05 March 2015

Guest Post - York Director Deskfax - Alan

Thank you Alan for this guest post, and I look forward to meeting Peter Layvine this summer. 

This is a followup to Steve's wonderful post about receiving a personal York, about my matching Brand New In Box (BNIB for people used to text-speak) York Director Deskfax.  I also feel I owe Peter Laywine this post.

Last spring, I was corresponding with Peter, who runs an eponymously named fine pen and organizer store, about his annual spring sale.  As the Deskfax Group had recently been set up on Facebook, I also asked him about Deskfax items, particularly punches, which several people were looking for.  Peter mentioned that he had a York Director Deskfax in the back that he was putting on sale.  When I popped into his store, he was not there, but one of his staff got it out.

The regular price was $425 and the staff member said it was 50% off.  I had never paid that much for an organizer, but it was lovely.

So I bought it.  A week later, I was back in the store and saw Peter.  “Did you buy the Deskfax?”  “Yes?” He laughed, “Well enjoy it, it was only supposed to be 25% off!”  This post is the long-overdue “Thank You!” to Peter.

The Deskfax came with many inserts, which I have removed.  As you can see the layout of the Deskfax is somewhat different than the personal.  Whereas the personal has a unzipped full-length pocket behind the cardslots, the Deskfax has a secretarial pocket and a zipped pocket.  The inside back cover of the Personal is where you find the zipped pocket, which has a slot for taking a pad of B5 paper in the Deskfax.

I have posted on Facebook about my setup, but I will share it here briefly.  I created an Excel file that allows me to have the identical week on one page layouts in my Deskfax, which stays in my home office, and my slimline personal.

I only carry one term, four months, at a time.  It is a VERY awkward system to get right for printing, but I only have to do this three times a year.  I will be exploring software that would make this process easier.

04 March 2015

Laurie's Sherwood Filofax

Awhile back I decided to invest in a high quality binder I could use and enjoy for years and decades, as per my Filofax fantasy. I wanted something I would love to use for years on end that was good quality and would age well, not in a pristine way but in a character-adding way. I wanted something that would survive the knock-around life I lead and would look more distinguished with time (and some scratches, scuffs and dents).

My choices were to get a Glen Royal binder (advantage: from Scotland, where I live and made of thick bridle leather), a Van der Spek binder (advantage: total choice in colors) or a vintage Filofax (advantage: time-tested construction and the Filofax style I love).

Just a day after I put out the call to my Facebook friends, Steve texted me (FROM FRANCE) to let me know there were some vintage Filofaxes for sale, in case I was interested. Was I!! I rushed home (but did not break the speed limit, thank you Mr. Morton) to log in and, lo and behold, there was my dream binder.

A personal size Sherwood Filofax, to be exact, in supple soft SCOTTISH calf leather! It's a gorgeous caramel brown, which is a fantastic color because it's classic, will age well and will never go out of style (personally or globally).

The best part is, it's never been used despite being more than 20 years old! And to add to the excitement, it cost MUCH less than I had expected to spend! I won't say how much I paid but I was very pleasantly surprised at the price.

Get a good look at it now, in its pristine condition, because it will never look like this again. It will be used, loved, shoved into bags, inevitably dropped on the floor, scuffed, scratched and dented. It will live a full life, a busy life, and (I hope) a happy life with me.
Personal Sherwood Filofax circa early 1990's

I love that it's Scottish leather! And look at that flatability!

Huge thanks to Steve for giving me the heads-up, because had he not I'm sure this would have gone fast. And enormous thanks to Jette for selling it to me, and for her patience with my payment technical difficulties!
All moved in and ready to roll!

Stay tuned for my adventures with Sherwood!

03 March 2015

Web Finds - 3 March 2015

So I hope you have had a good weekend.

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Free For All Tuesday No. 213

02 March 2015

Filofax USA 2001-2

Today we go and take a look at 2001-02 in the USA catalogue, it is unusual in that it starts at the front and the back and works in to the middle after you have turned the catalogue over. Thank you to Cathy one of our readers for patiently scanning in all the pages for us.

It is interesting to note that things seem to be going full circle with Filofax mixing technology with paper organisers if you compare this catalogue with the current ones of the last couple of years.

The content of this post is the intellectual property of Filofax Group Ltd. The scans are reproduced here with the full permission of Filofax Group Ltd.

As this is a picture heavy post, there is a break after the first image, please click 'read more' to see the whole post.

01 March 2015

Guest Post: Visit to the Gillio Boutique in Brussels - Lewis

Thank you Lewis for your Guest Post. 

