26 November 2006


The trendy Filofax UK site, http://www.itsawayoflife.info, has not been abandoned, contrary to my report on Nov. 2, 2006. It has been updated since I last wrote, and appears that the webmasters are updating it about once a month. So while it's not what you can call an active Web site, and no longer has a link on the Filofax U.K. main page, it's still being updated and maintained.


  1. After reading your latest post I visited the 'way of life' site again. I just can't get into it because it seems filled with a lot of fluff and useless information. Then something donned on me . . . maybe it’s just me.

    I enjoy browsing interesting sights that are updated regularly, and then I look at my own filo and realize it has been abandoned for at least a couple of weeks. No notes, appointments or thoughts have been captured for posterity. No doodles, scribbles or annotations of any kind for two entire weekly spreads. What does that say about me?

    A relationship with one’s Filofax is not so different from relationships with one’s friends and family. The very attributes that drew me to this neat little book in the first place quickly become the source of my waning interest. It’s a commitment. Every once in a while I recommit to daily planning and nightly recap of my day. Those periods of dedication are filled with little successes each day and leave me feeling as though I have really accomplished something, not to mention the fact that these days are fun to review several months and years later. I find that I am more connected to my former self because I did such a good job of documenting my life. Every available spot on those weekly views is accounted for.

    Then it happens . . .
    I spend more time planning than doing. I begin feeling tied down. I find myself writing things on my ‘to do’ lists that have already been done just for the sheer joy of being able to check them off. Worse yet, I begin thinking of returning to a palm pilot. Indecision and procrastination get the better of me because I feel disconnected and out of sorts after a few days of this behavior. Fortunately, I have a very short attention span and these moods eventually pass. Nothing snaps me out of this mood quicker than a package from Filofax. With each new refill my interest is renewed. Yes, that’s right, a brand new diary has just arrived for the coming year – oh, the possibilities! How temperamental -- I’m surprised my Filofax puts up with me at all.

  2. That's an interesting take on your relationship with your Filofax--I am moving to Filofax for the main reason that I think it will be much easier to engage/have a relationship with the paper (that sort of sounds dirty, but you know what I mean) than it is with an electronic solution. I'm mostly on paper now anyway, with a Moleskine planner, but the format's too small for all I need to put into my trusted system--I've overwhelmed the Moleskine planner; I don't think I can overwhelm a Filofax.

    In choosing to make the move (I haven't bought my Filofax yet, but I am this week) I want to thank Philofaxer and Nan for all they've done; this has been a terrific resource and I'm grateful they've taken the time to share their insights. (I've opted for the A5 Chocolate Classic planner based on Philofaxer's experience with it.)

  3. Hi "Anonymous A"! You know, what I think it says about you is that you're normal. After doing this for years, I'm trying to learn not to obsess so much about my usage of the Filofax, and think instead about how it's working for me. Sometimes, especially when I'm really busy, I can hold my priorities in my head. The lack of a need for daily updates may mean that not much is changing every day. Something to be aware of, but not necessarily bad. These things come and go in cycles.

  4. "Anonymous B": Thanks so much for your good words!!! It's easy for me to feel that I'm not contributing much, and if I am, almost no one's reading it. With the help of this carrot, I'll pick up the pace again!

    I like your phrasing "overwhelming the planner." There are so many diary options with a Filo: Day on a page, week on a page, week on 2 pages. And if you pair the week on one page with a facing To Do page or blank page, you've got a Moleskine-like scheme but with the flexibility of loose-leaf.

    So, are you loving the chocolate classic? Drooool.

  5. The former anonymous B back again: The moleskine planners are nice, and actually got me back into using paper for my daily organization--but the flexibility of Filofax is what has sold me. I did finally go to a store and look at several models to see what would work for me. But yes, Nan, it was helpful to me to hear you and Philofaxer and the commentators in various postings describe how you'd used your planners as well as the pro and cons of the various formats. I don't think I would have considered Filofax without this blog, frankly, so thanks again.

    I hope to have the A5 in my hands in the next few days so I haven't started drooling yet (well, more than usual). I won't be able to engage heavily with it right away, I'm finishing a large project this month (my tenth novel) but the new Filofax will help me keep my head above water until the book is done and will be a good start as a trusted system for the new year.

  6. Anonymous A again –
    The Philofaxy blogspot is one of my favorites and I return often because the posts are timely and fresh. I always come away with helpful tidbits and insight. To Anonymous B, congratulations on your move to Filofax from Moleskine! The flexibility of the Filofax system is my favorite part. I think that’s why I abandoned the Franklin system. The fact that it came with a user guide with complete instructions on how to plan, prioritize, set goals and develop a mission statement overwhelmed me.
    I’ve practically forgotten all about those new Treo phones in copper and red. Darn those Palm folks for coming out with pretty colors near the Holidays. I told you I have a short attention span and I’m also easily distracted. Shiny objects get me every time.
    I have been thinking about graduating to the A5 size myself. I remember a previous post where Nan mentioned a style in tangerine. I’ll have to check that out. Anyway, no matter how much I look around, it’s paper for me.
    One more thing before I go – does anyone use the personal slimline format anymore? I just reduced my collection of personal size binders and the only two that were not snapped up are slimline zip arounds. I thought this was kind of odd given that the ring size is not nearly as large as the regular personal, but significantly larger than the ring size in the current slimline models. Just curious.

  7. Anonymous A, I looked at the slimlines simply as a possible diary/capture device--I thought they would be too small for my everday planning work--and I thought it wisest to start with just one Filofax and see how it went. But I use index cards for capture, or my Palm's voice recorder.

  8. Looks like the site is no more...