28 July 2013

Filofax Press Release - Patent

Dare to be Bold

Patent Group
Pocket, £28 and Compact, £29

Patent – the latest head turning accessory from Filofax

Dare to be bold with a high gloss, high impact patent organiser. Available in stunning red or purple, the strikingly rich colours are combined with a fashionable patent finish. The Patent has a simple, clean, contemporary design and has the popular classic strap closure. This head-turning accessory will organise your life and add a pop of colour to any outfit.

· Product details:
· Material: Exterior – high gloss patent finish, interior – colour co-ordinated
· Colours available: Red, Purple

Available Now


  1. I saw this in John Lewis last week and was so confused!

    1. Are you still thinking of getting your compact/slim-line?

  2. Is it like a Patent Saffiano? Wonder if the insides look just like it.

  3. I think that these new Filofax organisers look more and more cheap and without style. The great Filofax organisers time seems to be the past and the quality issues have just sparked out of the good side since I had to send back two faulty Kendal Personals with the same issues - no, this time not the rings - but holes in the mesh pocket. Well - good bye Filofax organisers - and hello Gillio and Success.

  4. I think it's kinda cute, but not my style. I wish they made the saffiano in more colors like pink (a non-neon pink). I would order it asap