17 October 2019

Philofaxy Meet Up - London October 2019 by Anita and Steve

Recently Anita and Steve both attended the inaugural William Hannah meet up in London.

Steve had helped David Round of William Hannah organise the event. You might remember the event was also advertised here on Philofaxy. It was no surprise that the venue chosen was Vapianos in Great Portland Street, the same location as all the usual Philofaxy Meet Ups!

David had brought along some of his early prototypes and others had of course brought along their own William Hannah leather notebooks too.

This is an early carbon fibre covered notebook, the material just didn't handle like leather does, although it does look quite stylish and modern.

Prototype carbon fibre William Hannah

Prototype A4 William Hannah - also not in production 
There were also quite a selection of ring bound organisers at the event including this limited edition Gillio Compagna.

A6 Gillio Appunto - suede in Flamingo Pink

York Director Deskfax 

William Hannahs

Steve was also pleased to see that Anita had brought along her new Van der Spek custom standard organiser.

After the main event a few of us made our way to Covent Garden for dinner and then we all headed home.

Thank you to everyone that came along and to Jené and Anita for the photos of the event.

There will be future William Hannah meet ups and of course Philofaxy organised ones as well.

15 October 2019

Free For All Tuesday No. 454

So what questions or discussion points have you got for us today?

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced user of organisers, we want to hear your thoughts, questions, opinions etc.

We are here to answer your questions.

Make today the one day you post a comment or a question.

It is Tuesday after all so fire away.

14 October 2019

Podcast Filofax - By Steve

Ian recently showed me his 'Podcast Filofax' It shows a level of dedication I've never seen before!

He has based it on a Filofax Active which is certainly shower proof, I wouldn't say waterproof.

Inside on the left is a small MP3 player that he's stored the podcast episodes on and a pair of ear phones as well.

Ian has printed off all the show notes on Filofax personal sized paper.

Thank you Ian for sharing this with us. Thank you to Jené for all the photos.

You can catch up with the podcast here.

Why not become a Patron and support the podcast, you will get early access to the podcast and ensure that the podcast continues to be advert free. Join at Patreon.

13 October 2019

Silent Sunday

The Filofax Pocket Eton one of the most complete Pocket organisers ever to be made by Filofax.

12 October 2019

Web Finds - 12 October 2019

So I hope you have had a good week

So now it is time to enjoy a few blog posts from around the internet,  so grab a drink and make yourself comfortable for our weekly round-up.

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11 October 2019

Free For All Friday No. 570 - by Anita

As always, I really enjoyed attending the London meet up last Saturday, but I was ever so slightly concerned that I might come away wanting to buy a William Hannah after seeing them in the flesh for the first time. After recently getting my custom Van der Spek, I guess I didn't want to be tempted by something else, especially after my recent selling sprees. The William Hannahs are wonderful, but I won't be buying one as I'm very content with what I already own, my pocket Raydori and VdS. Over time, I've discovered that it can vary as sometimes attending a meet up makes me want to buy something, and other times it definitely helps confirm that what I already have is perfect for me.

Do you find that you want to go shopping after attending a meet up, or seeing other people's organisers? Or does it have the opposite effect on you?

And as always on Fridays, please feel free to discuss anything ringbound planner related.
Have a great weekend.