equivalent could be an organiser you discover in a charity shop or on line. The one you wanted to buy at the time they were for sale, but for what ever reason you didn't buy it, then you forget about it only to rediscover it years later.

Classics should be used and cherished at the same time. They should be bought back in to use, may be not for the daily grind but certainly for occasional use.

Classics shouldn't only apply to Filofax organisers either, there could be Classics from other brands too.

What Classics do you own or wish you owned?

09 August 2020

Silent Sunday

The Personal size experiment continues! VDS Custom in case you hadn't guessed!

08 August 2020

Web Finds - Saturday 8 August 2020

So I hope you have had a good week

So now it is time to enjoy a few blog posts from around the internet,  so grab a drink and make yourself comfortable for our weekly round-up.

Here are some Philofaxy posts you might have missed this week:
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  6. How Does Leather Age?
  7. Free For All Friday - No. 613 by Steve
So here are the latest Filofax and other brand blog posts from around the Internet. Don't forget to leave a comment on the posts you enjoyed reading, all bloggers enjoy getting comments.
  1. Free 2021 Filofax calendar (diary) downloads part 4: Personal size, daily layouts - My Life All in One Place
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  3. Habit 6: Synergize - FranklinPlanner Talk
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  7. Customer review: Pocket XL Anthracite - Blog | Gillio
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  9. How to Create a Functional Monthly Plan - Strange & Charmed
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  11. Free 2021 Filofax calendar (diary) downloads part 7: Pocket size, daily layouts - My Life All in One Place
  12. For the Love of Malden: Rekindled! - Plan It Zoe
  13. Web Finds – 5 August 2020 - Travellers Notebook Times
  14. Free 2021 Filofax calendar (diary) downloads part 8: Pocket size, weekly layouts - My Life All in One Place
  15. Free 2021 Filofax calendar (diary) downloads part 9: Pocket size, monthly layouts - My Life All in One Place
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07 August 2020

Free For All Friday - No. 613 by Steve

The other day I was killing some time in our local store that sells stationery and office supplies and I spotted that they had diary inserts in stock.

I sort of felt compelled to buy one, why I don't know, but printing personal size is always quite time consuming even if the lay out you can buy isn't optimal for my use, let alone that I don't normally use personal size!

So I bought this one on the right, one small issue is that QV inserts are 5 mm wider than Filofax ones, ie the width of your tabs if you use dividers. I easily fixed this by trimming 5mm off all the sheets the outside edge. No printed information was lost doing this thank goodness!

I've inserted the pages in to one of my personal size organisers to try out starting in September. The inserts run from September 2020 through to December 2021, they are printed on decent paper too, a bonus!

Have you decided yet what format/size to use next year?

As always you can of course discuss anything organiser related. Have a good weekend.

As a side note,  SPAM comments on Philofaxy are at very high levels at present.

All comments have been moderated for over six months because of this problem. However, they still keep arriving, so I have had to up the anti against the bots trying to post links to dubious sites by requesting that you complete the captcha verification as well.

An inconvenience I know, but better than the flood of rubbish in the in-box.

06 August 2020

How Does Leather Age?

Leather is very well known for its resistance to wear and tear.

I'm often asked 'How well does xyz leather cope with daily use?'

Some leathers improve with use, gaining a patina and a character of their own from the oils in our own hands that the leather naturally absorbs without any treatment or special care or conditioning.

Leather needs some care and conditioning of course, I've seen and I've owned leather items myself that are over 35 years old that have had very little treatment or care in their life time, yet a quick wipe down and may be some leather conditioning treatment and they look as good as new again.

I bought this holdall bag in 1985 in Cyprus it has been cleaned and treated once in all that time. Yes it is showing its age and I have had to redo some stitching but it still has a lot of life left in it!

This is my A5 Custom Van der Spek that I received in July 2014, the interior leather is an untreated nappa leather, very prone to picking up oils from our hands and becoming much darker.

Here it is again in June 2017, slightly better lighting (less harsh).

And again this week in August 2020 under similar lighting to 2017

I think it is looking really good! You can see some marks where my finger nails have disturbed the nap of the leather, but otherwise it is fairing up very well.

I have a wallet from Gillio which has had a lot of handling in the last 5-6 years since I bought it.  It is made with the same Epoca leather that their organisers are made with.

And here it is in August 2020, with a story to tell for every mark and darker from all the handling it has had in about 5 years or more!

My Filofax Winchester from over 35 years ago is holding up well, nicely curled over at the edges and at the corners. It's had very little treatment with any care products in the time I've owned it. I repaired the popper button because the plastic cap split and disappeared, but apart from that it is fine.

So with the minimum of care your leather organiser will last a life time or longer.... like my tool case that I was given when I started work over 45 years ago, and it wasn't new when I was given it!

It's due for some maintenance soon in the form of a new zip, I've done it once before about 25 years ago! Time for a new zip.

What is your favourite leather?