11 February 2013

Filofax Model Database

We see a lot of requests for details about older models of Filofax organisers, what features they have, ring sizes etc. etc. There's no real ready source for some of the detailed information.

We have asked Filofax UK to consider including a 'back catalogue' on their new website, which is still under development, but I'm not sure how detailed it will be.

One of our readers Alan, sent me an outline proposal for an idea to build our own 'back catalogue' and to get as many people involved as possible to fill in the gaps and details of our knowledge.

We have done similar things in the past and they have been quite successful. So I've set up a Google Docs spreadsheet to act as a collection point for this information.

On the sheet are the following headings, with an example entry:

Model:  Eton
Colour:  Black
Size:  Personal
Material: Lambskin Leather
Filofax Marking:  Embossed IFC
f Symbol:  Embossed spine
Pen Loops:  2
Clasp: Yes
Ring Protectors:  Yes
Card slots:  7 (front)
Pockets: 2 (Front & back)
Zip Pouch: 1 (back)
Spine thickness 39 mm
Spine Length: 19.2 cm
Width w/o PL&C: 13 cm
Width w/ PL&C: 14.3 cm
Width open, lying flat:  28 cm
Rings: 23cm
Weight Empty:
Prod'n start: Year
Prod'n End:  Year
Picture, Front Cover: <link>
Picture, Inside Front Cover: <link>
Picture, Back Cover: <link>
Picture, Inside Back Cover: <link>
Picture, open, lying flat: <link>

PL&C = Pen Loop and Clasp.
IFC = Inside Front Cover
IBC = Inside Back Cover

Entries in italics are ones where there might be some uncertainty about the accuracy of the information. 

This file will be viewable here, but if you wish to be a contributor to edit the file them please contact philofaxy at gmail dot com


  1. This kind of information is exactly what I'm looking for as I'm very much interested in the older models but know nothing about them upon purchasing them from ebay and other sellers. Can't wait for this resource to be available. Wonderful idea!

  2. I'm assuming we don't have to know all of the information about a model to fill in some of the gaps?

    1. No if there are gaps there are gaps, someone else might be able to fill them.

  3. Great idea! I have started to add the Filofaxes from our house. Although, I have a problem to enter the dates for production start and end. Would it be possible to ask Filofax for a completion of these fields.

    Best regards,

    1. Whatever info you have helps, even if not complete.

  4. This is excellent idea...


  5. Steve: I know this is probably somewhere, but where and how do we upload images for the database?

    1. Alan,
      You can load them in to Flickr or Photobucket or any Photosharing service. Or alternatively email them to me and I will put them on to Philofaxy.com as I have done with the Malden photos I linked to today.

      I'm not sure we need Front, Rear cover pics as well as the open laying flat pictures?


  6. This will be the ultimate guide! : )