24 August 2015

Opening and Closing the rings on our organiser

I'm sure some of us have been watching You Tube videos and seen people pull the rings open with their fingers!

To ensure that you don't damage the ring mechanism on your Filofax personal organiser, always use the tabs at the ends of the ring mechanism to open the rings. Place your organiser on a firm surface and press evenly on both tabs at the same time.

Do not under any circumstances pull the rings open using the rings themselves; this could result in the internal mechanism becoming damaged.

Opening the rings

To close the rings use your rings on either sides of both sets of rings with a light even pressure and the rings should snap shut. Be careful to not trap your fingers in the closing rings.

Closing the rings

The mechanism does not require any routine maintenance or oiling, just an occasional wipe with a soft dry cloth will keep the metal clean and rust free.

If you have problems with the rings of your Filofax organiser watch out for another post on the subject soon.

If you are studying for your 'Philofaxy Ring Masters' degree course, you might like to revise from an earlier lesson on how rings work and are put together here


  1. Agreed! There has been much (largely justified) blogging about "ring gap" in recent years. I do despair though when you see some of the same bloggers on YouTube opening mechanisms with their fingers!

  2. A binder I bought recently had instructions that suggested closing by pressing together the middle rings of each set of three. Glad to see that's what you're doing in the photo Steve!

    1. I've been on Philofaxy and seen enough videos to recognise various hands and those are not the fingers of Steve! They belong to Alison for sure!

    2. Yes!. It was 'put your fingers like this'.... Now hold them like this... click click!

      Mine are certainly now as long or as elegant!

  3. I've heard "hand models" are used for photographic marketing. Glad to know we have one on the team.