09 July 2013

Web Finds - 9 July 2013

With only a few more days left to run... have you voted yet? All the details about the nominations are in this previous post... do not delay vote today, and you can vote in each category.

Here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. Filofax Love - Nadia van de Mescht
  2. A big thank you! - She's Eclectic
  3. OH FILO! - A Song In Five Parts - Filofaxuations
  4. FiloRAKD - Roses in December
  5. My Homemade Filofax Diary - This Hobbits Life
  6. This little dude watches over my Filofax. - Purple is My Happy
  7. Filofaxes and Bags - Roses in December
  8. My week 27/52 - My Summer Touch
  9. Paperchase Organiser Prize! - Ink Stickers Notebooks
  10. Filofax "photo a day": 3, 4, 5 & 7 juillet 2013 - Le monde de Mzelle
  11. A New Job, A New Layout… - Jar FM
  12. Life is Crafted Day Per Page Personal Inserts - Zuri Means Beautiful
  13. July - Filofax Photo-a-day (Week 1) - The Simple Life
  14. DIY A4 organiser - MellaMania
  15. Mella's video - My Summer Touch
  16. Moodboard 14: Fluoro & Kraft - Jagged Little Thoughts
  17. Green Filofaxes – why so few? - This Bugs Life
  18. Add to Cart....  - The Filofaxtory
  19. Colourcoding by accident :-)  - MellaMania
  20. Philofaxy Awards 2013 - I have been nominated! - Jagged Little Thoughts
  21. REVIEW - Filofax: THE ORIGINAL - Innocent + Twisted
  22. Philofaxy Award Nominee! - Filo Cuteness
  23. Franklin Covey lime green leather planner review - I love Filofax
  24. Filofax Doodle - Gewinnspiel - Seelen Zucker
  25. Gillio A5 Mia Cara in Epoca Gold - This Bugs Life
  26. Moodboard 15 - Woodland  - Jagged Little Thoughts
  27. How I organise Filofax videos in my Youtube playlist - The Life of The Perpetual Student
  28. Moved my inserts into my Adelphi. - Zuri Means Beautiful
  29. 3. Filofax Photo-A-Day Challenge (1) - Filomaniac
  30. July Filofax Photo-A-Day Challenge - Week One - Thoughts and Exploration
  31. my week round-up #27 - Paper Lovestory
  32. The Power of the Next-Action Decision - GTD Times
  33. Moodboard 16: Urban Moustache -  Jagged Little Thoughts
  34. And Then There Were Two - Friday, I'm in Love
  35. Here Doggie, Doggie, Doggie… - The Zeitgeist of Zoe
  36. Filofax Springboard organiser review - Madhouse Family Reviews
  37. Filofax to the rescue - Caroline Hirons
  38. Planning Your Days - Lime Tree
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Sunday Chit Chat No.10!! - Could I ramble anymore? - adamsfilo
  2. Tour of my DIY homeschool planner 2013-2014 - Anna-Marie Hawthorne
  3. Filofax Malden personal size - How I organise my week - Carolin Eggern
  4. My Gillio Planner - Sophfreyful
  5. Self-laminated Dividers for my A5 Osterley - Sonia S
  6. Unboxing My A5 Original Filofax in Patent Purple - ScrappinMariposa
  7. Gillio Gold Epoca Planner - Sophfreyful
  8. Slimline Metropol & Pocket Domino - Sonia S
  9. Filofax Flex Week of 1 July + hole puncher hack for all size inserts - Sonia S
  10. My A5 Filofax Stack - My first Filofax Video - Sarah Pings
  11. Kyms tour through the personal Domino Filofax - Kym Brown
  12. A5 Finchley Filofax Teaching Set-up July 2013 - Sarah Pings
  13. Decorating My Filofax Personal Organiser - Week #28 - My Purpley Life
  14. Filofax give away and new goodies - TeamFilofax719
  15. My Filofax inspiration tag video ( by SamLuvely) - Kym Brown
  16. Homemade Filofax 2013 Diary - HHandsOfLight
  17. Personal Cuban Filofax - zurimeansbeautiful
  18. Filofax Homade Inserts - Lillian Lincoln
As always enjoy. 


  1. Thank you for including my blog post. I really appreciate it.

  2. OMG! You guys! I blame you all! Now I am infected with the Filofax bug, and I just purchased an Aqua Safiano personal from Writeathome! I think it was their last one, because when I returned to their page after the PayPal payment, the item was already marked "Out of stock."

    I have also purchased a hole punch and some more pads from eBay, and have prepared by dividers already from pretty scrapbook paper. And I have resized my Chronodex layout file so I can print on personal-sized Filofax papers.

    I'm really excited about this, and I hope I can contribute to the discussion soon.


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