31 July 2013

'I Lost my Filofax....'

[Update] Please note that Filofax no longer offer this facility.

Details can be found here: Filofax closing its registration scheme

'Oh no..... my life is in that thing.... what am I going to do?'

It's something I often see on my Filofax Twitter feed the most recent one from an English comedienne, novelist and actor Jenny Eclair:

Naturally there was the usual banter about 'What is this 1987?' etc, but we all know how to ignore such insults! Fortunately this story does have a happy ending:

But could you survive for 11 days without your Filofax? I know I couldn't. So how do you protect yourself from such a calamity?

Well by duplicating the information in some way, either electronically... or on paper in another Filofax that stays at home... or both even. Electronics as we know have a habit of going AWOL with your data from time to time. So it's best to have a multiple solution to this in place.

For names and addresses I keep a copy of my contacts on the Filofax Address Book Software, this only runs on Windows, but I also have it working on my Windows Emulator(WINE) on my Linux box, so if and when Windows XP goes to the software graveyard, I will not be crying in my wine too much!.

I don't have too many appointments, for the key ones I use iCal on my Mac to keep things in check and so the family know where I am etc.

My task lists are mainly memory joggers for myself really, so it wouldn't be too tragic if I lost those, but I've been playing around with Wunderlist for repetitive tasks such as backups that I have to be at a computer to do each day, so using an app for those doesn't worry me too much, once entered they just constantly cycle though. But I wouldn't use this for my other day to day tasks that I jot in my Filofax... it's far easier!

I carry a copy of my contacts and appointments in a personal size Filofax of some kind or other... it changes often! Keeping the main A5 and the Personal one in sync isn't too difficult.

The other essential thing you should do is of course register your Filofax with Filofax themselves. You will be issued with a serial number for that particular organiser. If it's reported as found to Filofax they will ensure that your organiser finds its way back to you and reward the finder.

It doesn't take very long to do, just visit the Filofax website and put in your details. Use the back button on your browser if you are registering more than one!

30 July 2013

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Don't forget the discount available from Write at Home. Enter the promo code philofaxy at the check out to get 5% off your order, and they wide range of stationery in stock as well as Filofax organisers from the new 2013 range. This offer lasts until the end of July 2013

Free For All Tuesday No. 130

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29 July 2013

Reader Under The Spotlight - Amy

Welcome to Amy. Amy blogs over at www.filocuteness.blogspot.com.

I'm so glad to be a part of this wonderful community of people who share my love of all things Filofax related.  I am a former 5th Grade teacher and now a stay-at-home mom of three awesome kids...ages 13, 7, and 4.  I've been married for 16 years to a great guy who puts up with  my Filofax addiction!  I enjoy running, organizing, reading, party planning, and collecting Filofax organizers.  As long as I can remember, I have loved paper, stickers, planners, and writing things down.  It's so nice to have found a place where I can easily exchange ideas with others who share the same interests. 


1.  When did you buy your first Filofax and what was it?January 2013...personal grey malden

2.  What other brands have you used or considered using?In the past, I used a Day-Timer in college and a Kate Spade planner a few years back.

3.  Out of the organizers you own, which is your current favorite (style and size)?
The Original in Fluorescent Pink (personal)

4.  How many Filofax organizers do you own?

5.  What is the oldest Filofax in your collection?
Personal grey malden

6.  What do you use your Filofax for?
Organizing my week, monthly planning, kid schedules, meal planning, to do lists,  blog planning, tracking workouts, bill organizing, vacation planning, etc.

7.  What was the feature about Filofax you like the most? 
It's totally customizable and comes in a variety of colors.

8.  If you could design your own Filofax, what would it feature?
Larger rings, lots of horizontal pockets, long closure strap, ability to lay perfectly flat without inserts, all leather

9.  How do you carry your Filofax?
In my bag

10.  Which Filofax in the current range do you like the most?  Are you going to buy it?  
Bright blue calipso, I will buy it if it comes out in the personal size.

11.  What is the most you have ever spent on a Filofax?  
$111.00...for the Personal grey Osterley

12.  What's your favourite Filofax tip or hack?  
Using a flyleaf in between my week on two pages...adds extra room for sticky notes

13.  Turning to Philofaxy, what do you like the most?
I love how you can search the site for detailed information and really like the weekly links to blog posts and videos.

