29 July 2016

Free For All Friday - No. 402 by Steve

Do you prioritise your to do lists? If so how do you do it?

Of course, since it's Friday, all ring organiser discussion is welcome!


  1. Does anyone know when Filofax will launch/promote/sell the "Heritage Collection" models? It seems strange that these have trickled onto other online stores, without appearing on the Filofax website!

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    2. Presumably by "trickled onto other online stores" you mean John Lewis in the UK? I've not seen any mention elsewhere. This happened last year when it was several weeks before several new releases appeared on the official Filofax websites.

      There's definitely not the buzz about product launches that there was, say five years ago. That may be because most of the marketing team was reportedly dispensed with in the run-up to selling the company.

    3. La Couronne du Comte in the Netherlands have listed three models - A5, Personal and Compact.

  2. About To do list priorisation - I am using colored transparent page flags to mark the 1 or 2 top priorities of each day regarding different areas of my life, so that overall about 5 points would be marked by a flag. Once these are done I am moving the flags to the next urgent and/or important points. Since I am breaking big projects down in smaller tasks, this is still managable.

  3. I am currently using a day per page with half of it (vertically, so one column), dedicated to tasks. I write the most important things of the day in the 3 spaces at the top, and everything else is just "stuff I intend to do on that day". The exception to this being days leading up to travel when I highlight the boxes of things that must be done on that day.


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