31 March 2011

Filofax Related Music...

Fun Thursday... well it's windy and wet outside so why not......

When you think of your Filofax Organiser, what music comes in to your head?  My music is mainly biased towards popular music rather than classical, but looking through my iTunes collection that are sort of related to your diary or planner, I came up with this play list!!!
  • Nobody's Diary - Alison Moyet
  • Diary - Bread
  • She Makes My Day - Robert Palmer
  • Working Day and Night - Michael Jackson
  • The Diary of Horace Wimp - The Electric Light Orchestra
  • Brand New Day - 10cc
  • New Year's Day - U2
  • Just a Normal Day - Supertramp
  • Perfect Day - Lou Reed
  • Summer Day - Sheryl Crow
  • Good Day Sunshine - The Beatles
  • Black Friday - Steely Dan
  • Every Day Hurts - Sad Cafe
  • Eight Days A Week - The Beatles
  • Every Day is a Winding Road - Sheryl Crow
  • Wedding Day - Seal
  • Hard Day's Night - The Beatles
  • Lovely Day - Bill Withers
  • Good Day in Hell - The Eagles
  • Get 'Em Out By Friday - Genesis
  • It's A Beautiful Day - Lighthouse Family
  • Everyday - Phil Collins
  • Day Tripper - The Beatles
So have I missed any candidates for the 'Philofaxy' play list?

30 March 2011

Web Finds

So what have we spied on the web this week...

29 March 2011

US (New York) Meet Up

I'm very grateful to Kanalt for stepping forward to take on the organisation of a US meet up. Please see the announcement below..... I will be supporting her as much as possible to make this happen and make it a success.

With all the excitement and buzz regarding this past Saturday’s London Meet Up, I thought this was a good time to discuss the potential of a US meet up.  There has already been some talk and some interest in this.  I am volunteering to organize a New York City Meet Up.

Like the London Meet Up, there would need to be a limit of how many people could attend, for logistical reasons—travel, lunch and shopping accommodations, etc.  Several items would need to be discussed—date, time and place to meet, a venue for lunch and shopping.  There are several shops in NYC that sell Filofax products. 

If you are interested, please email Philofaxy philofaxy at gmail dot com and put “New York Meet Up” in the subject line.  Those emails will be forwarded to me and I will then email the interested parties myself and create a list so that we can start discussing ideas.
If you are interested in organising a Philofaxy meet up in your part of the world, you might like to read my notes, most of it is common sense, but there might be something you hadn't thought about.

Free For All Tuesday No. 8

So what is this weeks big question? Apart from when is the next Philofaxy meet up!!!! Fire away....

28 March 2011

London Meet Up - Further Posts... Updated

So people are getting their breath back after Saturday and they have found time to sit down and write a few words about their experiences of the meet up.
Also from Tommes S a photo of his new Mini Malden.....

Thank you also to Jane for sending me some additional photos of the gathering at Tate Modern. Before anyone asks... the menus there aren't in Filofax Organisers, it just looks like they are, because nearly everyone has an organiser in front of them in nearly all of our photos!!!.


Time Management with your Filofax

So enough about shiny new Filofax organisers and people being happy and smiling.. it's time to get back to the serious stuff!!! OK well just for a few minutes ok...

Thanks to Colie for spotting these posts from back in 2007. I thought it was worth pulling them from your comment and putting them in to a normal post so they are easier to find in the future.
I've sent David Mackay an email to ask if he will be writing any more articles, sadly the last post on his blog was in August 2008. I will let you know if I hear back from him. 

London Meet Up - Snippets

So much happened on Saturday it's impossible to remember everything straight away. But as it has come back to me I have be adding to this post so I hope I have captured some more of the great things of the day.

So in no particular order.....

Adam showed us his A5 Filofax, which he is using the Filofax Time Manager pages in, these are a page per day with additional boxes on them. He's promised to do a more complete post for us to see how he really uses it to the full, but here's a quick snapshot of it up close.

You might recall that this diary got a lot of attention at the November meet up as well... no secrets at these events!!

Sharon and I noticed that Neal Street also stock some of the inserts that we have noticed that are only available on the France site. For instance this one we saw yesterday.  Sharon also pointed out to me some tabbed monthly inserts although I can't find these on line (anyone?) I should have taken a photo of them! Although these ones are similar but not the same as we saw. They had tabs that stuck out at the side like an index, but were coloured not plain.

