23 October 2014

How much paper is too much paper?

Does your Filofax look as stuffed as this one?

Actually that one isn't so bad, most of the 'extras' aren't on the rings themselves, although the strap looks like it might pull the popper out of the front cover....

How about this one, doesn't look too bad does it?

Look at this one!!!! Ah now we are talking... now pay attention to how the paper is bending around the rings.

Thank you to Deb, Chris and Leah for those photos. Here's some I set up myself.

So to attempt to do something similar I just kept adding paper the odd diary insert or two as you do, to get a similar result.

Again notice the pages being pushed around the rings towards the base plate.

Notice what happens when you open the organiser, the pages just fan out, because that is what they want to do when there's too much paper on the rings.

Here is the same organiser with the normal number of pages in it.

Notice this time when we open it, the pages largely stay together in the middle.

What about slimline organisers?

If we look at a slimline with only 11 mm rings the issue of the paper inside of the arc of the rings becomes a little more obvious.

With a similar number of pages on either side of the rings, there doesn't look like there is too much of a problem. But when you have more on one side than the other, the inside edges of the pages start to interfere with each other as in this first picture below.

Then when you try to move all of the pages to one side of the rings... they open!! Getting the pages back on to the rings and getting them closed takes some fiddling!

Why does this happen?

So what is going on here. Let me try and explain with the aid of some simple drawings and we will look at normal size personal size rings.

So here is a 'normal' load of pages, if you imagine each single page here was say 20-25 pages you will get the idea better...

So with this number of pages, they sit quite neatly in the middle arc of the rings.  Now at this point I want you to note what is happening to the inside edge of the pages that sit within the rings. In this example you will see that as they are neatly sat towards the middle of the arc of the rings the inside edge, inside the rings is clear of the inside arc of the rings.
So with the organiser open, we add even more pages, more than double. As you can see they start to fan outwards the further around the arc of the rings they are.

Now look at what is happening with the paper on the inside of the rings, it is starting to press against the inside of the rings.

To make matters worse if we use card dividers towards the front or back of the organiser with this amount of paper they will not bend as easily and will press on the inside of the rings with this amount of paper in the organiser.

If we now close the organiser with this amount of paper in it look what happens. The inside edges of the paper are now pushed inwards as the paper is compressed.

I have tried to show here that having more paper on the rings than you should have this results with the paper on the inside of the rings being compressed together on the inside of the rings and this potentially starts forcing the rings open or causing them to gap.

So what can you do to solve this issue?

  1. Use less paper in your organiser...  or
  2. Use an organiser with larger rings, such as a Van der Spek Standard (personal) which are available with 30 mm rings. or their A5 Manager with 35 mm rings.

How much is too much?

Whilst I was at the Van der Spek workshop two weeks ago, I was given a copy of the Krause rings specification sheet for the rings they use on their organisers.

The ring capacity is given in the specification sheet as a thickness of paper on the rings. Krause quote their rings by the external diameter, were as we normally quote the internal diameter. The letters and numbers in () are the Kruse model numbers which you will find on page 21 of the catalogue in the link above.
  • Pocket (PER152/06/20) - 20 mm internal diameter - Paper capacity 14mm
  • Personal (PER171/06/25) - 25mm internal diameter - Paper capacity 19mm
  • Personal (PER171/06/30) - 30mm internal diameter - Paper capacity 24mm
  • A5 (PER216/06/25) - 25mm internal diameter - Paper capacity 19mm 
  • A5 (PER216/06/30) - 30mm internal diameter - Paper capacity 24mm
So as a rule-of-thumb, take the ring internal diameter in milli-meters and subtract 6 mm and you have the paper capacity in milli-meters.  You should be able to apply this rule-of-thumb to any brand of organiser with similar size rings.

22 October 2014

Guest Post - My Filofax - Journey to planning land - 'UK Jon'

I got my first Filofax as a gift from my sister in 1987 (a Wellington?) but didn't get to grips with it. A second followed a year later from a well known high street bank when I opened a student account. But I only really used that for addresses and inspiring quotes, or jotting down indie music lyrics (ah, late 80s campus life).

Fast forward to 2014 and many things have changed. Now I'm a pseudo grown-up with a young family. The miserable indie music has (largely) gone. The hair definitely so. But recently I found that old, black, Personal Filofax in a drawer. It had little in it, but was so tactile I decided to investigate and lo and behold, a huge Filofax community.

So after reading.....and reading....and watching numerous videos on set up, tips and techniques.....I'm now happily using that old 'Personal With No Name'. Maybe it should be called Clint.

BUT - then saw an A5 Domino on offer. As a leftie I thought the extra space would help. Done deal.

THEN saw a Slimline Finsbury on offer. It looked so good....Done Deal.

SO - I've gone from no planner to a choice/combination of three in about a month. I'm leaning towards the A5 and Slimline combo, but am aware of the One Planner One Life school of thought.

The experiment begins.....

In homage to 'Kent from Oz', who's prolific with his videos, I'll sign off as 'UK Jon'

Thank you Jon, we look forward to seeing how you have set up your new organisers and how you are going to use them. 

21 October 2014

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Free For All Tuesday No. 194

20 October 2014

Filofax Corporate Sales 2009

Today we look back at the Corporate Sales catalogue for 2009

And as with all of our catalogue posts they are also available in a higher resolution on Flickr
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