04 July 2007

American Eagle Day

Don't bother checking your Filofaxes, gentle readers. I guarantee you won't find this one. In fact, I spent an embarassing portion of my July 4th holiday searching the Internet to find out whether American Eagle Day is for real.

It all started with the June 19 episode of the Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert featured a bald eagle on his show, and invited everyone over to his house for an American Eagle Day celebration. I wasn't sure whether to believe it. (When faced with a sexy guy in a well-tailored suit and silk tie, my powers of reasoning somewhat fail me.)

Here are the facts, as I've been able to ascertain them:

May 1, 2007: According to the American Eagle Foundation, the U. S. Senate unanimously passed a special resolution naming June 20 “American Eagle Day." The House of Representatives is expected to pass a similar resolution.

June 20, 2007: The International Fraternal Order of Eagles celebrates American Eagle Day. (According to legend, the Eagles were always a little ahead of their time; they were early proponents of legislation that created Social Security and Mother's Day.)

June 28, 2007: U. S. Dept of Interior removes bald eagle from endangered species list.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to watch a cute guy in a well-tailored suit conduct a 4th of July concert.


  1. Be happy, at least your national emblem is real (unlike our Welsh dragon). Our national day is recorded on March 1 in the diary section (though it’s not listed as a public holiday).

  2. A Jeffersonian comment--

    And therefore,I hope, pertinent to this thread. I've always thought that there was something wonderfully "18th Century" about the Filofax-- keeping records, notes, and so on. I was recently in a wonderful restaurant here in Cleveland and sampled a wine of the same type that Thomas Jefferson loved-- a Carmignano wine. I, of course, recorded the name and vinatge under the "W" tab in my Filofax.

  3. Are you still around here? I enjoy this blog so much, just as my filo. And I want to mention that I made my first official filofax convert: my boyfriend! It was his birthday last week, and when I asked what he wanted, he said he wanted a fancy planner. So we looked at the filofax website, and he picked a personal finsbury in brown. He has had it for three days now and he is very happy with it. Who knew, when he was making fun of me when I started to think about one ...


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