14.  And what do you not like about Philofaxy?
I like everything about it!

15.  What was the last music track you downloaded or bought!  
The Lumineers

16.  Mark Darcy or Daniel Cleaver?
Mark Darcy

Thank you Amy for offering to go under our spotlight. If any other reader would like to take part in this feature please contact philofaxy at gmail dot com

28 July 2013

Filofax Press Release - Patent

Dare to be Bold

Patent Group
Pocket, £28 and Compact, £29

Patent – the latest head turning accessory from Filofax

Dare to be bold with a high gloss, high impact patent organiser. Available in stunning red or purple, the strikingly rich colours are combined with a fashionable patent finish. The Patent has a simple, clean, contemporary design and has the popular classic strap closure. This head-turning accessory will organise your life and add a pop of colour to any outfit.

· Product details:
· Material: Exterior – high gloss patent finish, interior – colour co-ordinated
· Colours available: Red, Purple

Available Now

Date for your Filofax - 4 August 2013

New York




We are going to run another conference round-table voice chat using Skype.

I'm sure we are gradually getting to know each other's voices, but I will make a point of going 'around the table' to get everyone to introduce themselves this time.

So...When, Where, What, Who and How?

When? - Sunday 4 August  from 10am London time, 11am Paris time, 7pm Sydney time and 9pm Wellington time.

Additionally I will be on line at 8am San Francisco 10am Chicago, 11am New York, 4pm London time, 5pm Paris time etc.  See the clocks at the top of this post to see roughly what time you should be on line. Or the World Clock

The timing of these two sessions have been chosen to hopefully allow as many people to join in compared to previous round-tables. The timing of future ones will be varied to suit everyone if need be.

Where? - an on-line chat using Skype.

What do I need? - just a micro-phone and some head phones(in ear phones work fine) and a free Skype account. Using headphones reduces 'echo' on the call.

Who - All of you... connect up with Philofaxy and we will attempt to get as many of us linked in to the audio conference as possible. Come and listen if you don't want to chat.  What do we talk about? Filofax stuff... but anything else as well. It's like long lost friends meeting up for coffee and a catch up.. but don't worry if you have never joined in before... you are an old friend too!

How -
  1. Connect to Philofaxy by firstly searching for Philofaxy in Skype, I will then add you as a contact.
  2. Then  'Start Chat',  I will then add you in to the chat room. 
  3. Then if you request it, I can add you to the audio conference as well. But if you just want to chat via keyboard that's fine. That way it's slightly less hectic for me! 
Come and join in the fun, even if you only pop in to say hello...

As with previous round-tables there will also be a parallel text chat room going at the same time as the voice conference, so you can listen to the voice chat and type if you wish.

If you need any assistance setting up Skype, please pop a comment in this post and I will try and help you get one line. Skype is free for computer to computer calls....

Here is my post on how to improve your Skype audio with headphones or a headset.

Hope to be chatting with you on Sunday 4 August 2013

27 July 2013

Web Finds - 27 July 2013

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  • We can not guarantee people will read your posts, but we know there is a higher chance of people reading your posts and returning to read other posts if you make them interesting with pictures and good hints and tips. Do not forget to give your posts a title... 
And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Aqua Malden A5 un boxing. The colour is far more vibrant - Debbie Hockedy
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  11. How I use my Chronodex on the Filofax and Midori TN (part 1 of 2) - maryannemoll

26 July 2013

Free for All Friday No. 245

I almost never buy a Filofax until I actually need it. Or, more accurately, until I immediately need it!
When I first came back to Filofax after failing to organize my work life electronically, I darted into Bob Slate Stationers in Cambridge (the one in Massachuetts) at 5:55 p.m. (they close at 6:00) to buy the only A5 they had -- a boring black Finsbury!

That said, I now have 5 A5 Filos, 2 of which I've never used, even though I did have a use in mind when I purchased them. I own 4 Personals, all of which are well-used and becoming more so!

Do you ever buy a Filo with no plans for its use, just because you love it and may use it someday? Or are you collecting them instead of using them?

