18 October 2009

Filofax Sizes

I've been doing some research this morning in to the paper sizes for the different formats of Filofax Organisers. I think we are all familiar with the current ranges available. They are detailed on the Filofax sites. But there were a few exceptions that I wasn't certain about mainly the Deskfax and the M2. I also came across the Pocket Slimline, same size as the Pocket, but I presume it has smaller rings. Likewise how does the Compact differ to the Slimline? Same paper size but I guess slightly different ring size. 

I can only assume that some of these lesser known sizes are no longer sold because of the lack of sales. Although inserts are still available for them.

So here is a comprehensive list of all sizes:

Size H x W (mm) Rings
A4 297 x 210 4
DeskFax 250 x 176 3 x 3
A5 210 x 148 2 x 3
Slimline 171 x 95 2 x 3
Personal 171 x 95 2 x 3
Compact 171 x 95 2 x 3
Pocket 120 x 81 2 x 3
Pocket Slimline 120 x 81 2 x 3
Mini 105 x 67 5
M2 64 x 103 3

They are all 'portrait' format with the exception of the M2 which is 'landscape' format.

To see inserts for all of the formats, the best site I found was City Organiser here in London.



  1. I've looked at that site before but never noticed that for a very business-like site it has very poetic language to describe the different leathers. And it's spot on too. Not even the filofax site does it better!

  2. Indeed, the Personal Slimline and Compact differ in the width of the rings: 11mm and 15mm, respectively. (They still have one Compact binder in the german Filofax site ;) )
    Too bad the M2 was discontinued, it looks like a fun format, as small as the Mini, but more comfortable to write in!

  3. Thanks for that Oni, obviously all the different websites use the same basic structure. But why the compact is only available in Germany and not UK is a mystery!

    Again thanks for solving that one!


  4. For your information: the only Compact (with 15 mm rings) sold in Germany is a black Guildford.
    It costs 85 Euro; both the Slimline and the Personal Size are 95 Euro.

  5. I have a favorite paper size that I wish I could use for everything -- 203.2 mm × 266.7 mm, or 8 x 10.5 inches. It used to be the government standard size paper in the U.S., before the 8.5 x 11 Letter size was adopted.

    Children's and household notebooks in the U.S. and Canada are still 8 x 10.5. But because of the similarity of U.S. Letter size to A4 size, it looks like those will be the standard for the foreseeable future. There will never be an 8 x 10.5 fILOFAX.

  6. Some extra, historic sizes (again courtesy of the City Organiser, but from about 20 years ago!) are variations on the Personal:
    Double 171 x 180 mm
    Treble 171 x 265 mm
    Quadruple 171 x 350 mm

    These were all punched for 2 x 3 rings, and fitted the Personal binders because they were folded.

    Also, there was the "original deskfax", as discussed here. I think these old variety Deskfax pages matched the "Double" above, but perhaps someone can confirm?

  7. Can i have the size of the personal format in cm in case i would like to print from my pc

  8. The sizes shown are in mm divide by 10....


  9. Can someone tell me the actual size of the filofaxes themselves? Not the papersize but the size of the Filofax organiser itself????

    I need an organiser that will take 170 x 115 paper (A6)


  10. Andrew
    The actual physical size won't help really because of the size of the rings in the binder reducing the space available for paper. Paper that is 105mm wide will fit in a Personal 115mm might be going too wide.

    What are these pages?


  11. Are those dimensions the size of the paper or the actual binder...sorry, new to this :)

    1. Those actual page sizes, the binder sizes vary depending on the model and ring sizes

  12. I just want to note that A6 is actually 105 x 148, not 115 x 170.


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