15 June 2024

Web Finds - Saturday 15 June 2024

It is time to enjoy a few blog posts from around the internet, grab a drink and make yourself comfortable for our weekly round-up.

Here are some Philofaxy posts you might have missed this week:
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  7. Free For All Friday - No. 814 by Anita
Here are the latest Filofax and other brand blog posts from around the Internet. Don't forget to leave a comment on the posts you enjoyed reading, all bloggers enjoy getting comments.
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  6. June 2024 – What’s the plan, Pam? - Pam Alison Knits
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  15. Web Finds – 12 June 2024 - Travellers Notebook Times
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14 June 2024

Free For All Friday - No. 814 by Anita

Why do you still use a Filofax in 2024?

When we had some family visiting the other week, one of them saw my Finsbury on my desk and asked, "Why do you still use one of those?" They mentioned that it was just a bit surprising as my smartphone was on top of my Filofax and these were next to my computer. I just said something along the lines of that I enjoy using one and it just works. 

So, I think that I've narrowed it down to the top four reasons why I still use a Filofax:

  1. Paper just works - no software updates required and it's so quick to just jot something down without needing to open up a program or click on something first.
  2. Flexibility - I can just open the rings, remove inserts or move them around. Or I can easily take  everything out and start all over again, if I wish. 
  3. It gives my eyes a break from using a screen.
  4. It helps me focus - I considered purchasing a second hand iPad some years ago and maybe trying it out as an organiser, just as an alternative to using my Filofax sometimes. However, in the end, I decided that I didn't need one and that my paper organiser is much better for me to help me focus and not get sidetracked by looking up random things that might pop into my head. 

What are your main reasons for using a paper organiser?

And as always on Fridays, please feel free to discuss anything organiser related. I hope that you have a great weekend.

13 June 2024

Fill 'Er Up: Nan's Daily Pages

So, I've got my A5 organizer ready to switch to. (See my previous post here.)

For me, the thing that makes it hard for me to switch right now is that I had so many forms and inserts in my previous half-letter size. Here are some examples: 

To use my new A5 organizer effectively, I'll need the following: 

  • Diary insert: two pages per day is a must for me. I always need space for notes and supplementary information. 
  • Project tracking forms
  • Habit tracking forms
  • Monthly and Yearly calendars
  • List forms (to do, to read, to buy, etc.)
Luckily, Filofax USA was having a sale, and I got an A5 One Day on a Page diary for 2024 at a reduced price (I'm starting with A5 on June 1, 2024). To make it two pages per day, I can add a sheet of blank lined paper in the middle as needed. 

I also like to design and print my own forms, so I created the two-pages-per-day insert of my dreams and printed it on pre-punched A5 paper. 

I took inspiration from a variety of sources in developing this two-page diary:

  • Daily page designs sold on Etsy
  • Ryder Carroll's Bullet Journal Method
  • Commercially available journals such as The Goal Crazy Planner and the Full Focus Planner. I often buy these not to write in but to get ideas from. 
My reason for using the 2ppd format is that it gives me the best snapshot of what was going on in my world and in my mind on a given day. The things I write jog my memory and inspire my future endeavors. To make it work even better, I added my own touches, shown by the icons at the top of the right-hand page:
  • 🌞 (sun) Today's weather
  • 🌎 (globe) In the current news
  • 📅 (calendar page) Today's personal events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
  • ⌛️(hourglass) Today in my life: a memory or milestone from my personal history

Let me know what you think in the comments!

12 June 2024

Video Web Finds - Wednesday 12 June 2024

I hope you have had a good weekend.

Now it is time to enjoy a great collection of videos from around the internet.

Here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
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  6. Real Croco & Real Ostrich - new releases on www.gillio.eu - Gillio Firenze
  7. 2024 Monthly Inserts: MO1P or MO2P - dr_alvaplans
  8. New Family planner set up. Having fun time planning with me for 3 tell 9 of June - Natalia
  9. Making the inserts pull out pages. Let's make planning easier. Filofax simple layout - Plan With April
  10. June Set Up | Plan With Me | B6 journal | Personal Rings Planner - Nessie Plans
  11. Declutter My Planner Spring 2024 Planner Flipthrough - GanchiPlans
  12. FC Compact Plan With Me | Week 23 | Caramel Moterm Personal Luxe 2.0 | FCC Inserts | EDC - My Moxie Dreams 
  13. Plan With Me || Franklin Classic || June 10 - 16th, 2024 || Half Letter in my NEW Vintage Aurora - Sandra Dahl
  14. Plan with Me - July 2024 // planning routine, project planning, color coding - s.i. do
  15. Plan with Me: June 2024 - Thoughts Along Life's Highway
  16. Rosie Papeterie Vegan Apple Leather Agenda Review - dr_alvaplans
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  35. Mansorah Atelier | June 2024 Planner Setup | A5 Ring Planner, Moleskine Daily, Pocket & B6 TN - Mansorah Atelier
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11 June 2024

Free For All Tuesday - No. 697

What questions or discussion points have you got for us today?

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced user of organisers, we want to hear your thoughts, questions, opinions etc.

We are here to answer your questions.

Make today the one day you post a comment or post a question. If you are commenting as 'Anonymous', please include your name in the text of your comment. 

It is Tuesday after all, so fire away with any questions and comments.

If you are commenting below, please include your first name at the end of the comment. Thank you.