05 March 2009

Menstrual Calendar Insert

Here's another find from the 1980's, printed in England. I'm not sure why old inserts like this turn up in online or brick-and-mortar stores from time to time, but they do. Where have they been sitting all this time?

I don't plan on using this product, just keeping it as a collector's item. I bought this Pocket 1980's one (copyright 1988) and a newer Personal one. They were marked down, probably because the item has been discontinued. I can't find it on either the UK or USA Filofax website.

I've uploaded photos to Flickr, and since I can seem to embed a picture right now, here's a link to get you started.


  1. I bought this years ago. While it is quite a clever idea, it wasn't very easy to use. I have some inserts from the 80's where Filofax produced "workbooks" based on popular magazines. Does anyone remember magazine called "Slimming"? The insert is bound, but hole punched to fit in the personal size. It has weight and exercise tracking pages along with some helpful hints about living a healthier life. Great stuff! I'll try and get some pictures this weekend.

  2. I'd been thinking that the Filofax brand had become a bit more female-oriented of late, but, on this evidence, it seems that's not such a recent thing after all.

  3. Wow - that's... odd, actually!

    I always mark my cycle on the year planner - I'm not ttc, it's just so I can avoid anything but chocolate for a few days a month... :o)

    I like the way they also still have the moon phases in the diary - obviously useful for that small-but-important minority of users with lycanthropy!

  4. That's funny! I always add to my calendar each year by noting the moon's astrological placement. May sound silly, but it's more accurate than any horoscope. The moon's placement in astrology and the placement regarding gardening are quite different. I note those too.

    I'd better stop before we get on with a subject that may offend some!

    Thanks, Miss Charlie! Your comment was quite fun!

  5. Anonymous - I lust after inserts like that! Franklin Covey also used to do packets like that, such as health records and a wedding planner, but they've discontinued a lot of them.

    Miss Charlie gets the word-of-the-week award for "lycanthropy"!


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