21 March 2009

Weekend Update

I had planned to upload the scanned Traveller's Checklist today, but it turns out the scanned document is a PDF, which I can't upload to either Blogger or Flickr. I will have to figure out a way to convert it to JPEG.

Meanwhile, I'll talk about my most recent Daily Planner order.

- Pocket size 2009 2-days per page for my fitness filo. My diary ends in July, since it's academic year. I've decided to buy a 2009 calendar to finish out the year so I don't have to worry about finding academic ones from now on. Also, I'm switching from week-per-2-pages to give myself more room to write.

- Pocket page marker, frosted plastic. Mine broke as I was pulling it out recently!

- 2 notebooks. One Rhodia and one Miquelrius in sizes similar to the Personal Filofax. One reader asked whether there's a notebook whose pages can be inserted into a Personal, so I've ordered these two to test them.

- A5 2009 week-per-page with notes (on the facing page). I think this might solve the problem I've been having with my work filo, which is currently week-per-2-pages (without appointments). I need a way to keep a list in front of my face, and even without the appointment slots I don't fill up each day's space. The week-per-page gives a truly tiny amount of space per day. We'll see if it's too little even for me!


  1. Hi All,

    Inky, I have used the week on one page with notes facing in the past and I think I find it one of the best page layouts. At the time I was not overly busy, so I didn't need to write a lot in my appoinments page but the notes page was really useful for recording bill payments, menu plans and quotes I found or my to do list for that week. I even played around with sectioning the page off for different areas. This is easy to do as the lines are so faint. Last year I made my own version of this, but I flipped it so that my notes page was on the right side to make it easier to write on.

  2. Hi
    Look forward to the travellers JPG, I'm getting quite good at recreating these old, no longer available pages. You have seen and commented on my Photo Exposure page. I will make them available on DiY Planner and also the Yahoo Group, as it has a convenient files area.
    Filofax Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/filofax/

  3. Since stumbling across this blog a week or so back and reading back through all the back entries, I find myself hooked again, So I dusted off my old 4-ring Pocket filo, bought some refills (the really nice cotton paper is only punched for the newer 6-ring pocket!!) and am having a great time experimenting. My main system at the moment is Circa/Rollabind - very expensive to import into the UK I might add. I've used everything over the years but my current system might be under threat now!!! Do I really want to change things round again? Who knows? I agree with you that it's a shame that some of the older & original inserts are now no longer available. I look forward to many hours of continued reading!


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