19 October 2007

A5 Access

In a comment on a recent guest post, a reader asked about the availability of A5 binders to store archived Filofax pages. The Filofax post storage binders make it hard to read or photocopy completed pages.

In Europe, there's not much of a problem. A5 2-ring binders and hole punches are everywhere. (You need a separate hole punch, because none of the 6 holes in Filo paper line up with the 2 holes in an A5 binder. Funny, that.)

But in the U.S., A5 paper and accessories are very hard to find. You can possibly find items in the Japantowns of major cities, as I did in New York last year.

Recently, I found another source, located in Massachusetts, that will ship anywhere in the U.S. It's Empire Imports. The #1075 binder on this page is A5 size. There's only one color (dark), and only one spine size (3"), but it's available in the U.S., it holds tons of paper, and Empire Imports is increasing its selection all the time. For example, the company recently added reams of A5 paper, so you can print your own Filo forms. You can also get hole punches from them.

(By the way, if you need A4 or A3 paper and accessories in the U.S., Empire Imports has an even bigger selection.)


  1. Thank you for the help Inky. I will continue to use my personal, but will get a new A5 for my desk at home. Thank you for the link.


  2. What are the dimensions of these supposedly "standard" 2-hole binding systems? Meaning, what is the diameter of the holes used, and where are they placed on the page? I've never seen a 2-hole binder, but I'm working on designing some A5 pages, and I'd like to know what I can expect if I use these binders as storage binders.

  3. Amper, the 2 holes are centered approximately 6.3cm from the top and 6.3cm from the bottom of the page.

  4. I have a question about storage binders for the Personal size. I also don't like the post-style binders. Several years ago I bought 6 binders at a stationery store, they were cheap and had a simple ring format that fits Personal size pages exactly. Now I have used them all up and I can't find any of these anywhere!! What do most people use to archive Personal size pages? Inky, if we don't get enough responses here, can we post this topic on the main page? I'm getting a little desperate for Personal size ring archive binders. Thank you!!!

  5. Laurie -- Yes, I'll post that on the main page, too. I've bought those little 6-ring notebooks at stationery stores in the past, and I have one that I can take a picture of for the blog. I wasn't aware they'd become hard to find.

    My dad used to use those as his everyday notepads, and I was fascinated by them. Maybe that's where my Filo obsession began.