Just as a brief introduction, my name is Lewis and I am a bit of a planner geek - which is why I feel right at home here at Philofaxy!  I’m blessed to own a few different model planners but at Christmas 2014, whilst admittedly under the influence of one or two Christmas ales, decided to treat myself to a Compagna.  I was amazed by the quality when it arrived.  My wife turned 30 in January and as part of her birthday present I booked a short break away in Brussels.  As she is a teacher it had to be in the holidays so we visited Brussels in Half term in February.  It hadn’t occurred to me at the time that Gillio have a boutique there, but I couldn’t resist a visit whilst we were there.

I was in dialogue with Tom at Gillio shortly after my Compagna purchase and mentioned that I’d like to visit them whilst in Brussels.  Being the lovely people that they are, they were only too willing to oblige.  I supplied them with the dates of my trip and they assured me someone would be available to meet me.   Whilst at Ebbsfleet International station about to board the Eurostar to Brussels, I had a telephone call from Paul at Gillio to ask which date I’d prefer to come.  We agreed a convenient date and he duly invited me and my wife to pop in.  Of course a trip to the Gillio boutique was never going to be a ‘pop in’ visit but there we are!

My wife and I arrived at the shop and I introduced myself.  Paul was with a customer at the time who happened to have a leather bag that she purchased some 15 years ago, just having the strap re strung.  She was telling me how pleased she was with the product and Paul had to reassure me that this wasn’t staged for my benefit!  A great example of the longevity of their products.  Whilst he was helping her he suggested my wife and I go next door to the coffee shop and that he’d join us.  After 5 minutes he came over and we started discussing the history of the company and their philosophy.  One aspect that really resonated with me was the drive and ambition of the family to produce the best leather products on the market.  Paul was incredibly proud of this goal and I think it’s fair to say that Gillio have certainly achieved this.  We discussed the fact that Gillio used to sell some leather products of a, lets say, well known German brand.  Customers would come in to buy one of these German products only be be immediately converted to the quality, durability and of course design of Gillio’s own products and walk out with the Gillio.  Another story I loved was how Paul contacted a famous US based planning company and discussed a combined Gillio planner combining great leather with a great planning system.  I’d love to see one of those products hit the market!

We went back into the store and I tried not to leave too many finger prints on the display glass (!) but its fair to say I was able to examine many of their products.  I couldn’t believe how soft the Croco leather really was to hold.  I also experienced why the A5 Mia Cara is so popular.  I examined this Mia Cara and I felt like I was examining a piece of art.  This thing is truly a stunning binder.  I don’t think I’ll make it to summer before I own one!  

Of course Gillio products aren’t limited to planners and there were many items on display including pens and other leather products

Here are the goodies that my wife and I purchased whilst there, which included an A5 black and orange writing pad, a keyring, some inserts (a gift for David Popely!) and a bracelet.  The guys at Gillio are so passionate about the bond between them and their customers that Paul insisted on gifting me an Intelligent Mini Wallet and the Keyring.  Paul was happy that I share that information as well.  I should also add and again thank him for the coffee mentioned earlier, he wouldn’t allow us to pay for that either!  My Gold Companga wanted to be in its own family photo!

As the trip was of course for my beautiful wife Nadine to celebrate her birthday, I couldn’t spend all day there, so our visit came to an end.  Paul suggested we get a ‘family photo!’ and the owner of a neighbouring business took our photo.

I have to also add that Brussels is truly a wonderful city and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit, particularly to the Louise/Louiza area where shopaholics will be at home.  It also helps that you can fuel your day with breakfasts like these

Paul really did go out of his way to ensure our experience of Gillio was one to remember and I truly will.  In a day of call centres and budget cuts it really is spectacular when we experience service like this.  Gillio’s customer service is as good as their products.  If you haven’t experienced either, I highly recommend both.

Thank you Lewis, I'm looking forward to my visit to see the shop and the family later on this month even more now!

28 February 2015

Web Finds - 28th February 2015

I hope your week has gone well.

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27 February 2015

Free For All Friday No 328 by Laurie

In a recent Facebook conversation, several of us were discussing whether or not it bothers us when our binders start to show wear. The main topic was of color rubbing off colored binders, which I think bothers just about everyone (including myself).

Marks and scratches are a normal result of daily use, but I don't always like them. I have some Filofax binders (like my chic ivory Deco) that I think look best in pristine condition. Others, like my rugged oiled-leather Kendal, look great with some wear.

I recently was fortunate enough to be able to buy a never-used new-condition Sherwood Filofax made in the early 1990's (post coming soon). When I bought it my intention was for it to acquire character in the form of the inevitable marks and scratches it will get from daily use.

But when it arrived, I was suddenly anxious about using it. Having a never-used vintage Filofax felt like a big responsibility. Should I actually use it every day? Should I really shove it into my bag, open the snap clasp a dozen times per day, and push my pen into the pen loop? Maybe I should sell it to a collector instead.

Then I thought, this Filofax was made to be used, not to be a museum piece. Its intention was to be used as a daily object of usefulness. Its beauty and aesthetic appeal add to the joy of its daily use.

