23 October 2008

Years ahead

On a recent post, folks were talking about buying next year's refills, and how far forward it makes sense to carry. In my case, I carry as far forward as I can fit, which is usually less than I want. When I make, say, a dentist appointment 6 months into the future, I like to be able to write it down, once, on the actual day.

So it's ironic I haven't ordered my 2009 refills yet. If anyone else is in my predicament, you'll be interested to know that the The Daily Planner has all kinds of 2009 diaries in stock, including 2-pages-per day (that's right, 2 PAGES per day), and cotton cream options. There's even a horizontal week-in-view with appointment lines (in this scheme, you'd turn the book so the rings are horizontal to you to see the entire week). I don't think I've seen that one before; it's offered in Personal only, which always has the most options.

If you like to plan ahead, yearly planners through 2010 are available.

I've had good luck ordering from Daily Planner in the past. The online ordering system used to be a little glitchy on my Mac, but it's worked quite well the past couple of years.

And if you need a whole new planner, not just refills, The Daily Planner has a number of items on sale.

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