24 January 2006


Is it happening again? Am I abandoning a project that showed such promise?

Uh, yes. For now.

The reasons are twofold:

(1) There are personal things going on in my life that are occupying a substantial portion of the space in my brain, which is limited to begin with. Don't worry (if you were so inclined), it's nothing bad. In fact, it's generally good stuff. But it is, nevertheless, stuff.

(2) When I started this blog, I picked an almost absurdly narrow focus. A really narrow focus is fine when it is paired up with equally deep dedication. The problem is, I've been fooling you all a little. I like my Filofax, to be sure. But I am not, in fact, obsessed with it. On the weekends, I sometimes don't even look at it. I know, what kind of self-respecting Philofaxer am I?

The issues obliquely referred to in (1), above, are substantial, and would themselves justify some period of extended silence on my part. But the issues discussed in (2) are, in some ways, a cover for my own laziness. I never intended for this blog to be solely about the mechanics of Filofax-usage. Rather, I intended that my use of my Filofax would be a jumping-off point -- a straight man, as it were -- for broader diatribes, odes, and miscellany. So my silence goes as much to my lack of inspiration as a writer as it does to my lack of inspiration as a Filofax-user.

So there it is. I make no promises about anything (ever, in any part of my life, for any reason). For all you know, I may spray off a series of ten blog entries in ten days. Then again, I may not speak again for weeks. Stay on your toes! Isn't this exciting?


  1. You make no promises?! About anything in your life?!

    Aren't you married?!

    Another fizzle...

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm a filofaxer recently emerged from 7 years of Palm pergatory. I was wishing there were a "moleskinerie" site for filofax people, so I googled "moleskinerie filofax" and there you were!