10 July 2006

A Tumbleweed Rolls Through

I must join Nan in expressing my regret that, due to an unhappy confluence of circumstances, Philofaxy is gathering some dust. Fear not: It has nothing to do with my laziness. In fact, I am the opposite of lazy right now. I am away for work for about three weeks, and working 12 to 15 hours a day, every day. (Lawyer. Trial.)

I have barely used my Filofax in the past week. It's not for lack of work: Tasks and projects are coming at me fast and heavy. I am sure that a better Filofaxer than Philofaxer would be deploying all Filofax features with stunning effectiveness right now. But I, as a fool befuddled by the chaos surrounding me, have regressed to the planning equivalent of the fetal position: A running tally on a legal pad.

I am using a consecutive numbering system on the legal pad, so I have an absolute tally of all the tasks that I have assigned myself. I'm up to about 45, of which probably 38 are complete. I figure that by the end of the whole thing I will have a few hundred items listed, and they will all be crossed off and I will laminate the lists and frame them as a memento of this craziness.

Probably not. I am more likely to burn them. Or lose them in the drunken stupor that will envelop me after trial ends.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, no, you must laminate and frame that list! I wish I could see it! It truly does tell the story of the trial.

    I think no matter what system we usually use, sometimes a project just pops up with it's own natural way to organize. I've been known to resort to crayons when trying to bring chaos under control (especially when it's coming from the greatest chaos generator of all -- my brain).

    I think of the yellow pad list as an interesting and necessary detour, like a scenic train trip in the midst of a freeway existance.