25 July 2013

Comparing Holborns

The Holborn model has become quite a favourite of mine. I'm currently using an A5 one as my desk organiser. I do swap around a bit every few months though. The first one I got was a Holborn A5 zip, I have found this great for long trips back to UK as a sort of mobile office.

Comparing the two A5's one with a clasp the other with a zip showed up some differences in the design. Likewise the personal size zip and clasp have the similar differences.

Let me explain...

Starting on the outside, the zip model has an outside pocket on the front cover.

Opening up the clasp A5 here is the internal layout:

On the left you have outer and inner full height pockets. 5 card slots and a deeper card pocket at the bottom.  On the back cover again inner and outer full height pockets and a zip pocket as well on the outer edge. A single pen leather/elastic loop is attached to the back cover.

The layout on the A5 Zip is similar:

The main differences to the clasp A5 is that it has 30mm rings compared to 25mm rings, that extra capacity comes in handy when I'm away from the office with it. You will also notice that there are no inner full height pockets on the Zip model. There is the same zip pocket in the back cover though. and the open pocket on the outside cover. This model also gains two pen loops again both leather/elastic.

Moving to personal size, we see similar design cues between the clasp and zip personal size. Once again the zip has the open outside pocket on the front cover.

The clasp personal like its bigger A5 brother has outer and inner pockets on both the front and rear covers. On the inside front cover you will find 6 credit card slots and a deeper card slot at the bottom as well. Like the A5 there is also a zip pocket on the outer pocket of the back cover as well as the open pocket. The zip tab hides like on the A5 behind the leather of the back inside cover.  A single leather/elastic pen loop sits inside the leather clasp.

The zip personal, shares the same 23 mm ring size as it's clasp brother. The credit card slot count increases to a dizzy 7 in total, plus once again the deeper car slot at the foot of the front inside cover. Again like the A5 zip, only outer full height pockets. No inner ones. But like the clasp personal it also has the zip pocket as well as the open pocket on the inside back cover.

Staying with personal size but looking at the compact and slimline sizes.

L-R Slimline, Compact, Personal
The compact in common with other compacts in the Filofax organiser range uses 15 mm rings.  The credit card pockets are orientated vertically in two rows. There is no zip pocket on the inside of the back cover.

The Slimline uses 13mm rings and a similar pocket layout. Again no zip pocket on the Slimline

Finally Pocket size, being somewhat smaller than the others, the layout has to be different. This size is fitted with 15mm rings a size I find very good for fitting in a jeans or jacket pocket

Filofax have retained the inner and outer pocket arrangement on this model, and it also has the zip pocket on the inside back cover. The three card slots require the cards to be slotted in vertically to fit in to the width of the cover. There is also a deeper card pocket at the bottom like on others in the range.

Overall I like the layouts used in the Holborns. The outside might not be to everyone's taste and I know the restricted choice of colours in this model can be a bit of a deal breaker for some. But they do represent excellent value for money for an all leather organiser.

24 July 2013

Gillo Competition Result

So the Gillio review and competition proved extremely popular. In total there were 342 correct entries to the competition.

In the competition we asked the following questions:
  1. In what year was the Gillio brand created? 
  2. In which country are Gillio planners made? 
  3. What size rings does the Gillio Amica planner (as reviewed) come with?
And the correct answers are:
  1. 2008, which you would have found here on the About us page
  2. Italy, again from the About us page, but also mentioned in the review and many other places around the Gillio site!
  3. 26mm as measured by Steve in his review
Congratulations to everyone that got the correct answers.

Tom from Gillio did the honours in choosing the winner in conjunction with random.org to choose the winning entry.

And the winner is......

Congratulations from us all at Philofaxy Elise and from Gillio too. And a big thank you to the team at Gillio.

Write At Home - Promotion

Our friends at Write at Home have made us aware of a discount promotion they are currently running. The other news from them is... the Aqua Malden in Pocket, Personal and A5 sizes have arrived!
Enter the promo code philofaxy at the check out to get 5% off your order, and they wide range of stationery in stock as well as Filofax organisers from the new 2013 range. This offer lasts until the end of July 2013

23 July 2013

Web Finds - 23 July 2013

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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.

