30 March 2008

Behind the Routines Tab

I've detached myself from the FLYlady pod, and outfitted my Routines tab with sheets I made according to my own system. In the past, this system has worked better for me than FLYlady; although I've kept my FLYlady morning and evening routines in place.

In my system, I separate things into weekly, monthly, semiannual, and annual tasks. I've made a page for each, with a place to initial for the date completed. I've provided an illustration, since that's the best way to see how it works.


  1. "Routines tab with [custom] sheets"

    I think this is a very good idea. My list would contain different items such as check chain tension, lube chain, lube pegs/levers (all concerned with safety with money connotations if forgotten). I've also already decided to pinch "De-trash cars". As a matter of interest what do the B and the N stand for?

  2. Glad you found something useful! The thing I like about these custom pages is that it's easy to add more tasks any time.

    The B and N are the initials of the person who completed the task.

  3. Thank you Inky; this is another good idea. It takes no longer than a tick yet coveys information. Again in my context for lube points I could use F for full and L for lower. (The lower points tend to be "dried out" by water long before the brake lever for example).

    This is a plan; I was going to write that I was now looking for a ruler only to remember that the springy page marker doubles as one. Also your point about custom lists being easy to add to was well made.

  4. Andrzej - Ooh, the F and L are a great idea, too.

    I used the page market to draw my lines. In fact, I was able to do it sitting in a restaurant because I had the built-in ruler right there!

    I would recommend using a tissue to wipe ink off the edge of the ruler, every few lines. I learned to do that after I got some smudging, which you can see in some of the pictures!

  5. Great idea Inkster! I'm going to work on a few of my own right now! Soon I will figure out how to post on flickr. My kids are dying for me to post my Filo-Art as I tend to illustrate the events in my life.

    I'll post the link here if it's okay with you. It is my favorite, web FILO-SITE!

    Thanks again!

  6. "Inkster"...hmmm, I like it!

    Yes, Scott, please post the Flickr link here. If you have any questions about posting to Flickr, I can help you. We want to see your Filo-Art!

    I'm glad you're enjoying the site and hope more people will discover Philofaxy!

  7. Here's my own latest Filofax picture on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gonanb/2386767088/

  8. I love the idea of tasks to be done at certain times of the year, annually, etc. Great for winterizing the car, periodic home maintenance, and all those little tasks that would otherwise slip by unnoticed until something broke or went wrong! What a great way to keep up on things. I'm already devising a similar system for myself! Thanks for telling us about this.