30 October 2014

How much do you think this is worth?

I'm often emailed photographs like this one below with the simple question.  How much do you think this is worth? I'm thinking of selling it...

Naturally this is a perfectly normal and acceptable question, but answering it isn't always so easy.

On some models the prices things are sold for can vary quite dramatically, from one country to another from one year to another.

The photo above is of one of my Cavendish Personals, about a year ago the prices these were being sold for varied between about €80 and €350, they have now come back to more sensible prices.

So whilst Ebay can give you some idea on prices it isn't set in stone. Do a search on there and look at completed listings which are the ones that have sold, this will give you a better idea on what particular models sold for.

Be careful though because some sellers don't always accurately describe organisers they often put A5 instead of personal size, personal instead of pocket etc.

If it is a more recent model, may be one of the ones recently phased out in UK but may be still available through some retailers, just searching on Google can bring up the details of the prices items were new. Some retailers still list older models even though they no longer have any stock and never likely to have any more stock.

Naturally you need to take the condition of the item in to account, is it like new, unused, well worn but still in reasonable condition.

Are the rings perfect, are there any gaps, photographs with a some rolled up colour paper on the inside of the rings will highlight any ring gaps. Whilst these can be sorted in some cases. If all of the rings have gaps then I would avoid buying the organiser unless the ring mechanism is removable and you are able to find a source of new rings for it that will fit.

If you are selling always be prepared for people making an offer on your for sale price.

Be cautious about people stating that a particular Filofax is 'rare' or 'vintage' there's no definition of these phrases, there's no date which before or age is considered to be then classed as vintage. How rare is rare? 10, 100, 1000 items ever made?

Even some pre-production samples that never went in to full production are produced in numbers of as many as 25-50 and then sold off.

So here is another example of an email I received from one of our readers. Expert opinions please?

It is a Winchester and one with 5/4" rings, so nice and big! Unusual colour may be?

What price would you put on this one?

29 October 2014

The Collection

Once upon a time a man had a big collection of organisers... he had so many he didn't quite know how he had got so many and why he had so many....

That would be sort of funny if it was just a story.... but there is an element of truth in it... somewhere!

I am frequently asked 'So what does your collection actually look like Steve'...

Well in May 2009 it looked like this:

That's right just three... two Finsburys (A5 and Pocket) and my original Winchester from 1986...

By the end of April 2011 almost 2 years later it had grown to this:

Starting at the bottom working upwards, A4 Classic, two A5s, two personals, the Winchester of course, a slimline, two pockets and a mini.

Remember in May 2010 I had moved to France and I was now blogging full-time, that is where things got sort of out of hand... !

By May 2012 I had got a bit of a soft spot for the Malden model...

Moving forward to 2013, things had got so crazy that I had several attempts to take photos of the complete collection, but none of them were that good, but after a lot of mistakes and a lot of trial and error I managed to take a photo of all of them:

So having worked out how to take this picture, which is in fact 4-5 photos stitched together in software, I was content that I could repeat the exercise in future.

Get to 2014 and I needed a spreadsheet to remember what I had got or hadn't got! The photo taken above in 2013 was done when my dear (understanding) wife was in UK... and the opportunity arose this last weekend for me to attempt to photograph the collection again whilst she was in UK.

You will see what I mean that it takes quite a bit of organisation. Our normal dining table starts off like this:

But becomes a little chaotic once I've brought them all upstairs from the office in our sub-basement

I then start to put them in to a sort of size order on our garden bench outside, last year they fitted easily... err not so easily this year!

I started off by putting the pockets and other smaller sizes in front of the others.

That didn't look quite right, so I removed the non-Filofax brand ones, all 7 of them!

They are from left to right, DeVilliers, Launer, Van der Spek, Second Thousand (VdS) Gillio Mia Cara, Van der Spek Standard, Gillio Medium Amica

So then I had a little bit of a rearrangement and adjustment, getting them to stay up right isn't easy, because the white board you can see behind the organisers isn't the full length of the bench it gets moved around as the camera is panned through the 5 photos (letting out all my secrets here!) and I eventually managed to squeeze them all in...

And to save you counting... there's 45 there in total.. eek!

Why so many? Shouldn't you consider getting rid of some? Do you use them all?

Yes I have had all these questions. firstly the ones not in daily use do all fit in to my assigned cupboard in the office.

My intention is that they will never get more than can fit in to this cupboard. There's a little scope for a few extra ones! But there is also some scope for one or two to find some new homes.

But why so many? Well if I wasn't writing about them on a daily/weekly basis then certainly I wouldn't need anything like the number I have. I've found that having a range of models allows me to do more accurate comparisons to new models when I get them for review.

I don't keep all of the review samples or the ones sent to me... goodness if I had I would need two cupboards! I have my favourites of course, ones I love using, ones I'm very fond of because of their design or how they were obtained and I would find it difficult to sell/giveaway some of these extra special ones.

Dare I mention... there's another one about to join the collection... another Van der Spek! And of course you will get to see that one when it arrives. And the dining table is back to being tidy again... just in time for Alison to arrive home again today... you won't say anything will you....

28 October 2014

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Free For All Tuesday No 195

27 October 2014

A date for your diary - Sunday 2nd November 2014

We are going to run another conference round-table voice chat using Skype. And the 'morning' session returns so our friends in the Far East and Pacific can join in again.

I'm sure we are gradually getting to know each other's voices, but I will make a point of going 'around the table' to get everyone to introduce themselves this time.

So...When, Where, What, Who and How?

When? - Sunday 2 November from 9:30am London time, 10:30am Paris time, 8:30pm Sydney time and 10:30pm Wellington time.

Additionally I will be on line at 8:00am San Francisco 10:00am Chicago, 11:00noon New York, 4:00pm London time, 5:00pm Paris time etc.  See the World Clock to make sure you have the right time.

The timing of these two sessions have been chosen to hopefully allow as many people to join in compared to previous round-tables. The timing of future ones will be varied to suit everyone if need be.

Please note: This is the weekend of the ending of DST in USA and Canada, normally I wouldn't hold a chat session on this weekend because of the confusion that the clock change causes, but I'm not available the next weekend.

Where? - an on-line chat using Skype.

What do I need? - just a micro-phone and some head phones(in ear phones work fine) and a free Skype account. Using headphones or earphone reduces 'echo' on the call. If you have a webcam then you can join in on video as well, but this is optional!

Who - All of you... connect up with Philofaxy and we will attempt to get as many of us linked in to the audio conference as possible. Come and listen if you don't want to chat.  What do we talk about? Filofax stuff... but anything else as well. It's like long lost friends meeting up for coffee and a catch up.. but don't worry if you have never joined in before... you are an old friend too!

If you have any questions you want to ask then please let us know in the group or before we start.

How -
  1. Connect to Philofaxy by firstly searching for Philofaxy in Skype, I will then add you as a contact.
  2. Then  'Send Contact Request',  I will then add you in to the chat room. 
  3. Then if you request it, I can add you to the audio conference as well. But if you just want to chat via keyboard that's fine. That way it's slightly less hectic for me! 
Come and join in the fun, even if you only pop in to say hello... but don't be afraid to join in the discussion.

As with previous round-tables there will also be a parallel text chat room going at the same time as the voice conference, so you can listen to the voice chat and type if you wish.

If you need any assistance setting up Skype, please pop a comment in this post and I will try and help you get one line. Skype is free for computer to computer calls....

Here is my post on how to improve your Skype audio with headphones or a headset.

Hope to be chatting with you on Sunday 2 November 2014.
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