09 May 2008

More UK items

My recent order from The Daily Planner contained an interesting mix of leaves made in the UK and newer ones made in China. As I write this, world conditions are changing, and increased Chinese wages and petroleum/shipping costs may eventually make Chinese manufacture less economically advantageous than it has been in the early 21st century. But until then, UK-made leaves are a precious find to many of us Philofaxers.

Two of the items I ordered—pink lined paper and Cotton Cream to-do pages—were made in the UK. The pink leaves are marked ©1996, and the back of the package is marked "Made in England." This pink paper is both thinner and smoother than Chinese-made pink Filofax paper, which to me means that the English one is higher quality.

The Cotton Cream leaves were a mistake on my part—I clicked the wrong item. My everyday Personal Filo is red leather, and I prefer white leaves for my diary and to-do pages. But I've decided to keep the Cotton Cream ones. I want to experience using them. Also, if Cotton Cream is no longer being made, I want to have them. These leaves are marked ©2003, and the package reads "Made in the UK." I love the fact that it also says, "Manufactured by environmentally friendly paper mill."

Does anyone know whether the Cotton Cream paper is still being made in the UK?


  1. Hello Inky

    I did an audit of my Filofax collection over a cup of tea last night. This included looking at my paper collection (including Cotton Cream diary pages) and all associated packaging (that which I've kept). The only thing marked with a point of origin was the portable hole-punch. This was "Made in England", this may have fleetingly instilled a feeling of pride, if it wasn't for the fact that I live in Wales. Next time I'm in my favourite stationers I'll look for any Cotton Cream and report back if it says from whence it's from.

  2. Hi. I also have a few different kinds of cotton cream papers. Where do I look for a place of manufacture? I could not find it on the packages.
    Also, I want to tell you that I have bought a pocket organiser, the brown classic one. I had the blue piazza in personal, but I found it quite large and the dirty suede bothered me. I really like the pocket one, but it is quite small. Now I am torn between the two. Any advice on this?

  3. I had a look through my paper store and I found that older Cotton Cream papers are marked "Made in England" whilst ones bought in the last six months or so are not. I'm inclined to think that none of the papers are now made in England; I can't say they are of any lesser quality for it - they are 5p dearer than the Made in England papers were though!

    I've posted comparison photos on Flickr for your entertainment: http://flickr.com/photos/biscuitsinthehouse/2497505862/

  4. Thank you for giving us the comment and pictures, Kevin! I really appreciate your doing that. Interesting that the made-in-China leaves are more dear.

  5. @Paulien - Usually the place of manufacture is near the bottom of the packet, either on the front or the back, or near the bar code.

  6. Alas my trawl of the shelves in W H Smith yielded no indication of 'country of origin' on any Filofax paper packaging. In another shop I was tempted into buying a Moleskine notebook.

  7. Thanks for checking, Andrzej! I've noticed that, in the U.S., the A5 refills usually show the country of origin. The Personal refills do not, unless the country of origin is the U.K.

    I believe that in the U.S., laws require showing country of origin over a certain dollar amount, and the Personal ones are below that amount. So the made in China ones don't brag about where they're from!

  8. Hi. I checked my packages again and found no place of manufacture on any of them, cream or other. But my cotton cream pages are also marked 2003 for the ruled and blank and todo. My diary is marked 2007, but I think this is because the first dutch ruled diary is for 2008 and made in 2007. I don't have the package of this anymore.


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