Free For All Tuesday No. 129

Tuesdays are your chance to ask any Filofax related questions you might have.

So fire away and we will collectively try to answer your questions or offer opinions.

22 July 2013

Malden is where the heart is

I've owned quite a lot of different binders over the years, but at any one time the most I've had in my possession has been three. I love Filofaxes, but my minimalist tendencies mean that I just don't want any more than that. Three felt like too many and I tried out just one for a while, but two seems to be the Goldilocks number (sighs with relief). I purchased a wine A5 Holborn zip and felt that it was the perfect companion to my crimson personal Malden. And yet...

When Filofax UK kindly replaced the Holborn (due to faulty rings), its perfect replacement just sat on my bookshelf storing inserts. I'd pick it up, stroke it and say to myself, "What a lovely filo, why aren't I using it?" And then I'd put it back. After a while, the thought popped into my head that it's because 'it isn't a Malden'. Sadly the Holborn and I just didn't bond as I'm sure some of you might understand. I briefly considered an orange A5 Osterley, but based on my past experience I think its non-Malden-ness would have been an issue. 

I put a wanted ad on Adspot asking to swap for either an ochre or purple A5. When the lovely Johanne came forward with an offer of the vintage pink, I snapped it up as I wasn't sure if anyone would want to part company with the other colours. Hang on a minute, didn't I own a vintage pink A5 before?? Oh yes, I did. I've come full circle and now have two filos that I've owned previously and either sold or returned. Rather than thinking it a bit silly, I've decided that it proves how they're the right ones for me (well, that's how I've justified all this messing about).  

The added bonus in all of this is that I much prefer the leather on this A5 to my previous one. It's drier and a bit more creased, and I am one happy bunny.

The lesson that I've learnt? When I own so few Filofaxes, each of them need to be used and there isn't any space for ones that count as only 'alright'. In the past, I've owned many things that weren't right because I didn't feel comfortable spending more money on exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately I've wasted both time and money this way, so when it comes to Filofaxes I'm delighted that I've finally found my way home to Malden again.  

21 July 2013

Reader Under The Spotlight - Rebecca

Hello!  I'm new around these parts.  My name is Rebecca Bover.  I am a mother of five and grandmother to 3.  I am currently a Project Manager for a major Stock Brokerage firm in the U.S. and work from home (constantly on the phone with New York).  I previously worked as a Technology Training Specialist and travelled extensively around the U.S. training staff employees how to use their computers and various software programs to increase productivity.  The joke was I was training those to use technology but would always be found carrying my iPad mini along with some sort of paper planner.  I started my blog shortly afterwards to help highlight fantastic finds of mine!  I also started my YouTube channel (SecretAgentBover) which has become very popular lately since they focus on Filofaxes!

1. When did you buy your first Filofax and what was it?

My first Filofax was actually two.  I purchased both the personal Malden in Crimson (which I named Maurice) and a pocket Domino that happened to be on clearance for $10.

2. What other brands have you used or considered using?

I have used so many.  The brands that come to mind are Franklin Covey, DayTimer, DayRunner, Moleskine, and have tried to make my own on many accessions using the David Allen GTD methodology.

3. Out of the organisers you own which is your current favourite (Style and Size)?

I really enjoy the size of the A5 Raspberry Finsbury for work as I utilize the Time Management pages from the UK Filofax website.  However, I must say that I spend the majority of time in my personal Malden.  He is just is so much fun to hang out with!

4. How many Filofax organisers do you own?

11, I know it's only been a month!

5. What is the oldest Filofax in your collection?

It's hard to tell as I took ownership of multiple Filofaxes that came from previous owners, but my guess is the Personal size Kendal (aka Dr. Jones - for his aged look)

6. What do you use your Filofax for?

My A5 is used strictly for work (project planning) and for finances (bill paying) and never leaves my desk at home.  I use my personal Malden for journaling, blog posts/ideas, wish lists, diet tracking and savings, etc. and I use my compact as a wallet.  Next I will be trying the pocket Maldens as a wallet to reduce bulk in my handbag.

7. What was the feature about Filofax you like most?

The ability to customize it to whatever you currently need and the moment.  Including the additional component of an outstanding community of people willing to share ideas and knowledge with each other to find what works best for you.

