01 August 2008

Free for All Friday No. 9

New to Philofaxy? Introduce yourself!

Do you have any suggestions for future posts? Every Friday, we give our readers a chance for free discussion.


- Inky


  1. Hello. I'm joffreyca and I'm a frequent reader of this site for about 2 years now.

    I own 2 Filofaxes: a personal Sport and a personal Bromley.

    I've been using a Filofax for less than a year although I've been using paper organisers for several years.

    I'm from the Philippines but am now living in Canada. There are no Filofax organisers in the Philippines. Even DayRunners and FranklinCovey binders are hard to come by.

    Your previous post on time management gave me 2 surprises. First, I had no idea that I was in contact with someone who personally knew one of my heroes. I keep a personal "heroes list" and Randy Pausch is on that list. Second, you are the first web celebrity I know who both admits to using a Filofax and is directly involved with computer technology.

  2. Hi Joffrey! Thanks for de-lurking and telling us your Filofax story!

    Web celebrity!? Well, that's the first time I've had the honor of that title! Frankly, I don't think Randy would have remembered me, though.

    Three cheers for the back-to-paper movement! Maybe some other readers will confess they've joined.

  3. Hi! I'm Cin, and I've been lurking for a while. I'm pretty devoted to setting pen to paper, and have really enjoyed your posts.

    I'm also one of those people who are constantly trying to find the perfect match,and have tried everything from the Levenger Circa system to Filofax to (my current) Moleskine.

    I've recently started to devote more time to the creative part of my life, so I'm actually really interested to see how other creatives use their filos.

  4. Cin:

    I'm a professional writer of suspense novels who uses a Filofax. I did write an article for the blog (at Inky's request) a while back on how I used my Filofax to organize my novel writing and how I thought it could be of use to creatives. Do a search on Abbott in the archives and it should pop up.

    I recently finished a two-week book tour in the US and the UK but I didn't take my A5 Filofax with me--I took my iPhone. I still love my Filofax but it would have been unwieldy to carry around. Now that I'm back at my desk, hopefully I'll rely on it more now.

  5. Hi! I'm David, and I keep coming back to my lovely A5 Filofax after trying every other system under the sun. Last year, I wrote a series of articles on my productivity blog about my Filofax love, and about how I've set up my system. The series starts here: Why a Filofax?.

    Very pleased to have found some more online Filofax love!

  6. Wow David, thanks for the link to your website about how you use your Filo for your GTD system. I use my Filo in similar ways, and I like to see how other people use theirs to get ideas.

  7. Hi David:

    I found your postings on Organised Life a while back and they were helpful to me in refining (simplifying) my own approach to using Filofax. Thanks!

    Jeff Abbott

  8. My people! I've found my people!! Until I found this blog, I figured I was the only person in the world devoted to her pen and paper organizing system!

    I have used day planners since design school decades ago. I used my original Day Timer binder until last year. It still worked fine, but was looking quite shabby. I splurged on a new Filofax and felt so guilty I have kept my old Day Timer as an archive binder.

    Friends refer to my red Personal Finchley Filofax as my "Brain" or "Bible". I use the Finchley for scheduling and time and project management for work and "real life". It stays on my desk all day at work and then I keep it close at home in the evenings.

    Then I have a small planner/wallet I got from Lizell years ago. The rings weren't a standard setting, so I cannibalized a small notebook so I could utilize different paper inserts. Except for that, the Lizell works so perfectly as a wallet and planner that I bought two more for when the first one falls apart.

    The intensity of my commitment to my planning system waxes and wanes. But I find that I am more satisfied with my life and progress when I spend a certain amount of time working on time management.

    Keep up the good work!