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Our Diary Inserts page has a large selection of files you can download and print yourself.

Reference Files
USA Letter/Half Letter (A5) Templates - Print in booklet mode for Half Letter size
A4/A5 Templates see here for details on printing
Personal Templates
Printing Personal Pages

Personal pages on plain A4 paper NEW

Personal Pages using Pre-punched A4 Filofax Computer Paper (all in pdf format)
A6 Templates

Pocket Templates on A4 plain paper

Pocket Templates on A4 plain paper NEW - With thanks to Mikael for these templates
  • Pocket Expenses .docx
  • Pocket Contacts .docx

Mini Templates on A4 plain paper - With thanks to Steve Y for these Mini templates

M2 Templates on A4 plain paper

Patis own templates
Dynamic Templates on DiY Planner

Genealogy Information Sheets (A4/A5)

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