23 July 2016

Web Finds - 23 July 2016

So I hope you have had a good week.

So now it is time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts from around the internet, so grab a drink and make yourself for our weekly round-up.

Here are some Philofaxy posts you might have missed this week:
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So here are the latest Filofax and other brand blog posts from around the Internet. Don't forget to leave a comment on the posts you enjoyed reading, all bloggers enjoy getting comments.
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22 July 2016

Free for All Friday No. 401 by Nan

One thing I do electronically instead of in a Filofax is my monthly/weekly work calendar. Like many people, I'm obliged to use a shared work calendar so we can all see (and schedule around) each other's appointments. Outlook, Google Calendar, and similar electronic calendars excel at that.

Here's one thing they're not great at: Getting an overview of the full year, with timelines for vacations and conferences. I'm going to try a Filofax fold-out Year Planner to get a yearly overview.

Do you use year planners? What's your tool for the big picture?

Of course, since it's Friday, all ring organizer discussion is welcome!

21 July 2016

The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Plannerverse - Episode 21

How to derail your planning system by over thinking

Over planning things is just as dangerous as under planning or not planning.

If you are spending more time planning than doing, then something has gone wrong somewhere. Or if planning is taking you too long each week to up date your planner then you are not going to be very efficient and also it ceases to be a useful tool and becomes a burden and things start to slip through the cracks.

Have a sit down with the Gruesome Twosome in Episode 21 where we zen out on planning

If you have ideas for future episodes please send them to steve at philofaxy dot com

Show Notes (timings approximate)
00:00 - Introductions
01:00 - When is the task too big?
02:00 - Stick to small
03:00 - Notebook scribblers!
05:00 - Finding the happy medium
07:30 - The evidence of incorrect use of a planner in Steve's first Filofax!
10:00 - Using your planner in a productive way
11:30 - Quo Vadis - Daily 21 planner/journal
13:00 - Journalling
14:30 - Segments of life (Past, Present and Future)
16:00 - Spending time to plan
17:45 - Trust your planner
18:15 - Listener challenge - Keep your planner open
19:30 - Can you have too many sections in your planner
22:00 - Where to write things down.
23:00 - Indexing
24:00 - Training your brain
25:00 - Don't over think things
27:00 - What is in our planners this week
27:45 - Tip of the week

Episode 21 - How to derail your planning system by over thinking

A direct download is also available here: Episode21.mp3

Show notes: A5 docx pdf  Personal docx pdf

NB: A5 is in A4 format so it can be scaled to suit A5 or A6 size. Personal is for printing direct on Personal size paper.

Presenters - Karine Tovmassian and Steve Morton
Editing and production - Steve Morton

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3 - Getting on with two or more planners - A5 docx pdf Personal docx pdf
2 - Where to start your planning journey and why - A5 docx pdf  Personal docx pdf
1 - What size and why....  - A5 docx pdf  Personal docx pdf

20 July 2016

Guest post - One Book July – the second week

As you probably know by now, I’m doing One Book July, and these short posts are offered up as a chronicle of my progress (or maybe lack of) through the month. If you aren’t up with the plot and want to find out what One Book July is all about (now that it’s half over!), there is an excellent video by Carrie Harling, which will update you.

In my post last week I talked about my choice of binder – the chocolate Finsbury A5. I’m pleased to report that I’m still in A5, and still in the Finsbury! Those of you who know me will realise that this is something remarkable! But there it is – One Book July is definitely having an effect.

Having sorted out my choice and format of binder, my next job was to sort out what diary format I’m going to go forward with. Now this is where I have real problems…..not only do I normally see-saw between A5 and Personal (now settled by my choice of binder), but I have real issues between DPP and Wo2P…..and occasionally Do2P. OK, I admit it – I’m generally a complete mess in this department. However, there are reasons (there are always reasons, right?)……

Some of my weeks get very busy, so I like to have a week-per-view diary as my ‘default setting’. This helps me to see at a glance just how insane life is likely to get in any given week, while giving me enough latitude to make some adjustments before things really fall apart. Also, I like to plan far ahead. I mean far ahead. I already have stuff in my diary for July 2017. No - really, I do. So carrying eighteen months’ DPP diary is just a tad awkward…….

However, I also like to have the ability to add tasks and follow-ups to specific days in the future. Again, sometimes far in the future. This is also one way in which I deal with recurring tasks. So I like a DPP, or a Do2P diary, which allows me space to do that.

So as well as liking a Wo2P diary, I also like a DPP diary. Or on occasions (when it gets really busy) a Do2P diary. And I like to carry eighteen months’ worth of diary at once. No problem………

So now you know what my ‘issues’ are, and I have to tell you, this has been a really tough choice! I have experimented with TimeSystem Do2P, PoD DPP inserts, a nifty Wo2P layout which David Parker kindly produces and which allows for at least some forward task allocation, and I even tried a Daytimer Do2P before I ‘graduated’ to A5.

OK, so now you know……I’m a mess in this area. This is the beauty of One Book July…..if you hold yourself to your commitment – and I made my commitment public enough to need to make sure I hold myself to it – you have to deal with this sort of issue.

So the bottom line…the Big Reveal…the denouement is that I am using a very simple ‘minimalist’ DPP diary printed on Conqueror high white wove A5 which I bought from a local stationery store (local businesses rule, right?) and sourced from a file on the Philofaxy website.

There is an unexpected side benefit so far – until now and for many years I’ve used pencil, and only pencil, in my diary. This has been for two reasons, the first being that Things Change. Everything. All the time. I use more pencil eraser than I drink water. The second reason is that I loathe see-through and bleed-through. As soon as I can see anything on the other side of the page, that page is useless to me. Also, my writing is bad enough not to need the added problem of feathering. Sometimes even I can’t read what I’ve written.

So with my new-found Conqueror diary I’m at last able to use the lovely Sheaffer 300 fountain pen which my even more lovely wife bought me last Christmas:-

This is absolutely my Most Favourite Fountain Pen Ever, and I have been waiting to use it properly since I was given it. Of course, Things still Change, but I’m learning to tackle my planner neatness obsession at the same time, which I figure is a win-win.

For the real stationery and pen nerds out there, I’m using Noodlers Prime of the Commons blue-black ink. The drying time on the Conqueror is almost zero, which is useful when I’m making quick notes in my system. And my writing is still awful……but that’s another story.

So now I have binder size and diary format sorted. Next up is the task management part of the system…….but that’s for week 3……..

Happy planning!

Thank you David for the update
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