24 July 2009

Free for All Friday No. 38

What topics would you like us to cover in future blog posts?

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  1. Hi - I'm new to the site... just discovered it a couple of days ago and have become an avid reader! Not sure how Free for all Friday works but wanted to share my recent foray back into the world of Filofax...

    I've just bought an A5 Kendal brown (5 days ago) and just can't stop touching and smelling it! My job is based heavily around using my computer- including Outlook email and cal - but I've been finding it so hard to stay on top of things and be properly organised. So last few days have ben spent transferring my life into my Filofax! I'm using the Filo TIme Management inserts, and have been designing my own pages and printing onto A5 paper.... so far, very good! Invested in an A5 hole punch too so everything can go in....

    Have a very good feeling about going back to paper - and with the blank computer paper, all the important stuff I have to do on my laptop can be quickly printed and filed away. Have found so many effiecient ways to integrate my beautiful Filo, laptop and iPhone. Hurrah!

    Hope it was OK to post all this... so good to find others with the same fixation!

  2. Welcome Francesca! Congratulations on your new Filofax! It's very interesting to hear about how you are integrating your Filofax with electronics. Such a great idea to print from your computer and file in your Filo. I would love to hear more about how you are using your Filo as it develops!

    I have heard about the Time Management inserts but have never seen them in person. I'd love to hear more about them if you are so inclined!

  3. I too recently bought a Kendal in brown - pocket size though. I have decided that it is too small for my everyday use and so am going back to one of my many personal sized filos. I am thinking of buying a black Kendal in the personal size. I have turned the pocket one into a health/diet/exercise book, so it is being used.
    I am also going to try and venture into making my own pages. I was thinking of making my own diary pages, but have heard from others that it's very difficult for the personal size filo. I may stay away from the diary pages but make my own typed notes pages.

  4. Thanks Laurie! Hope it's OK to indulge myself with these posts...

    The Time Management inserts are mostly great - a few of the formats aren't that useful to me, but there are some great templates for Project planning, year planning and meetings etc. There are a couple of really useful pages for advance planning - you can see all your meetings/ workshops/ sessions on one page so have an easy overview.I like the diary especially as it's broken into to do, action, communication etc sections which makes it really easy for me to keep track of what I need to do and what I have done each day without laboriously having to go back to the laptop to update a running log.

    I've designed a few bespoke forms which were fairly easy to get together on A5 size by diving a Word page into 2 columns - I guess you could do the same with personal, just divide into 3 columns? - and the Filofax printer paper is a real luxury as the paper is lovely quality. I work in the music business so I've also printed out a load of manuscript paper so I can carry the charts with me that I need on a regular basis, and jot down inspiration as it strikes.

    My iPhone carries all my work and personal emails, and I use iCal as my personal diary - that way I don't have to carry the bulky A5 Filo out with me on a night out! All my phone numbers stay on the phone, and Outlook diary and contacts synchronizes to the iPhone too - I can always see when someone from the office updates my calendar with something.

    Important spreadsheets, reports etc can get quickly converted to A5 and printed out to go in the Filo for meetings - saves lugging the laptop around the country when I sometimes only need it to refer back to bits of information.

    Laurie, if you're interested, I'd be happy to take a picture of the Time Management inserts and post it up?

  5. I have the same Filofax Francesca, it's just gorgeous isn't it?

    And it shrugs off scratches and marks like magic, I fell in love after seeing a really battered one on display in a shop, that only looked all the better for having been well-handled... it's possibly one of the nicest things I've ever been lucky enough to own.

    I like doing my own inserts too, A5 being the easiest size for that, and would be interested to see yours. :)

  6. Francesca I'd love to see photos! I'm definitely intrigued by the diary pages. I do something similar on my weekly page, dividing my to-dos by category (to call, at computer, etc.). I'd be interested to see how this works on your diary pages. The advance planning pages also sound very interesting.


  7. How about giving the Flickr philofaxy group more coverage to keep it active? I am sure many followers of this blog would not only like to see pictures, but also show their pictures of how they use their filos :)
    I know I would :D