13 March 2006


See, I was just testing you with that extended silence. If you're reading this, either you've been waiting for my next post with bated breath or you are yet another misguided Googler, stumbling into this space because you were looking for a pornography storage solution called File O' Fucks.

Either way, feast on these breaking news items.

I never could quite get over my regret over getting a "personal" size Filofax instead of the A4 size. For months now, I've been justifying it. "Gee, isn't this personal size handy and small. Why, it fits in my bag with no problem!" But every time I said that, my boss would pop up from behind a file cabinet and say, "Hey, nice purse."

So, I decided to throw caution and a sizeable chunk of change to the wind. An A5-size, chocolate-colored Cross model is on its way. (Or at least it should be. The folks at Goldspot are masters at setting low prices, but as to quick service: Not so much.)

I'll report back when it's here.

One other thing, not explicitly related to Filofax. My wife is pregnant and we expect to have a little Philofaxer on the ground in August. (See, this is one of the top-secret personal things I was alluding to when I went on hiatus.) We have not yet observed its gender and, thus, by well-accepted laws of quantum physics, it is neither male nor female but instead is a probability wave.

This gives me lots of fun things to write in my Filofax, like "Get on fricking wait list for daycare" and "Write check to fricking daycare people" and "Accompany wife to doctor appointment and pray that no fricking third arm is identified on the ultrasound. Unless it's not a third arm, but just appears to be. In which case, RIGHT ON MY BOY!"


  1. A4? That'll store a lot of pornography.

    Oh, and congratulations.

  2. Oops. I meant A5. (Now corrected.) Still, a good-size vessel for pornography.

    Maybe I'll hand down the personal-size Filofax to the kid, for his or her daycare assignments and the like. ("Poop in diaper"; "Cry until objective is achieved".)

  3. Welcome back and congratulations!
    Jim Scolman