21 August 2015

Free for All Friday No. 353

Do you plan for procrastination? I don't mean planning procrastination into your life; I mean procrastinating instead of doing. I'm guilty as charged. Today I spent an hour planning my upcoming month when I had important work to do right at hand. The very work I had planned to spend the morning doing.

I did the planning because I had a lot of odds and ends in my head, and I needed to get them into my planner so I could focus on my work. At least, that's what I told myself. And now I've run out of excuses.


  1. Just call it reflective practice and any guilt can be absolved Nan.

  2. Generally its a positive thing for me. If I didn't get the things running round my head down on paper I would never have settled and done the job in the first place.

  3. Nan, that sounds all too familiar. It's exactly what I did yesterday!

  4. I designed my 2015 insert a month diary and week on two pages layout for my Franklin pocket binder. There is not much room on the day. I prefer to write as much as I can on that space in lieu of using too many note pages. For those that use several inserts for the year do you write a dinner party on the month, week, or daily page or on all three formats? Do you save and date all of the note pages? Anyway I decided to draw my week layout on four pages to allow twice the daily space. It requires more paper and prevents me from viewing the whole week at once but I may like it for one week.

    I spent the time drawing my week on four pages and it probably is a form of procrastination.

    1. Hi Be,
      I use monthly/yearly, weekly and daily pages; I use the monthly/yearly only for long-time appointments, holiday, travel etc; so usually the dinner party would go on the weekly and then copied to the daily page. I only have one week of daily pages in my planner at the same time and write the information for the specific day mostly on the evening before.
      Greetings, Sari

    2. Hi Sari. Thank you for the reply. Your way sounds effective since the information you write on each insert is based on when the events occur (soon or much later). The question arose because it seems like it could be high maintenance with several inserts in terms of flipping and viewing them often to not miss anything.

    3. I went ahead and drew my week on four pages layout in a thin bound notebook for the last week of August and September - November. I think that the larger daily space may compensate for the additional pages. There are 58 pages for 6 months of Wo4P to 32 pages for 6 months of Wo2P. My format has a break between the months. One complaint of the pocket size binder is the small space for the day. A Wo4P can solve that problem. I have seen individuals who sell inserts and notebook calendars design the pages with long vertical columns on the days. There is no room for notes that require more than a few words on one line. On my insert there are 7 long lines for each day in addition to another space. I will see if I prefer the increase in pages.

  5. Ah, now, see I can do both... I can block off time in my schedule JUST to browse blogs/doodle etc. in order to make me focus better at other times (I know I have either got some downtime coming or that I've already had some, so I stay focussed on the task in hand better - otherwise a 'quick look at X' can turn into an hour gone!). I can also spend time I had allocated to something else, planning/getting things out of my head and into a to do list - as Katie says, if I don't, I'll just not settle down anyway until I have.

    Life is to be enjoyed. I think far too often we criticise ourselves for human nature all too easily (when we wouldn't say the same about someone else!). The sky will not fall in, chicken-licken if x didn't get done today (especially if tomorrow ends up MORE productive because you did more planning today!).


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