26 May 2008

Memorial Day Holiday

Memorial Day is an American holiday, one of the few days that most Americans don't have to go to work (although those in the retail and restaurant industries have to work, but get higher pay). The TV news carries images of soldiers paying Taps, which I think are heart-wrenching no matter what side of the political spectrum you're on. Local neighborhoods often have parades.

Americans are also expected to place flowers on graves that they've neglected throughout the year.

Was today an important day in your culture? What did you do in rememberance?

20 May 2008


Sung to the tune of "Anticipation," of course.

This is the time of year, when the new 18-month Moleskine diaries come out, that I'm tempted to stock up before they sell out, in case I have a change of heart later this year. In fact, in 2007, I bought 1 large and 2 pocket Moleskine diaries, in various weekly/daily configurations. It was my first full year of using Filofax, and it was important to me to have the Moleskines there for me in case of emergency, despite the expense. I didn't end up using them at all.

These days, I think using Moleskines sounds more difficult and tedious than using the loose-leaf Filofax, but I'm still tempted by the likes of this, from the excellent Moleskine supplier, Ship the Web: http://tinyurl.com/6fmua5.

This year, anyway, at the risk of getting set in my Filofax ways, I think I'll resist.

13 May 2008

Slim my Filo

A reader recently asked me about the capacity of the Slimline Filofax -- the same paper size as Personal but with a smaller ring size (7/16") for a thinner, flatter shape. I've never used a Slimline -- I don't think I've ever bought a smaller ring size of anything!

Has anyone who has used a Slimline fill us in (sorry) on his or her experience? Did you come up with any tricks to deal with the reduced capacity, or did you find it simply inadequate for a daily organizer? How many leaves does it hold compared to the usual Personal 7/8" rings? Does it come with tabs?

09 May 2008

More UK items

My recent order from The Daily Planner contained an interesting mix of leaves made in the UK and newer ones made in China. As I write this, world conditions are changing, and increased Chinese wages and petroleum/shipping costs may eventually make Chinese manufacture less economically advantageous than it has been in the early 21st century. But until then, UK-made leaves are a precious find to many of us Philofaxers.

Two of the items I ordered—pink lined paper and Cotton Cream to-do pages—were made in the UK. The pink leaves are marked ©1996, and the back of the package is marked "Made in England." This pink paper is both thinner and smoother than Chinese-made pink Filofax paper, which to me means that the English one is higher quality.

The Cotton Cream leaves were a mistake on my part—I clicked the wrong item. My everyday Personal Filo is red leather, and I prefer white leaves for my diary and to-do pages. But I've decided to keep the Cotton Cream ones. I want to experience using them. Also, if Cotton Cream is no longer being made, I want to have them. These leaves are marked ©2003, and the package reads "Made in the UK." I love the fact that it also says, "Manufactured by environmentally friendly paper mill."

Does anyone know whether the Cotton Cream paper is still being made in the UK?