8. If you could design your own Filofax what would it feature?

The perfect Filofax would include more options for colored dividers, tabbed months, and customizable/personalized pages.  In an ideal world, I would love if Filofax brand would get more current with the times and include pages like Blog Planning, Diet or Meal tracking, Fitness pages and pages related to Social Media, etc.

9. How do you carry your Filofax?    

My personal and compact go right into my handbag and go wherever I go.

10. Which Filofax in the current range do you like the most?

Are you going to buy it?  I am faithfully holding out for the Navy A5 Malden, however I haven't a clue when it will become available.

11. What is the most you have ever spent on a Filofax?

Which model?  My personal Malden was $99 at a local store here in Palm Springs, CA.

12. What's your favourite Filofax tip or hack?

I'm all about tips and tricks, but I guess my favorite tip would have to be using a plastic credit card holder to insert posit size notes in that have my daily chores typed out on to them.  I then use a dry erase marker to cross them off as I do them each week.  I wipe it clean on Sunday and move it to the next week and I never have to actually write anything or waste valuable paper space.

13. Turning to Philofaxy, what do you like the most?

The community of people, the abundance of available resources and information at your finger tips. Multiple times I have turned to Philofaxy to answer a question dying to be answered.

14. And what do you not like about Philofaxy?  

Seriously? Philofaxy is my own personal Filofax Wikipedia resource!  What's not to like?

15. What was the last music track you downloaded or bought?

I like a lot of different venues, but I think it was either Maroon 5 or Zac Brown Band.  I know I bought both, just can't remember the order….

16.  Mark Darcy or Daniel Cleaver?

Mark Darcy, of course!

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this community!  Thank you for allowing to share a part of me with your group.

Thank you Rebecca for being part of our community and agreeing to go under the spotlight. If any of you would like to be part of this feature please contact philofaxy at gmail dot com

20 July 2013

Web Finds - 20 July 2013

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19 July 2013

Free For All Friday No 244

My family and I are going to Orkney for a few days this summer, and I am so excited!! It's a place I've been wanting to visit for a long time because I'm fascinated by the Neolithic sites there. I decided to create my own Orkney guidebook with pages of information on all the sites I want to see (when built, features, etc.) to take with me for easy reference when I'm there. For this awesome task I have chosen my gorgeous raspberry compact Chameleon that I got from a friend in a swap (you know who you are! ;D  ). The compact size will be perfect for the trip!

Have you started using any of your Filofaxes in a new way recently?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to discuss anything ring-bound related.

Happy Friday everyone!

18 July 2013

Win a Gillio Amica Planner

Oh hello again.... was there something? 

Oh the competition for the Gillio planner... yes I remember now....

So hopefully by now you have read the review from yesterday... thank you for all your lovely comments.

Now is your chance to win one of these superb Gillio Amica planners in the colour of your choice.

Please answer all of the following questions
  1. In what year was the Gillio brand created? 
  2. In which country are Gillio planners made? 
  3. What size rings does the Gillio Amica planner (as reviewed) come with? 
Please send in your answers by email to steve at philofaxy dot com  marking the Subject/Title of your email Gillio Competition. The closing date for answers is 12 noon (UK time) on Monday 22 July 2013.


You will find the answers in the review or on the Gillio Firenze website. Do not post the answers in the comments to this post! Good luck to everyone that takes part.

1. This competition is a world wide competition run on behalf of Gillio Firenze.
2. By entering you are consenting for your name and email address to be passed to Gillio Firenze for the purpose of the competition only. Your email address will not be sold or used for any marketing purposes.
3. The winner will be able to choose which colour planner they get from the range of colours available at the time that the winner is announced.
4. No cash alternatives will be allowed.
5. With your permission Gillio Firenze will use your name in publicity on their Facebook page.
6. Answers received after the closing date/time will not be entered.
7. The winner will be announced on the Gillio Firenze Facebook page on Wednesday 24th July 2013.
8. The judges decision is final.

17 July 2013

Review - Gillio Amica

It is not often that I am lost for words. But when I received an email a few days ago from Gillio Firenze in Belgium it was one of those rare moments. I reread the email, I wasn't dreaming. Gillio would like Philofaxy to review one of their planners... the decision to say yes didn't take more than a blink of an eye!

