26 October 2008

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada 2008

Today I made my semi-annual pilgrimage to The Container Store to pick up next year's Filofax refills and A5 Miquelrius notebooks.

I use these notebooks because they have the same size paper as an A5 Filo and are perforated, so I can punch individual sheets to carry in my Filo. They already have the standard European 2 holes punched, so they're also compatible with a 2-hole A5 lever arch binder.

Most of the time, I just write my journal in these notebooks, and don't do much transferring of pages. Having the option is important to me, though.

Every year, Miquelrius offers different colors and designs by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, and I always buy a few at The Container Store. Last year, they looked like this. This year, they're offering butterflies and green hearts. I love it.

Unfortunately, The Container Store, at least my local one, seems to have discontinued A5 Filos and their refills, so I can't get my work Filo and kitchen counter Filo refills there. I couldn't even get Personal week-per-2-pages without lines. All they had were the lined ones, which is fine, I just wanted unlined and wonder whether they fact that they only offer one is a sign that they're cutting down on Filofax stock further still. There were a lot of 2008 week-per-2-pages calendars on sale, which leads me to believe that sales have slowed down.

Oh, well. It's time for me to place a Daily Planner order, and hope to keep the mail order end in business.


  1. Inky, What do you keep in your ktchen counter filo? I am thinking of putting together a household book and am wondering how it works for you...

  2. Well, it's still a work in progress, but a horizontal week-per-2-pages for both my husband and my schedules, A-Z tabs for contacts (repairmen, doctors, etc.), and a project section.

    For example, if a project is "buy a washer and dryer," I'd keep all my notes on that page. Sometimes I staple receipts to the project page.

    What I really need to add is emergency info, evacuation procedures, warranty numbers, etc.


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