26 May 2018

Web Finds - 26 May 2018

So I hope you have had a good week

So now it is time to enjoy a few blog posts from around the internet,  so grab a drink and make yourself comfortable for our weekly round-up.

Here are some Philofaxy posts you might have missed this week:
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So here are the latest Filofax and other brand blog posts from around the Internet. Don't forget to leave a comment on the posts you enjoyed reading, all bloggers enjoy getting comments.
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25 May 2018

Free For All Friday No 497 by Laurie

Steve's recent post on buying and selling on Adspot got me thinking about my own Filofax buying and selling habits and how they have changed over the years.

Way back in the day when I had my first Filofax, I was loyal to it for a few years. Then other models started catching my eye: color, style, and eventually a larger size (Personal to A5). I went through a few years where I bought numerous Filofax organizers. Eventually I sold some, although I have kept the majority.

My purchasing has slowed down considerably in recent years, although I do purchase the occasional Filofax that catches my eye or, in the case of a recent Deskfax experiment, a binder in hopes of it being The One. (Jury's still out for those who are wondering its fate.)

What are your binder buying/ selling patterns? Are you loyal to your one and only? Have you been through a buying frenzy but have calmed down now? Do you rotate through your stock buying and selling regularly?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything ring binder organizer related!

24 May 2018

PlannerCon Europe 2019

    June 1st is almost upon us, so we are back with more information!

    As we currently have 352 days to go – yes we checked – we thought to surprise you!  
    We are seriously excited to treat you to a SUPER EARLY BIRD PRICE of only 99 Euro!

    Ticket price at the door is 199 Euro and prices will climb more towards this amount over time.

    So, in summary:

  • 11-12 May 2019
  • SQUARE, Brussels, Belgium
  • A weekend of amazing and wonderful planner things
  • Super early bird: 99 Euro
  • Prices after this to be announced 
  • At the door: 199 Euro
  • Tickets will go on sale on Friday of next week, 1st June  time to be announced
  • Tickets will only be for sale via our site, plannercon.eu
  • Sales are final, non-refundable, and non-transferable
  • T&Cs apply
If there are any questions, please let us know!

Further information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PlannerConEurope/

23 May 2018

Predicting the future

Not everything I predict about the future and write about becomes fact and true.... good job too I guess!

Take my 'spoof' news article from 2012: A glimpse in to the future

At the time Filofax were in talks about merging with Quo Vadis, the merger didn't happen because at the time Quo Vadis were apparently going through some difficult times as well.

If it had gone ahead then may be we would be enjoying inserts of different designs and beautiful paper.

Oh and Laurie would be working for the new combine company.... may be!

Yes the web link in the original article still works! 😀