16 June 2014

Filofax set to launch new leather organisers and expand tablet + paper collection

Over the next few weeks three brand new leather Filofax organiser designs will be making an appearance:
  • Nappa made from the softest touch, full grain nappa leather is crafted into a sleek and elegant organiser.  This is a modern classic in three colour choices that bring to life the beauty of the leather.  The pairing of chocolate with blue, and black with taupe works perfectly, and ever perennial black completes the line up.  Nappa comes in personal and A5 sizes and in strap closure or zip around models.
  • Lockwood is a zipped organiser with a heritage look that blends with modern functionality.  With its lightly oiled, full grain buffalo leather cover and internal lining, there’s no mistaking this is a luxury organiser.  The burnished finish brings out multiple tones and textures in the leather making each piece unique.  Lockwood comes in personal and A5.
  • In early Autumn a limited edition completes the new leather line up.  Vintage inspired Exotic is made from Italian crocodile print calf leather, is exquisitely hand finished and has luxury cream stationery.  It comes in two models, a compact wrap around design and personal size with traditional strap closure.  The Exotic design will also feature in a new iPad Mini case.
  • Existing leather designs updated with new colours are Calipso, in black, red and purple, and hugely popular Finsbury is refreshed with electric blue and cherry, key trend colours for the Autumn.  The iconic Filofax organiser, The Original, gets metallic gold and silver, and monochrome limited editions.
  • Paper+tablet is a growing category for Filofax and the range is being expanded with Microfiber, a large and versatile collection of iPad cases, folios and fashionable totes – the modern alternative to a briefcase.   The combination of leather look and microfibre fabric offers a contemporary look and there are multiple functional features such as removable ring mechanisms, tablet pockets and calculators.    
  • iPads cases are being added to Finsbury, Nappa and Holborn ranges and new Galaxy tablet models in Pennybridge and Metropol are on their way too.
The range will vary in each country so you will need to keep an eye on your local website or sign up to a Filofax email newsletter for alerts.


  1. Crossing fingers that Nappa has rings like Maldens or better. I can't wait for the release :)

    1. I'd prefer good-quality rings, myself!

  2. Gee, thats great. I'd be really happy just to get a month on two pages pocket diary insert. The U S Filofax site is an absolute joke, then they want us to get all excited when they come out with "big news". Give me a break.

    1. I so completely agree with you Crofter. I had earlier this year ordered (for the first time from filofax us website) a calendar insert, received the wrong one, called customer service, said they would send a replacement-never received it. What happened to the Charleston, Malden compact (navy) and Journey?....extinct even before they could be offered here. The customer service is a beautiful facade behind a moth-ridden company. Sorry for venting but it just hurts so bad that Filofax has degenerated. Stop coming out with motley affairs, go back to the basics and offer quality stuff. Nuff said.

  3. I have a hard time believing Nappa is going to sell well. Lockwood seems nice, from what I've seen so far. Exotic will undoubtedly do well; all the croc-print models seem to be well-regarded over the years. I think Filofax should be careful about investing in too many electronics cases.

    All in all, it seems like Filofax is still trying to do too many models in too many colours without enough resources behind them to ensure wide availability. A Filofax isn't precisely a fashion product, and shouldn't be regarded as such; it is both a fashion item and a tool that becomes a very personal part of the user's life.

  4. For those who can't wait, extracts from the Filofax 2014 printed catalogue have been widely published on different blogs and websites since March. It's interesting to see in the brochure that the tablet/paper combinations have - for the first time - been give prominence over traditional organisers. I personally think that is the way they have to go as a company. The ringed paper organiser has (sadly) been in long-term decline. Many companies have dropped out and others completely ceased developing new products and are merely using up stock. The fixed paper planner market which converted many ringed devotees is surely now totally saturated with many new entrants having tried to secure a slice of the action whilst the traditional players (like Moleskine) consolidated their positions by flooding the market with new products. Filofax entered with Flex - but probably a bit too late to become a huge hit.

    There will always be a niche for purely paper and a few new ideas too (such as Clipbook) but the halcyon days are over. A limited edition top quality organiser is welcomed but the hope now for a company like Filofax to remain mainstream is to launch products to persuade the vast number of tablet and smartphone users (and not just Apple customers) that they still should use paper alongside technology.

    1. The problem, Tim, is that electronics are all incompatible. The filofax you buy to use with your ipad today won't fit next year's ipad. Part of the allure of the filofax is the mystique of the one-life, one-planner that gracefully ages along with you. Always awful when you find the perfect Franklin Covey binder that has this clamp inside to hold a PDA from 1999!

    2. Hi Josh - great to hear from you. You're absolutely right but Filofax (and most other companies) don't want their products to last too long! They want you to purchase a new model most years! To be fair, one or two of the new models are being made to fit a range of tablets - the iPad 2 as well as the new Air. However, most are indeed specific to one tablet and, yes, will be obsolete as the PDA in around 5 years time.

  5. The new models have resulted in some serious discounting. Quality models, like the Osterley, and the Boston, are now half price on the UK website.

    1. I don't think anything new has been added to the "last chance to buy" page since January! Even at 40-50 percent off for nearly 6 months, some of these things are just not shifting!

