25 March 2006

Hello, Please Meet Philo

I've been getting to know my new Filofax, let's call him Philo, for the past few days. Let me tell you, I could not be happier. I was afraid that Philo would leave me deflated, feeling like I had really lost my mind when I decided to replace its older and smaller sibling (let's call him Fax) just for some extra square footage on the page.

Philo is so much more than size, though. Here, let me introduce him to you.

World, meet Philo.

Here is one trick Philo can do that Fax could not. Philo, lie flat!

Good planner! Good planner! (Oh, also, Philo: "Carry two writing implements!" Good boy! Good boy!) Poor Fax would just flop around and roll on his spine when he tried that trick.

Philo has lovely vertical calendar columns too:

Good boy! (On the above photo, I have disclosed that I will be traveling to "Jamica" in May. Now you both know my vacation plans and are witness to one of the most egregious spelling errors I have ever made. Seriously, I usually don't even bother to spell-check because me and spelling, we are CLOSE. I prefer to think of "Jamica" as a brain-hiccup of sorts, rather than a spelling error. Because I know I am not going to "Jamica." Please.)

When you have a new child, clothing is a real hassle. Luckily, Philo makes it easy for me to use Fax's hand-me-downs. Look, Fax's clothes fit on Philo:

That trick is possible with just the slightest alterations to Fax's clothing -- I can't even sew and I managed it!

(No, you don't get to see the details of my checking account.)

Thanks to his lie-flat trick, Philo spends each working day keeping me company at my desk. I've got a cleared out little area for him.

Fax, poor sap, is in a drawer. I don't even bring him home with me. He's in a cold, dark office this weekend, wondering how his little world so quickly fell apart. "Where's Papa? Where did he go? Where did my big brother Philo go? Gosh, I'm sure they're coming back soon, with ice cream or something else sweet and tasty!"

Not so, Fax. Get used to your cold, dark drawer. There's a new planner in town.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I too recently upgraded from Personal to A5 Filo, and this saved me from copying over some pages.

    Before that, I tried and failed to convert to Moleskines. They're such lovely little things! But I really couldn't deal with not being able to move pages around, and remove them when I'm done. I still use a large MS as my personal journal, and I still think the pocket weekly Moleskine planner is a thing of beauty...but I guess because a Filo was the first personal organizer I ever used (in my 20's, after I graduated from a 12-month wall calendar and a small notebook for assignments), I permanently think in a modular way that requires a loose-leaf system.


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