24 August 2019

Web Finds - Saturday 24 August 2019

So I hope you have had a good week

So now it is time to enjoy a few blog posts from around the internet,  so grab a drink and make yourself comfortable for our weekly round-up.

Here are some Philofaxy posts you might have missed this week:
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  7. Video Web Finds - Wednesday 21 August 2019
  8. Filofax Price List 1985 - Chisholms
So here are the latest Filofax and other brand blog posts from around the Internet. Don't forget to leave a comment on the posts you enjoyed reading, all bloggers enjoy getting comments.
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  9. Time management Monday: Brain dump your goals - Quo Vadis Blog
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  12. The potential of the blank page - MacPsych.me
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  14. The To Do List And Other Debacles - Mademoiselle Women
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  16. Surprise restock: A6 Compagna in epoca light blue - Blog | Gillio
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  18. 5 Minute Planner Hack - Planner Fun
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23 August 2019

Free For All Friday No 563 by Laurie

The school year is up and running, and we are all trying to get used to being back in the busy routine of early mornings and after school activities. I keep several pages in my Filofax that are family-related to help me keep everything organized.

I keep printouts of my kids' class schedules, so that if I need to make them a doctor or dentist appointment during school time I can have them miss gym instead of math class. I also keep a schedule of after school activities so I know who is doing what and when, and if I or my husband are picking up on which days. And I have printed out the school's calendar showing which days are half days and which days there is no school, for easy reference. I have (of course) written these dates into my planner pages, but when my husband texts me to ask when he should take off work for spring break (for example) or when the kids have a long weekend, I can take a quick glance at the page and let him know easily.

Do you have school-related pages (for yourself or your kids) in your Filofax?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss and/ or ask anything ring-binder organizer related!

Happy Friday everyone!

22 August 2019

Filofax Price List 1985 - Chisholms

Chisholms is a shop I used to visit quite often back in 1985-88 when I was a 'first time Filofax user'.

Sadly I don't think Chisholms are still in business. 103 Kingsway is now a travel management company, that was the store I used to go to. 63-66 Hatton Garden is now the address of a various jewellery businesses.

You can view higher resolution versions of these scans here.

The scans are reproduced here for educational and research purposes only.

21 August 2019

Video Web Finds - Wednesday 21 August 2019

So I hope you have had a good weekend.

So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of videos from around the internet.

Here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Day Timer Review - Curls and Crafts by Ty
  2. August Planner Update | Kendra Bork - Kendra Bork
  3. My functional planner - Louis Vuitton MM agenda functional planning - PLANNERLOWER
  4. Van Der Spek (VDS) Parme Personal Wide Ring Planner Flip-Through - Planner Girl
  5. A6 ring planner flip through| GREY Croco Matte | Gillio Compagna planner - plantobliss
  6. Current flip of my Gillio - itslaurennotloren
  7. Filofax Wochendeko KW 31 - starflower_plans
  8. Filofax Malden Stone Personal and Pocket size comparison | Skippyskittle - Nadia Jack
  9. August 2019 Filofax Flipthrough - Ganchi_mH
  10. Filofax Malden TN - Anything & Everything
  11. DIY холдер в filofax patterns a5 marble. - Karina Gley
  12. unboxing Gillio Appunto B6 vs. Filofax Malden - kti. plans
  13. Filofax A5 weekly set up before the pen | Nia Sian Design - Nia Sian Design
  14. Wochendeko KW 33 - Filofax Malden Ochre - Timelapse - Nixxes
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