  6. You can see the Exotic on Appelboompennen: http://www.appelboompennen.nl/index.php?route=product/search&filter_name=filofax2014

    Janet Carr has posted the Lockwood on thisbugslife.com

  7. I don't like the two tone colouring of the Nappa. I also don't like zipped organisers (having tried a Guildford for a while) so the Lockwood is out. The Exotic has artificial crocodile print which I also don't like - I prefer leather to look more natural. I'm not sure whether I am disappointed or relieved that I won't be rushing out to buy another new organiser - relieved I think that I haven't got to persuade my long suffering hubby that I really do need another one!

  8. Being committed to the compact size as I am, the only one that interests me is the Exotic (since the others don't come in the compact size). However, after looking at the photos from the link above, I'm not going to buy it. I prefer the regular strap closure; the wrap-around makes it look too clutch/purse-y for me to use as a planner.

    I am somewhat intrigued at the microfiber bag lineup, but if offerings vary from country to country, I'm not holding my breath that it will appear on the US site (seeing as their offerings have been next to nothing in the last several months, as Crofter said).

    And seeing as I am thinking about trying the Life Is Crafted inserts for 2015, could it be possible that I won't be buying anything from Filofax this year? I have a gift certificate waiting to be used but I'm just not seeing anything (aside from the Original, which is not yet available in the color I want in the US) that tempts me. Time will only tell...

  9. I'd go for Lockwood in a heartbeat if it had a non zip version. Not sure why they aren't branching out with that, since Malden is so loved and is getting cut back so much. Thanks for the info!!!

    1. I was hoping for that in non-zip, too. :(

  10. I haven't bought anything from a Filofax website in 2 years. I find it in a store, here, eBay, other blogs or make it myself.

    Just not impressed with the websites, US, UK or whomever...

  11. I'll believe it when I see it. The USA site has been pathetic for over a year with continual promises that it's going to be better.

  12. And will the Maldens continue to be available in Ochre & Purple, or are they being completely phased out? I was hoping for some new colors since they got rid of most of the Malden color variety. Black in A5 would be lovely, they could bring grey back... lots of people would be happy, I'm sure. ;)

  13. I have been through the pages of the Filofax 2014-15 catalogue, and extracted the following product / colour / size information:

    IPad Organisers and Cases

    Nappa IPad Air case - Black
    Holborn IPad Air case - Black or Browm
    Microfiber IPad Air case - Black or Red or Grey
    Pennybridge IPad Air case - Black or Raspberry or Cobalt Blue
    Metropol IPad Air case - Black
    Finsbury IPad Organiser - Black or Raspberry or Cherry
    Pennybridge IPad Organiser - Black or Raspberry or Purple or Cobalt Blue
    Fusion IPad Organiser - Black or Stone
    Nappa IPad Mini Case - Black
    Pennybridge IPad Mini Case - Black or Raspberry or Cobalt Blue
    Metropol IPad Mini Case - Black

    Paper Organisers

    Boston - Pocket, Compact and A5 - Pink or Black
    Malden - Pocket, Personal and A5 - Ochre or Purple
    Nappa - Personal, Personal Zip, A5 and A5 Zip - Black or Chocolate / Blue or Taupe / Black
    Lockwood - Personal Zip and A5 Zip - Cognac
    Holborn - Pocket, Compact, Personal and A5 - Black or Brown
    Calipso - Compact in Black or Red or Purple or Deep Pink or Bright Blue, A5 in Black or Red or Purple
    Finsbury - Mini in Raspberry, Pocket in Raspberry or Black, Personal in Raspberry or Black or Cherry or Electric Blue, A5 in Raspberry or Black or Cherry or Electric Blue, A4 in Raspberry or Black
    Fusion - Personal and A5 - Black or Stone
    The Original - Personal and A5 - Pillarbox Red or Dark Aqua or Patent Nude or Flouro Pink or Patent Fuschia or Patent Purple or Patent Black or Retro Brown
    Pennybridge - Pocket in Black or Raspberry or Purple, Compact in Black or Raspberry or Purple or Cobalt Blue
    Cover Story - Pocket and Personal - English Bloom or Floral Burst
    Patent - Pocket and Compact - Patent Lemon or Patent Lavender or Patent Duck Egg or Patent Black or Patent Red or Patent Purple
    Saffiano - Pocket, Compact and Personal - Raspberry or Black or Poppy, A5 - Raspberry
    Metropol - Mini, Pocket, Personal, Personal Zip, A5, A5 Zip, A4, A4 Zip - Black; Pocket, Personal and A5 - Red
    Domino - Pocket, Personal and A5 - Black or Red
    Domino Patent - Pocket, Personal and A5 - Hot Pink
    Willow - Pocket and Personal - Multi-colour

    This is the 2014-15 range as per the catalogue received today from Kath at Filofax UK.

    1. The Exotic is not in the list above, as this has not been scheduled to be released yet, other than "later in the year".

      The Identity is not in the brochure, so I am going to assume this is being discontinued, and neither are the Flex or Clipbook.

      I have not listed the Portfolios and Folio products.

    2. I too received that catalogue but it is incomplete. As Mac mention the Exotic is not in there, and neither are the Monochrome or metallic Originals. I guess we'll have to wait and see what the full collection will be!

  14. I would have loved a pocket version of the electric blue Finsbury. Otherwise, the rest seem a bit ~meh~, to me. :/


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