28 September 2008

Franklin Covey Compact Size

For a while, I went down to the Compact Size, which has the same page height and 6-ring layout as Filofax's Personal size, but a greater page width. It's an interesting size, proportioned more like an A5 sheet, but more portable. If the Personal's narrow page makes you feel cramped, you might like Franklin's Compact better. Franklin's also comes in bigger ring sizes than Filofax offers, which lets you carry many more pages!

Of course, these factors also make the Compact less portable than the Personal. I can toss the Personal into almost any bag I own, and not feel it's cumbersome. Carrying a Compact, although it's smaller than an A5, still feels like carrying a "big book" to me. Closed, it measures 6.25" (16 cm) wide, 7.5" (19 cm) tall, and it has 1.25" (inside diameter) rings.

I think I spent less time with the Compact than any other model or size because of this worst-of-both-worlds feeling it gave me. But I did—and still do—love this binder. Nice forest green leather (green's a hard color to find), and it feels and smells great.

You can't see it in the picture, but it has the Franklin Quest imprint—from before the acquisition of Stephen Covey's productivity training business.


  1. If you would like to implement some of Stephen Covey's best ideas, you can use this web aplication:


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    Some features from GTD are also present, like Contexts and Next Actions.

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  2. Inky, I totally hear you re: the Compact. That was the drawback to my Planner Emeritus-- it just felt a bit too clunky, while my Personal Finchley still feels purse-friendly. But I do miss some of the FC forms, like the fitness tracker, but I don't like the additional 1/2" sticking out.

    The element I keep from my days of using Franklin-Covey forms is the Weekly Compass. Every week I make a list of the big items that need to be accomplished and I tuck it into the Weekly Compass bookmark. It's a little thing, but it really helps to keep me on track with my goals!

  3. @dannielo - Thanks for the great link! Gtdagenda looks like a neat online solution.

    @vidya - Thanks for the sharing about the Weekly Compass. It's the missing element in my own Filofax system. When I was using the Franklin system, I think it encouraged me to "sign on" to too many roles in my life every week, and I never got all, or even most, of them done. But I really do need something to keep a few big tasks in front of my eyes every week or so.

  4. Does anyone have a filofax personal cuban (unzipped)? I'd really like to know if it lies flat well. Absolutely love this site!

  5. Anon, About the personal Cuban...here is my suggestion: call the Filofax toll-free customer service line. The woman who generally takes my calls is very helpful. Last time I phoned, I told her I wanted an organizer that was very soft, not stiff, very pliable in my hands. I said, I'm thinking about the Eton or the Cuban. She said, If you want soft, you don't want the Cuban. She'll give you the straight skinny, and, if you ask her for more subjective feedback regarding look, feel, touch...and so on...she'll give it to you. Piece of cake with regard to whether or not the Cuban lies flat - she'll tell you.

  6. Thanks. I'll give that a try. Last time I called there to find out where an order was, I spoke with a woman with the most amazing New York accent and such a pleasant, warm, down to earth approach. I'd love to hear that voice again.


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