25 March 2009

Travellers Checklist in Detail

Here are the scans of Filofax's Travellers Checklist, an English printing copyrighted in the late 1980s.

I hope these TIFFs are legible. I wish they had come out clearer.

Clicking these images will deliver you to the Flickr page. To read the fine print, click to go to the Flickr page and then click the All Sizes button just above the main image. On the next page that opens, click the Original link to see the full-size image, which is the most legible.


  1. Thanks -- this is inspiring. I want to create my own now.

    I love checklists!

  2. I'm typing these up in to Word/PDF/ODT format files, I will make them available. But I guess you would want to customise these pages... I would hate to be with the person that needed everything on these lists!!

  3. Now posted on line here:
    and I will also add them to the Filofax Yahoo Group

  4. Steve--

    I'm eagerly waiting for the DIYPlanner post to be approved by the gods there. Lists like this are brain ticklers, I think -- meant to give us a way to see if we've forgotten anything we need. In addition we might need a list specifically for a particular trip listing special things for that. We could drown in lists, but if I'm going off across the country or overseas I'd like to feel sure I've got what I need.

    Thanks for providing a Word file -- really helpful! I just broke my arm and can't type much.