Up until today, I had only seen photographs and watched videos of these organisers that several of our readers were talking about. Last week I received confirmation that 'the package' had been despatched.

The sense of anticipation grew as I followed the tracking information on 'the package' from Belgium in to Northern France, to the outskirts of Paris and then Niort where it then was declared 'Out for delivery’ Then it arrived.....

I was even patient enough to grab the camera before I got the scissors out to open the box carefully.

Nicely packed I think you will agree, but one second... how many?

Empty boxes? Oh very funny Steve.....

They look full to me....

By this point my senses started to go in to overload... the rich smell of the vegetable tanned Tuscan leather was quite intoxicating,  but I carried on taking photographs.

As you might have guessed this is going to be a very long post, so better limber up your scrolling finger at this point. But I promise you now it will be worth it by the time you get to the end of the post.......

I decided to select the one in the bottom left hand corner for a closer examination, this was the Dark Brown and Gold model, with contrasting stitching. This particular model is the 'Medium Amica' it is the equivalent of Filofax Personal Size, with the same ring spacings as Filofax Personal size, so your existing inserts will just drop straight in.

Dark Brown 772 and Gold 774

As you can see from the photo above the planner lays flat, straight out of the box, no training at all was required. The leather around the spine is soft and supple, yet the covers do have some stiffening in them to make it easier to write in when you are away from a desk or flat surface to rest on.

When ever I pick up a new organiser I like to look at it in detail, remove the pages and look at it under a magnifier and look at the details of the design.

The design of this organiser is very timeless, very well put together in Italian leather. It is the sort of organiser that will not have dated in its design in say 10 years time compared to some we know.  It has clearly been well thought through with the user in mind.

The ring mechanism in any planner is to some of us the most important item. The rings in the Gillio Amica are 26 mm in internal diameter, that compares to 23 mm for a modern day Filofax personal organiser, so they are a shade bigger.

The mechanism on the Gillio is held on with a concealed 'key hole and slot' fixing, not rivets. This arrangement is the same as some other high value organisers. It does mean that if there is a problem with the rings in service then it is fairly easy to swap them. In fact Tom from Gillio has put a video on You Tube showing how to do a ring mechanism swap.

The ring mechanism sits snugly against the leather of the spine of the organiser.

The front inside cover has three card slots, an additional slot for tickets or similar below them. Then there are two secretarial pockets behind the card slots.

The additional slot pocket has the Gillio logo and model name embossed in it.  This picture also shows the quality of the stitching;v I can't fault it at all.

The back cover has a single large secretarial pocket.

The pen loop is a nice single thick piece of leather, and it comes with the pen shown.

The pen loop sits in board of the edge of the binder edge rather than outside of the edge.  This next picture is the view from above without the inserts present. You can see how well the cover fits around the rings and the shaping of the leather at the spine is neatly done. The generous size clasp uses an industry standard make of press stud and it is also of a generous length too.

Now in case you were wondering.. how does it compare to a similarly priced Filofax? The nearest I have in my 'collection' is a Filofax Eton from around about 2005.

Straight away you will see what I mean about 'generous size clasp'! Look closely and you might notice that the Gillio is also slightly bigger than the Filofax Eton.

A ruler confirms the overall length when open as 300 mm, this compares to 280 mm for the Eton. But the Gillio does have factionally bigger rings so that would account for the slight increase, but not all of it. The positioning of the pen loop in board of the edge has sensibly been allowed for too. So the pen does not crush the tabs at all.

The view from above, Gillio on the left, Eton on the right.

Now before we go on to looking at inserts,  a close up of the end of the ring mechanisms, this often shows up the perceived quality of manufacture of the ring mechanisms.

First the Filofax Eton, as you can see like the Gillio Amica there are no rivets holding the ring mechanism in place, it uses a similar 'key hole and slot' arrangement with a decorative spring metal cover  to hide the inner working parts of the mechanism.

And now the Gillo Amica. They certainly look similar in design.

A couple of pictures to finish off this part of the review.

What ever the brand, these things are just so beautiful to photograph.

