14 January 2007

Filofax: The Movie?

The Moleskine-loving community had a collective swoon a couple years back when, in the opening scene of "The Da Vinci Code," Tom Hanks' character read lecture notes from a small, rather dull black notebook.

The Filofax, on the other hand, has been the main subject of a movie: "Taking Care of Business." That's the U.S. title; in other countries the movie was simply called "The Filofax." The movie's a comedy about an unfunny business: identity theft. I haven't seen it, but according to the synopsis, Jim Belushi is a likeable, small-time crook who escapes from prison in order to use his World Series tickets. On the way to the game, he happens upon the lost Filofax of a wealthy executive (Charles Grodin) containing cash, credit cards, and mansion key. A sort of "Trading Places" role-reversal ensues.

Has anyone seen the movie and can tell me how it ends? Better yet, can anyone take a screen capture of the Filofax in the movie?

Bonus question: Two cast members of "Taking Care of Business" were also regulars on a well-known TV show. Can you name that show?

Photo and link credit cinemafia on Flickr.


  1. Also interesting is that the film was written by J. J. Abrams of ALIAS and LOST fame. Maybe he's a Filofax user?

  2. The well-known TV show was Hill Street Blues. And one of the two cast members from the show who was in the movie was Veronica Hamel.


  3. Chet -- Good answer! Veronica Hamel and Hector Elizondo both appeared on Hill Street Blues in the 80's! However, Hector Elizondo only made a couple of guest appearances on the show.

    That was my first thought, too. I at first confused Hector Elizondo with Rene Enriquez, who played a Latino detective in a regular role on the show.

    If you keep looking, there are two other actors on who were regular characters on another show. Hill Street Blues is one answer. Can anyone get the other?

  4. Jeff, thanks for picking up on the J. J. Abrams connection. His career has certainly come a long way since "Taking Care of Business"!

    I've also noticed, now that I've checked out his Wikipedia page, that there's a connection between Abrams and the other TV show in my quiz question.

    Another clue!

  5. You're probably referring to Star Trek: TNG and the characters are Dr. Crusher and Q.

    As for the movie - it's one of my all time favorites. It's pretty typical in it's depiction of the stereotypical obsessed Filofax user (his whole life is dictated by what's in the book) and the ending is that he he has to cast away the book to regain his 'life', but it's enjoyable nonetheless.

  6. I just obtained a copy of the DVD and the Filofax appears to be a dark, coffee brown "one-off" equipped with a clear plastic window over the entire interior of the front cover. There appears to be at least two different props, although both have stitched on covers, and leather page lifters. In a scene at an airport payphone, the prop appears to show a complete second cover. Neither prop appears to display a Filofax logo on the exterior spine or on the chrome ring assembly, although the interior of the front cover has a Filofax "reward if found" certificate displayed in the plastic window.

  7. Hi Huper -- Welcome to Philofaxy! Thanks for filling us in on the details of the movie star Filo!

  8. Where can you obtain a "REWARD IF FOUND" certificate? Is there a such thing?

  9. John
    In the front of most refills there is a registration form that you fill in from the Filofax Website. They offer a reward for organisers returned via them to their rightful owner.

  10. Steve, thankyou very much! I love this site!


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