01 March 2007

One Book, Single Pursuit

In my last post, I talked about devoting a single (Pocket) Filofax to wine and travel notes. The illustrious Philofaxer does the same thing -- he has a Pocket Filo for wine notes, and a Personal devoted solely to financial matters.

I've noticed a trend among Filofax aficionados to accumulate more than one organizer before settling on a favorite. Has anyone else ended up finding a use (even a limited one) for an orphaned organizer?

For example, do you have a large Filo on your desk and a smaller one to carry? Do you have a separate family organizer and a personal one? Do you use one for organizing and a different one for notes and ideas?

Let's hear it in the comments!


  1. I haven't yet found a novel way to ultilise my 2 un-used filofaxes... I have one to organise my life (personal), one that I carry around with me (Slimline) and one for work (A5)... I am thinking of using the spare one (A5) for organising the family...

  2. I've dedicated a great deal of time to finde the way to reduce the notebooks, including Filfax organizers, that I use at one time. Otherwise I end up with an unreasonable amount of Filofaxes and notebooks active at once.

    I'd rather organize the use of the few I'm using - a Filofax Cosmic, a reoprtr's Moleskine, and for business related jotting (when on phone, in training etc.) a Moleskine cahier. I do it in a way that travel and culinary and beer info (me not being a wine guy) finding it's place in the Filofax for a while before being relegated to the archive Filofax.

  3. Hi all. Still single pursuit, still chocolate filo does me proud. I even found my google log in after all these months. Take care.

  4. Good to see you again, Andrzej!

  5. Beorn -- I love the reporters' Moleskines, too. I think they're the next most effective tool, next to Filofaxes.

    What's the Filofax Cosmic? I'd be delighted if you uploaded a picture of it to the Philofaxy pool on Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/groups/40748476@N00/pool/).

  6. I ordered an A5, expected in a week. Most of my work is at home, office 2 days/week. I plan to use the A5 at home for everything and keep it with me. I'll carry my old made-in-England Personal Filo when I go out, always, or so I hope. Personal will hold shopping lists, needed info, a small calendar.

    I anticipate trouble if I make notes and lists in the A5 and need them when I go out - how to get them into the Personal? It will take awhile to figure out how to coordinate two Filos, so I welcome any advice. I am looking forward to a bigger book. The Personal is too small for everything , but the A5 will be too heavy to carry always. My Filofax nirvana fanstasy is I'll figure this out and have everything in one of two places. That's the plan. We'll see. I love Philofaxy.

  7. I use the Slimline to carry around and the Personal on my desk or home - even carry it .. This works as the pages are the same size and can move back adn forth. I use an older one ..also personal for storage.. with a classified set of tabs.