11 March 2009

More Miquelruis

Miquelrius A5 notebooks are my everyday notebooks, because the paper is interchangeable with the paper in my A5 Filo. I especially love the plastic-covered ones (the cardboard covers are too thick and stiff for my taste), designed by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

The only drawbacks are the expense -- US $7 or US $8 per book -- and limited availability. I used to have to go to a large chain bookstore or The Container Store to find them. Imagine my surprise when I found them at the Fed-Ex Kinkos store just a few blocks from my house!

This Kinkos has increased its office-supply and book stock and cut down on space devoted to self-service copiers and computers. I guess they've decided they make more money from retail sales. In addition to Miquelrius in A5 and A4 sizes, I also found Mead notebooks and composition books (well made, but the paper is way too thin), Cambridge notebooks (Mead's high end), Black and Red notebooks, and a rare (in the US) A4 Topps notebook.

I bought 2 each of the red and blue patterns shown here, plus a dull, professional pinstriped one for work. I wanted to buy them up to encourage the store to continue carrying them.

I still can't find Miquelrius A5s at less than $7, but I figure it's the price of a glass of wine in a nice restaurant, or 1.5 glasses of wine in a lousy restaurant. Well worth the price, since I can use each notebook for a couple of months, while the wine lasts me maybe 1/2 hour per glass.


  1. 1/2 an hour for a glass of wine? Either that's a huge glass or I'm drinking wine too fast :-)

  2. Have you tried Rhodia/Clairfontaine notebooks? Also, Graphic Image has beautiful A5 coilbounds. I like using good quality paper because it minimizes the bleed-through from my fountain pen.

  3. Joffrey, well, I probably drink the *first* glass faster than that! ;)

    I'm thinking about the average time when I'm lingering over a few glasses over the course of an evening.

  4. Hi Mincostflow - I know those are all great notebooks. I look for ones that come in an exact A5 size and is perforated. I haven't found a Rhodia or Clairefontaine that meets those requirements.

  5. Those are some NICE notebooks! :)

    Paperchase here do some stunners - I have a spiral bound pad with a gorgeous lily on the cover, and it has all sorts of PVC pockets between the sections too, very like a Filofax, which I use for notes about my work - handy for keeping receipts etc all in one place.

    I replaced the original notepad in the back pocket of my A5 Ffx with Rhodia's #16 "5x5" A5 graph paper pad, and use that to track my diet, plan meals etc.

    They're £1.85 here from Paperchase, so are cheaper than the Ffx notepads (which retail here @ £3 each) and more importantly, better suited for what I use 'em for, since you can tear the pages out easily once they're finished with.

    And I've started carrying the original Ffx A5 notepad with me when I'm out and about, so I can jot stuff down then file it straight in my Kendal when I get home.

    Boy am I glad I spent the extra cash on that folder, instead of going for the Finsbury - every time I use it, it just makes me so happy!

  6. Miss Charlie, thanks for all the great ideas, like replacing the pad in back with a Rhodia. It's like having 2 books in one. I love the Filofax A5 notepads, too. With the paper cover, you can carry it separately!

  7. Does anyone know of a notebook--perforated sheets, etc--that would fit the personal filo?


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