Even the card that came with it gives me permission to use it every day: It came with a card stating it is "Made from fine Scottish Leather" by the National Chrome Tanning company, and the back of the card states:

Like wood, leather is one of the few materials that grows more beautiful with use, the grain acquiring a natural patina.

I also get a lot of inspiration from this wonderful post on The Sewing Sloth about the appeal of worn binders showing the evidence of their exciting lives. 

I'm keeping all these things in mind as I use my beautiful Sherwood. But, I'm sure when those first few marks appear on its surface, I'll feel a little pain.

How do you feel when your binder starts to show wear?

And as always on Fridays, feel free to ask and/ or discuss anything binder related!

26 February 2015

Filofax York - A glimpse in to the past by Steve

The period or era between about 1991-92 and 2005 is a gap in my regular use of a Filofax. I started using one in 1986 (my black Winchester).

By 1992 my Filofax had been put in away and replaced with one electronic device followed by a few more.

This electronic wizardry was terminated by a very officious looking security gentleman, who on seeing my HP iPaq on my office desk said to me
'Sorry Mr Morton but you can't use that in the office' 
I questioned the reasoning, he quoted almost word for word an office notice about the use of personal electronic devices including PDA's, but not at the exclusion of any device that could store or record data, voice, unless encrypted to some long standard number.

This guy obviously wrote this office notice and loved quoting it at people who showed even a sniff of interest in the contents of Notice 1283-A/2003 issue 2.1 revised September 2003... or what ever it was called....

I asked about my Psion organiser.... No... it can record audio... OK Filofax? He sort of looked at me with a quizzical view and looked down at my list of holdings (protective marked and registered documents), which sadly for him was very short, but he insisted on seeing every document, notebook or manual so he could sign the checking sheet in each of them and sign me off as being a good boy until his next 'flash visit'

It sounds like a script from St Trinians I know, but word would flash around the building when 'Derek from Security' was 'in the building'. Everyone would make mad scatter to make themselves scarce... but I digress......

So when I got home from work that night I got my Filofax out again, I put my electronic toys to one side and gradually started refreshing the pages in my Filofax... I gained an A5 Finsbury for ease of printing out calendars and inserts etc. At this point I hadn't even thought or considered what had happened to Filofax in the period I hadn't been using one. Until one day when some how by accident in about 2008 I discovered Philofaxy. At this time Nan was running it on her own.

It got me interested in the use of organisers a bit more, up to this point it had just been a 'style accessory', a diary, a place to store maps and addresses. Suddenly a new world opened,  I read all of the posts from day 1 of Philofaxy, to what was the current day back then. I managed a year per day without too much difficulty. I learnt a lot by reading through the old posts. I started to comment more frequently and obviously got noticed... in 2009 Nan invited me to join her along with Laurie.

So back to this missing era... 1992-2005 it wasn't until recently that I realised that Filofax produced quite a wide variety of organisers in this period some good some not so good. Seeing these various models in the old catalogues I've been scanning (I've nearly finished!) got me interested in some of the older models to see what they were like.

Despite what people might think I don't know that much about the older models <shock horror>!! If someone writes in and asks a question I often ask others if they know the answer if I can't find the answer myself.

So when one of our readers offered me a Filofax York I found it very hard to say no. It wasn't a model I was familiar with, but when I saw the picture and description in the 1993 catalogue I couldn't wait to see it for myself.

A catalogue picture is one thing, but to actually hold one in your own hands is another thing.

As you can see it shares the interior design with the Sherwood as did other models at the time.

A very pleasant surprise when the parcel arrived was the original box. This was a time capsule of Filofax nostalgia. I love the full description on the label of the box. And the embossed 'f' in the box lid adds a lovely touch to it.

So inside this is the York in tan calf leather.

A skinny clasp similar to lots of models at the time.

Two pen loops, not elasticated though. 

Note the square profile of the spine, unlike current models that tend to be more rounded.

Eight card slots, enough for most people I would think! Note the  fILOFAX of England, York, Calf Leather, Made in Italy below the card slots . 

A neat pocket and zip pocket in the back cover.

The f on the spine, we have been trying to establish when Filofax started adding this feature. I like the contrast stitching although it blends in nicely on this model. There are no quality control three letter codes on the inside of the clasp or anywhere else on the organiser as far as I can see.

I don't know the history of this particular organiser, it is not surprising that it doesn't lay flat it looks unused to me or virtually unused. The pen loops are still flat, the leather is in beautifully clean and unmarked condition.

There is no quality control stamp on the inside of the clasp so this example could be older than 1993, but there's no mention of the York in the 1991 price list.

It might have been a lovely gift to someone back in about 1993. May be they already owned a Winchester and didn't want to move out of it, but I'm smitten with it. It really is a lovely organiser to own and use.
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