Neal Street also stock some organisers/colours that you will not see in the UK catalogue or on the UK site... so check with the store if there is something you like elsewhere before you order abroad and have to pay international postage on an item that might be available in the London stores. If they don't have it in stock they might be able to get it for you. The staff there are just so helpful I can't praise them enough. Give them a call on : 0207 836 1977

Someone (may be Lucy?) passed around their Pilot Frixion erasable roller ball pens for us to try out and yes they are amazing, write with them, then rub out the writing with the end cap, it really is very effective. I will be ordering some soon!

There is no brightness or volume control on my yellow sweater! Yes it is as bright as it looks in the photo's... not very baby friendly or tomato ketchup friendly... but it's very soft wool! Thanks to Kyla for this photo.

Thank you to Tommes for making the trek from Bonn in Germany (about 600 km) to be with us on Saturday and for the highlighter pencils which work just great.

As you may have seen on the news, there was a lot of problems after the main march ended yesterday, but I think we all managed to get out of London via our respective stations just in time before the major problems started in and around Trafalgar Square, a close call indeed.

Blog posts about the day.....
Again thank you to everyone who came along on Saturday, it was a very enjoyable day and I'm certainly looking forward to the next one. 

Look out for future meet ups......

27 March 2011

London Purchases [Updated]

So I suppose you are wondering... what was in the white Filofax carrier bags... nothing they were just posed like that for show...   so partners.. you don't have to read any more of this blog post.. it's all just padding and about stuff that will not interest you...

So I started off with my shopping list.. not a very long list but some 'essential supplies' that were not worth ordering on the net and paying silly amounts for postage. Also I wasn't in a big rush for them.

  • A Mini Filofax Pencil, for my Mini or Pocket Filofax, I have the matching Mini Pen already and I like it's chunky heavy styling, the cross milling on the barrel make it very easy to grip to. 
  • A Mini Today marker, for my Mini Finchley
  • A Pocket Underground Map, got one already for my Mini, but not for the Pocket!
  • And a value pack (100 sheets) of plain Personal size paper, these are great value for money and I will be using these for printing my own Personal inserts. 
So that was it really... or was it.....

Oh what is this then Steve????

Just another Filofax box... haven't you seen a few of those before?

Look it even has tissue paper... now partners... please look away now.....

Oh look what have we here then... cough cough.. who put that in there??? [It's ok I have a receipt for it....]

So do you like it? Filofax A5 Malden in Grey leather, I saw the other sizes in the shop and just asked.. do you have it in A5.

To which the lady said 'Yes in our cupboard here, it's not on sale anywhere else, nor is it in the UK catalogue...'

Once the lid was off it was love at first sight.. my attempts to resist buying this could be measured in milliseconds. I tried to look calm and pretend to think about it, but as they say 'resistance is futile' 

Standard Week on Two Pages insert for 2011, similar in layout to the one I'm using in my A4 Classic.

'Lays flat right out of the box... ' the leather is just so supple.

The colour is quite a neutral grey. I will have to 'pose' it for some more photos in proper daylight rather than flash. I've tried tuning the pictures a little this morning.

Now you have to help me out here... 'What are you going to use it for then Steve?' I knew that question was coming...

It's a birthday present.... of course. Was that a good enough answer... no... I thought not...

So what was in the other white Filofax carrier bags.... I'm sure we will find out in the fullness of time...

[Update] I got Mr Malden to agree to some more photos this morning. All I have done is crop these ones taken in a very light room indoors, the room has a high ceiling with skylights and big patio windows so lots of light.

As you can see in one of the the grey still looks black. But it's a trick of the light not a fault with the organiser.

The colour of your Filofax I know is so important to a lot of you and I know a few were disappointed when they saw the Vintage Rose Malden, it looked different to the catalogue or web pictures. I think it's down to lighting when the photos are taken a small change can alter the tone of the colour slightly, shiny surfaces are difficult to photograph no matter what the subject is. Matt Vintage Rose Filofax anyone?

26 March 2011

London Meet up - Photos

So here are my photos of the day:

Food has been ordered... right out with the organisers!


 Kyla starts her record attempt...

Need a few more.... no it's going to collapse...help

 How much is that pile worth then???

Jess and Kyla

 Kyla looking at a Filofax case made by Thomas, very neat.


 Then it was the turn of expensive handbags....

 Shopping time...

 And time to say good bye... but not before we had a few quick photos taken

New stock

Vintage Pink Malden
Grey Malden also available in A5 ;-)


Grey Finsbury