So moving on to the inserts. Starting from the front, there is a frosted ruler and a clear fly sheet, followed by a Gilio Firenze title page. On the reverse of this page is a personal notes page.  Facing is a 3 year calendar page for 2013, 2014 and 2015 in this case.

On the reverse side of the calendar page is the start of a 2013 monthly planner followed by a International holidays page for 2013.

We then go in to the main part of the diary insert which is a week on two page layout. Saturday and Sunday are slightly smaller, but this does give more space for the week days. These are all ruled with times indicated. The slightly off white paper is two-colour printed and in four languages. There is a monthly calendar across the bottom of each diary page. Each bottom corner has a perforated  tear off to show you the current week clearly.

At the end of the diary insert there are some notes for the new year page, which are just simple ruled pages, it's quite a useful idea to have these.

The A-Z tabs are quite special, instead of them just being plain, they include a listing for names and phone number, very useful for quick reference I think.

There are then some similar paper contacts pages too.

Now a quick run through the remainder of the inserts. Here are the Memo/To-do pages.

Undated appointment pages

Detailed contacts pages with names and address, phone numbers, email address, comments etc.

Some projects pages with areas for details to be recorded, sketch plans, resources and budget details.

Objective pages for setting your goals.

Ruled notes pages and graph pages.

Expenses pages, useful for tracking your saving account for your next Gillio?!

The section dividers use both top tabs for Diary, Addresses, Memo, Planner and side tabs for Contacts, Projects, Goals, Notes and Expenses. It does mean that for that number of tabs they are of a reasonable size.

The Diary section divider is divided up so you can record important dates, 6 months on each side, so ideal for birthdays and anniversaries. The Addresses section divider has International dialling codes printed on it.

Following on from the section dividers the organiser also includes a world map, this folds out to 7 pages wide! With the Northern hemisphere on one side and the southern hemisphere on the reverse.

In the back of the organiser there are two plastic envelopes one side opening, and one with a side flap opening. As you can see one contains some sticky labels and hole reinforcing rings.

There is also a business card/credit card holder too.

Finally there is a card fly sheet to finish off the insert fill.  I've never come across such a complete set of refills in an organiser. If you consider what it would cost to add all the different types of insert and the additional accessories that come included in the price of the Gillio Amica then some cheaper organisers would be more expensive than the Gillio Amica!

Thank you to one of our readers for spotting that the inserts are the same as supplied with the Aspinal of London range of personal organisers. There's an excellent write up about them on the Paper Lovestory blog, thank you Angela for pointing this out to me.

As you saw I was also sent some other samples to look at, here are some photos of those too, they have the same inserts as the ones already discussed.

Croco Matt Black 456

Croco Matt Black 456
Black 775

Black 775

Dark Brown 772

Dark Brown 772

Red 770-Gold 774

Red 770-Gold 774

I have only been able to show you four colours from the extensive range, but Gillio planners come in a very large range of colours, some in two tone colours too. Here is a small selection of the colours in actual leather samples, the numbers on the reverse side refer to the numbers used on the Gillio website.

Each organiser comes with it's own numbered certificate giving assurance that it has 100% been produced in Italy. They also come with a lifetime warranty.

  • With a complete refill excluding the week on two pages year planner ( Choose No option in the option section on the bottom right) : price will be € 213 (price for a one colored binder) 
  • With a complete refill and year planner week on two pages ( as you received) ( Choose refill week on two pages in the option section on the bottom right) price will be €226 (price for a one coloured binder) 
  • With a complete refill and year planner one day per page refill ( Choose refill one day per page in the option section on the bottom right) price will be €249 (price for a one coloured binder)
Please note that the prices above include 21% VAT, if you live in a Non-EU country the VAT will not be charged on your order.
I must thank the team at Gillio in Belgium for supplying the samples you have seen in this review and for their patience with answering all my questions.

Be sure to check out Gillio on the web both on their website,  'like' their Facebook page and subscribe to their You Tube channel. There is also a Gillio group on Facebook for users to share their experiences, photographs etc

Thank you readers for getting all the way to this point... now would you like to own a Gillio planner yourself?... Well come back tomorrow to Philofaxy and find out how you can win a Gillio planner.....