24 June 2007

Flags and Frenzy

A reader recently asked about a day that's not listed in the Filofax, but on many American calendars -- Flag Day; June 14. "Could it be as simple as flying a flag?"

Well, it's even simpler than that. According to US CODE: Title 36,110, it's just a day to recognize the adoption of the American flag, which became official in 1777. No one's required to fly the flag, but many cities and towns do put up a few extra flags on the main street, though. Some places have parades.

Here's a Web page with more than you ever wanted to know about the Stars and Stripes -- the original Stars and Stripes, that is, which is still on display in the Smithsonian. (I love stuff like this.)

I haven't been posting during my current busy season at work, but I'll try to do something about that soon. My A5 Filo has come through for me at times, let me down at others. Its To-Do pages are great for recording everything I need to do and what I'm waiting for others to do, but not for helping me decide what to do first and when. Some days I just have to grab a separate sheet and make a quick daily list.

Editor's note: President and Mrs. Bush are violating Flag Code in the above picture, according to USHistory.org. Thought you'd like to know.


  1. As a new Filofax user, I have been appreciating your blog so very much! I have been through every post and comment here!:) A planner/paper/ obsessive one, cannot believe I have waited so long to investigate Filofax! Loving the paper, reminds me of moleskine paper. Thanks for sharing a great blog, and looking forward to your posts!

  2. Thanks, Treet! You've provided me with much-needed motivation!

    So let's have the dirt! What kind of Filo do you have? Do you have the cotton cream paper? You must, if you're comparing it to Moleskine paper.

    I'm planning to switch to that paper myself, after reading posts like this in the Philofaxy Flickr pool.

  3. Wonderful post....
    As a political aside, Mr. Bush has been ignoring the Constitution, so why shouldn't he trample the Flag?

    ANYWAY.. love my Filofax, and love this blog.

  4. Thanks, Neo!

    (Thanks for the aside, too! :) )

  5. I've been a filofax user for some years & have just discovered this site too & am very impressed. I'm still trawling through the archives & loving what I've found. Keep up the good work.

  6. I'm starting with the Denim Personal Filo for the summer. I think my next venture will be the Topaz Personal. The cotton cream paper is a dream! Thanks for the Flickr pool reference.

  7. Thank you Inky! Here we have three flags; European Union Flag, The Union Flag (also known as the Union Jack) and since 1959 a Welsh Flag (which might suggest something about my age). I have enjoyed following the Inky links for lots of interesting reading. I’m not sure if the gas tank on Peter Fonda’s Captain America motorcycle (Easy Rider 1969) conforms to Section 8 of the flag code.