27 February 2009

Free for All Friday No. 26

Have at it, folks!

—Inky (feels good to by typing that again!)


  1. I know we've talked about this a bit in the past but I'm curious as to how many people make their own forms and especially calendars - how do you do this (what program or template do you use)? I know that people make their own when it comes to the A5, but since I have a personal size Filo, I don't know how easy this would be. I often think about it, but figure that the money and time invested might not be worth it (although I'm sure to get exactly what I want)...

  2. A few weeks ago while I was browsing the 99 Cent Store, I came across some organizer accessories! I got a pad that has 3x6 sticky notes-- the backing has 6 holes to insert it into my binder. I got another pad that slides out to increase the writing space and has standard size note paper with 6 holes. It was such a thrill to find useful tools so cheap, so I stocked up. If you have a nearby 99 Cent Store, check it out!

  3. I use my excel spreadsheet to make pages for my personal planner. I have spent a bit of time working out the sizing, and if you want the details I am happy to share. I am able to print four pages to one a4 page if my printer co-operates and prints them back to back for me. I have made quite a few pages, including a weekly diary format, notes pages, address pages, a yellow pages for often used numbers, a budget page, personal information page, meal plan pages, company details page and more. I have also made A5 pages.

  4. Kanalt the problem is that the number of pages of different types that are on sale these days is somewhat limited compared to what was for sale back in the 1980's.

    Look at the post and comments for 24 Feb 2009 on here, you will see a list of some of them.

    Yes it's tricky to print Personal size pages, but you can use the pre-perforated paper sold by Filofax to ease the process of producing pages.


  5. It's fairly inexpensive to get a 6 hole punch and a guillotine to cut the sheets.
    I often print reference pages like phone lists using a "4 pages per sheet" printer setting, doing only one or two pages at a time. Then you can cut them down to personal filofax size.
    I also print my own blank 13 column spreadsheets leaves using Excel.

  6. Hmm. Thanks for all of the comments. I still haven't made up my mind as to whether or not I'll try my own papers, but at least it gives me something to think about and look into. And I'll definitely be checking out my dollar store.

  7. Someone just uploaded a picture of a to-do list to the Philofaxy Photo pool - the list was made using Microsoft OneNote according the poster (don't know if he/she reads this blog). Does anyone use this software to create lists and templates? I have the software on my computer but have never used it. I'm going to try and get a book on it from my library since th Microsoft tutorial seems a bit confusing, but I thought I'd also post the question here.

  8. I find unless you have really good reasons, trying to make pages to fit the personal size Filofax is savage amusement. It's very hard to cut the paper to appropriate size and even harder to duplex print them. I had a few tries with the A5 Filofax and the results weren't too bad and easier than the personal size.

  9. I love that phrase, Kevin--savage amusement! I've tried making my own forms for personal size, too, and it was frustrating and a waste of time and money. A savage amusement, indeed!
    I don't really like writing in personal size binders anyway and have decided to just use them for lists and notes, using the Filofax paper and a calendar for reference only.

    But I've had great results with the A5 size by having a ream of letter paper sliced in half and printing on that.


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