17 July 2006

Famous Filofaxers

A while ago I lamented the lack of Filofax art on the Web, versus the vast proliferation of sites where people display art created in their Moleskines. A very nice reader named muse924 responded in a comment with this link http://www.filofax.de/famous/ to the German Filofax site showing the sketched-up 'faxes of Katerina Witt, Paco Rabanne, and other celebrities. So cool I had to pull it to the front so no one would miss it. (Well, at least no one who visits this blog religiously—and I know there are millions of you out there.) Check it out!

Thank you muse924!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful site. It's nice to see a place where people can share their ideas and enjoyment of the 'fax :)

  2. Thanks! Keep sharing your comments, because when Philofaxer and I get lonely, we start talking to Silly Putty, you know, that's never good.


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