03 June 2014

Web Finds 3 June 2014

I hope you had a good weekend? Time to enjoy a great collection of blog posts and videos from around the internet.

So here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. Black Personal Kensington Filofax - This Bugs Life
  2. My Everyday Filofax - Just Electically
  3. Losing your best friend - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  4. TV Catch Up - Roses in December
  5. 365/30: June's List - Filomaniac
  6. On the Way: Day-Timer Portable Malibu in Nautical Blue - Reflections by Cruz
  7. June! - Filosophical
  8. Filofax Gifts - Roses in December
  9. Akiko Bronze and Violet Binders - This Bugs Life
  10. Updated Filofax tabs. - Life of Kitty
  11. Filofax Personal Diary Pages; make your own design - Billie's Craft Room
  12. Ladybugs, Summer Fun, Flowers and Planner Goodies - Bits and Pieces
  13. All good things come to he who waits! - This Bugs Life
  14. Another Filofax Saturday! - En Vogue Pogue
  15. Il planner della supermamma per Filofax, A5 & personal - The Last Eureka
  16. Calendar cuties | june 2014 - I love it all
  17. June 365/30 List (free download) - Break of Light
  18. Velcro Binder Rings – more details as promised - This Bugs Life
  19. Filofax Personal Cuban Review  - Filosophical
  20. Il mese intelligente Filofax printable filofax personal! - The Last Eureka 
  21. Ausgaben / Fixkosten (Personal) - Haushalts- Survival Blog 
  22. Pocket Sized Paper Punch - This Bugs Life
  23. Filofax Pretties: A5 Printables for Tomorrow - So Joey Creates
  24. My 5 tips to tackle Planner Fail - Looking through a frosty window
  25. Routine Planning Sessions - Well Planned Life
  26. Cover Story - The Filofax Blog
  27. Planner Love Revisited - Plannerisms
  28. Calling all Pennybridge Owners – a question - This Bugs Life
  29. Finding Filo Peace: A Mid Year Set Up Video - The Crazy Life of J
  30. Ich sei, gewährt mir die Bitte, in eurem Bunde der Dritte! - Filomaniac
  31. Free printable per la Filofax: tariffe delle "Poste Italiane" - Lucy Wonderland
  32. Filofax Pretties: Free Printables - So Joey Creates
  33. Pocket Update - Roses in December
  34. "My Week" Links from Around the Web 6/2/14 - The Contemplative Belle
  35. Filofax Focus - Steve Morton
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. My very first video ever showing my vanderspek but mainly my standard in gold croco with 24 int. - Toni Parker
  2. Filofax Orange Original (Paradise Pens) - Lola Karwowski
  3. My Adjustable Filofax 6 Hole Punch - Alexis
  4. How to have a Minimal setup with the Compact Patent Filofax - Made with love crafter
  5. A look inside my bullet journal - Nickie O'Hara
  6. Gillio Medium Fuchsia Croro compagna review - Kerri Poulit
  7. New Patent Pocket FIlofax AKCaraboo
  8. Decorating my Filofax: Week 22 Mits t
  9. Filofax decoration Week 8 - Stamping Songbird
  10. Decorating My Kikki K Planner (Week 23) - Love4Creativity
  11. Filofax Week 22 Decoration Tutorial - Sugarpandax3
  12. Filofax Ranger set up for trip - 71Bluetiger
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  1. Love having a good read through all your new finds, and thanks for the mention.

    Best wishes



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